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  1. I'm considering to switch from Procreate to AP for my drawings because it is way more powerful BUT I have to say that I Immediately missed the 2 fingers tap for the undo e and the gesture to rotate the canvas. I know I can do both the things in AP with one or 2 touch of the pen, bur having them as gestures would be much much better.
  2. Hi DSNet, nice work ! I'm glad you are enjoying it
  3. As much as I love AD the fact that is still not possible to distort an object is the reason why I can not use it for my job. I would strongly suggest to make this improvement a priority because I know that "distortion" is an operation that vector designers use a lot in their work.
  4. Here is a clean template to make a mandala in a super simple way. Just open the file, select the layer "Draw the Mandala here", start to draw and have fun ! Mandala template 12.afdesign
  5. Hello, I like Affinity and I like this community, so I’d like to share this logo template that I did using AD, the title is “Tree of Life” and I hope that can be useful for some of you ;) Here you can see a preview image: http://ibizaperspectives.com/Tree-of-Life-preview-image.jpg and here you can download the all item: http://ibizaperspectives.com/Tree-of-Life.zip
  6. Hello, I did a logo in AD and now I'd like to export it in a way that it can be fully editable also from Adobe Illustrator. I tried exporting an EPS and open it from AI but it does not keep the characteristics of the lines ( like size variance ). Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm having a problem: I just download the last upgrade of AD and in installing that I choose the replace the previous beta version, now when I try to open a file I was working on I have a window that says: "Failed to open file. The file was for a different version of Persone". What can I do ? Thanks
  8. I tried also with the a last beta of AD and it does not work. Also with Illustrator CS6 it does not work, but copying from AD to Illustrator it does carry the vector data, so I'm guessing that the problem is Keynote. I have the latest update ( just did it five minute ago ) the 6.2.2 (1878) that is the latest you can have not having Yosemite. Kathrin, do you have the 6.5 of keynote under Yosemite ? thanks
  9. wow Kathrin that would be great ! unfortunately it does not work for me, when I paste in Keynote it is not a vector, but a png. Which version of KN are you using ? I'm using the 6.2.2 thanks
  10. Hello, is there an effective and practical way to export vectorial files from AD to Keynote ? I would like to be able to create or edit vectorial files in AD and then exporting them in a format that Keynote can open or import keeping the vectors editable. thanks
  11. I can totally do the zoom and the pan in AD. I have a mighty mouse. For the zooming a click both "alt" and "cmd" and then I use the mouse "wheel". For the pan I just click the space bar and the click an drag the mouse. ;)
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