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  1. Nicely done. My eyes always catch the shadows being off; where's the light?? But pay no mind to my mind. 😉
  2. Very cool. I think it fits both simple and distinctive, as well as a bit intriguing, thus drawing a bit of wonder.
  3. Thanks Tamauro, It would be great to see others share templates and even sample of their work.
  4. I might be missing something, but I'm new and a little bit surprised Affinity doesn't have an abundance of temples and samples.
  5. Does it matter if I buy at the Affinity Store or Mac App Store? Family Plan both places?
  6. Much better. Folks here should be very happy to have access to the trial.
  7. I don't know what the price was before, so either the price isn't accurate on the Mac AppStore, or the "** Special Offer.. **" needs to be removed?
  8. Simple suggestion that always frustrates me: please put a link on the top of these forum pages, back to your main website.
  9. Yes, please, ASAP, and please keep the discount in place long enough to get through a reasonable trial period. :-)
  10. Actually, it is July 4th in the USA and the discount is still on.
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