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  1. Is that a full change log? This version also seems to fix many bugs with nested symbols.
  2. There is a shortcut option for it in the Select section if I remember correctly. I'm not at the computer atm. But it is somewhat inconvenient because it just selects the same color (what is selected), not a specific color.
  3. Seems that it's already possible to do almost what I wanted by using color tags and adding a shortcut to Select Same Color Tag and then disabling or enabling one of the selected layers manually.
  4. I meant that each layer could be given an “index” by the user. But I found out the color tags could be more fit for this. Please see the edit in the first post.
  5. Allow layers to have a layer index (0-9). Many layers would be able to have the same index. Then allow setting shortcut keys to disable and enable all layers with an index. For example Ctrl + 4 would enable all layers with an index of 4, and Ctrl + Shift + 4 would disable all those layers. (Maybe make additionally a toggle.) This feature would have many uses. I personally would use it to make the performance better before certain tasks. EDIT: Being able to use a shortcut key to set all layers on or off that have a specific color tag (instead of an "index") would be
  6. Allow cropping or masking a layer so that it actually increases performance when the mask is active. This "hard cropping" would (temporarily) discard everything (all input data) outside the given rectangle, and not just mask the output area/rectangle like the regular masking in Affinity does. Also, layer FX's would see the area smaller, and there might be some differences with blur etc. but it would still be a valuable tool to increase the performance on a large document, by focusing the computing power to the small ("hard cropped") area at a time.
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