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  1. Hello, how is it used?
  2. Thanks I already found how to.
  3. I just found powerclip, I guess I just need to play around a little more. But please add more geometry and shape maker tool.
  4. Hello, I'm new here. My name is Gabriel Oluwafemi you can call me Femidigital. I'm a digital designer from Nigeria and I'm new to Affinity Designer. I've use it for like 2 days now and I love it!. Now I'm going to request 3 things and I'll relate to Corel draw. 1. The smart fill tool - called shape maker on illustrator. For creating complex shapes out of select or unselected objects. 2. The powerclip tool - for placing objects in another. You can explore Corel draw to further understand what I'm saying. I think this should be in Affinity too but I haven't found it. 3. The "simplify" geometry option - for cutting objects placed on top of each other without removing the one on top like the subtract tool and I think one that removes the object below and cuts it out of the one above too should be added i.e the reverse of the subtract option. There are more geometry options I want you to cover but I'll just send the Corel screen capture for you to better understand what I am talking about. All that been said Affinity Designer in this version 1 is so good imagining what version 5 would be like. Or even 2.