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  1. I don't see why people would complain. I use Photoshop and the cursor only changes when you're on top of the text box border. Why a user would want it to do otherwise is beyond me. Not one click less, if I'm editing text by pasting from a PDF individual lines of text that used to be a paragraph, it's reasonable to expect that I can position the cursor at the end of a line of text and paste new text after it. But if it's around a border, the cursor won't let me, so I have to pick a spot a word or so inward, click to position the text editing cursor, and then hit the arrow key to
  2. It's easy to do this in Photoshop and handy. But I can't find a similar capability in AF. Did I miss it somehow? Thanks
  3. Sorry to waste your time, I just figured out what's wrong. The grid was overlaying the rectangle. Thanks for your help!
  4. Never mind. The "dashes" were the isometric grid overlaying the rectangle. D'oh!
  5. I'm working with the Stroke panel trying to create a solid stroke around a rectangle. Even though I've got the Solid Line Style selected, the rectangle was created with a dashed stroke. Changing to Dash Line Style to see if it would alter the dash doesn't affect the stroke and it's still dashed when I return to Solid Line Style. Is there something else I should do? Thanks!
  6. As a followup, this really bites that Photo doesn't export live fonts. That's such a major requirement that they shouldn't even claim to have the Photoshop export capability. So now, since the leading override tool in Photo also doesn't work, I'm going to have to jump through hoops to do a task that would have been easy in Photoshop. Locking people into Photo is not nice if it can't do the job.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I'd googled the topic and nothing had popped up. You'd think a glaring problem like that would be more prominent. Any idea when or if they plan on adding such a vital feature?
  8. I inserted a shift + return in a line of text that is part of a column of text (see attached file). The leading was too large so I tried using the leading override setting to fix it. Unfortunately, Photo ignores that setting if there isn't any text on the line. I tried adding a period to the empty line, and that made the leading override work until I deleted the period! Please make it so the leading override works regardless of whether there's text on the line. And have the setting be permanent so it doesn't change every time a user edits text on the line. Pp_6-7-test.afphoto.zi
  9. Is there a way to make Affinity Photo export live fonts to Photoshop? I tried exporting a file with the settings for "most accuracy" and yet the results were disappointing because the fonts were all rasterized.
  10. When using the Divide tool, it often closes the resulting shapes so I then have to divide them and delete the extra lines. Please add a preference option similar to FreeHand's "Join non-touching paths" so I can turn off the auto-join feature. Thanks!
  11. Thanks yet again. I like Designer a lot, but there's so much that's not intuitive. I wish they'd add a knife tool similar to Freehand's for doing splitting that currently takes knowing several different modes and tools.
  12. If I can impose with a related question, how do you split a section off a complex shape? In the attached image, I want to delete the blue section from the red shape.
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