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  1. This is not a promotion for Agenda, just a promotion of their pricing model. I strongly encourage Affinity to consider adopting the Agenda pricing model: Buying (Premium) includes: 12 months of all new features Keep all of that “Forever" Includes all basic upgrades forever (ie it also keeps working through OS changes) After that year, pay again whenever Premium features are worth it to you. Or just stick with what you already have if you don't want new features. No lock-in to use what you already paid for. Thus, no subscription, but the incentives are perfect. Developers can just keep adding improvements and features without waiting for the next big version to ask again. They are incentivized to improve significantly continuously, or folks won't pay again. Modest pricing (like Affinity's) so low barrier to entry and same level to buy new updates. But you can wait 18 months, or two years (if you aren't enticed by new features) or never upgrade past where you bought in. More details here: A ‘Cash Cow’ is on the Agenda Again, this is really just me promoting the pricing model. Like Affinity Designer, it is also an Apple Design winner, so they don't need promoting.
  2. I'd love to see the books available as digital. This would allow for easy updates as features are changed/added, lower pricing, and near instant delivery.
  3. We can never know the real reason for a discount or increase. Marketing... Those who have owned for a long time, even if they paid full price, got a better deal, because they got more use per dollar, before the next upgrade. Make sense? Software is a strange "product" unlike any other.
  4. I can understand all these perspectives, as we all might. Grumpy day? OK. Grumpy life? Even more OK. I'm appy to not be that way and sorry you are (I can have days like that too). For those who paid full price, thank you for being early adopters and full supporters. I agree, the price is a bargain; there are much lesser apps that want to rent software at higher prices for just a year. For those who benefit from the discount, or maybe wouldn't have bought it without the discount, good for you. Software is tricky; sell 1,000 or 10,000 much of the cost is the same. Selling anything is tricky, especially software. What's the right price?? You can never offer a discount or increase prices without many folks being ticked off. I just hope Serif folks do good with their riches, if they earn that much (surely they did well, or maybe even alive because of the App of the Year award). Regardless, no good reason to complain regardless what you paid; as I said, great price even at full price. Thanks Serif and bleeding edge beta testers too. 👏🏼
  5. Nicely done. My eyes always catch the shadows being off; where's the light?? But pay no mind to my mind. 😉
  6. Very cool. I think it fits both simple and distinctive, as well as a bit intriguing, thus drawing a bit of wonder.
  7. Thanks Tamauro, It would be great to see others share templates and even sample of their work.
  8. I might be missing something, but I'm new and a little bit surprised Affinity doesn't have an abundance of temples and samples.
  9. Does it matter if I buy at the Affinity Store or Mac App Store? Family Plan both places?
  10. Much better. Folks here should be very happy to have access to the trial.
  11. I don't know what the price was before, so either the price isn't accurate on the Mac AppStore, or the "** Special Offer.. **" needs to be removed?
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