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  1. wow been waiting on 1.7 since last year
  2. seriously having problem with Affinity designer loading fonts and when I try to install fonts while the program is opened. I got about a 1000 fonts.
  3. i designed the heart in AD (i am overwhelmed by AI myriad of tools and since I don't use it (luckily I won 1 year of Adobe CC All Apps but is about to expire soon!) and then with a few clicks, the heart shaped text is there, this is really a PRIORITY feature. Any admin to give some feedback? @Affinity Jack @Mensch Mesch heart.svg
  4. or maybe Unsplash, Pixabay, Rawpixel, etc.
  5. is it just me or is the ZOOM tool not working as expected? tried doing a left click and it does not behave like designer/photo. Tried holding left click and making a selection using the zoom tool it is behaving correctly. also missing a connection to a stock website?
  6. suggest more stock partnerships not just $$$huterstock
  7. wuhoo! definitely love affinity, this is my first time buying a whole suite of design tools + book!
  8. mrdzyn

    Mandala maker

    maraming salamat! in our language (many thanks in english)
  9. mrdzyn

    Golden Ratio Template

    hi, i just saw your reply, you use the 6 circles, the original file was in inkscape (tutorial here by Nick) but you can skip the first parts already since the GOLDEN circles were already made in the template. you copy the different sizes of circles and make them intersect to cut/visualize the design. )
  10. mrdzyn

    Golden Ratio Template

    I'm sharing this template for golden ratio, original tutorial I followed was for Inkscape which I was previously using before falling in love with Affinity Designer. Original work is from Nick Saporito on youtube. Basically you use the set of "Golden Circles" to create an illustration by intersecting the different sizes of circles. Hope you guys enjoy using it for your own designs! golden-ratio.afdesign
  11. where can i download the template?
  12. so will there be any sale anytime soon? Just starting the trial of the affinity designer
  13. mrdzyn

    Introduce Yourself

    i'm new here in affinity, trying out the trial before i buy. Been using inkscape for a month or two now designing logos for online freelancing sites. I'm looking for the perfect tool for the web and print. Hope Affinity is it.