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  1. Seems, that it works anyhow: :) http://www.macgadget.de/News/2015/12/08/Affinity-Photo-Unterstützung-für-eine-Milliarde-Farben-kommt Now we can check on which devices it does.
  2. Will AFDesigner and AFPhoto support 10 bit color displays using El Capitan in the near future as Apple Foto & Preview do? Regards
  3. Is your MBPr 2012 attached to a capable 10bit Monitor on displayport? Or are you just talking about the internal display which would make sense to stay at 8bit?
  4. Hello, maybe this is an unusual request, but it would help me a lot in my workflow. I use Affinity to do photos and graphics for use in training videos and presentations. I use Final Cut Pro X for the videos and Keynote for the presentations. In Affinity I have a really hard time to get the skintones right. Normally I use FCPX to do the color correction of the videos. There I have these easy videoscopes and color wheels available. And I like the colors of the slides and the videos to be consistent. Would it be possible to get these tools available in Affinity products, too? Regards, Olaf
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