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  1. AP definitely works reliable with remote servers for me. as that's where all my docs are stored. Occasionally, I'll get an error that it couldn't save a file, but when I repeat the save it always works.
  2. Thanks for your reply. To see if the remote server was the problem, I copied the entire document to my Desktop and opened it. After waiting two minutes for the images to refresh (they never did), once again I had to click on an image for it to refresh. Things moved swiftly after that, and each image sharpened quickly as it appeared on the page, without having to be clicked. But AP isn't refreshing the images automatically upon open, which was the original problem.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Maybe it's that the document I'm working on has a lot more images, but they don't refresh until I'm looking at them (Schroedinger's thumbnails). Sounds like AP is working normally but it could be designed better when it comes to displaying linked images. I'm going to add it to the suggestions topic.
  4. I'm working on a document that has a lot of linked images. When first opened, they all appear fuzzy as shown in the attached screen capture. I have to click on each one and wait for it to change to high-res before it displays normally. The document is stored on a remote server if that matters. What I want to know is whether there's a global refresh button or option that'll relieve me of this tedious task. Thanks, Chris
  5. It would be a helpful timesaver if the items in the Text > Capitalization menu were accessible from the Toolbar. No fancy features needed, just have the current menu items appear below the button when clicked. Alternatively, the Capitalization options could be included in the Typography window that appears when clicking on the Typography panel's […] button. They could appear above the Capitals section.
  6. I'm trying to locate the tool for splitting the screen so I can work on a table of contents in one half of the screen, while scrolling through the doc on the other half. Split View sounds like what I want, but when active, it just presents a line bisecting the screen with pixel and vector tabs. Curious, but it's not what I need. Can't find anything on this feature in the Help or online. Meanwhile I'm still hunting for the screen divider...
  7. I'm trying to print a couple pages for review (from a guide I'm preparing) as a spread on tabloid (11 x 17) paper. Sometimes it works, but most times the pages display out of order. I'm running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13. I've tried printing using the Booklet and Book layout models (they seem to impose the page order randomly); 2 pages per sheet (almost worked, but couldn't get the pages to scale to 100%); and setting up spreads in Spread Setup... (messed up the page layout, and after I fixed them, refused to appear as spreads in the print dialog). Everything fails spectacularly and uniquely. There's almost nothing on this subject on the web, and the Help doesn't cover this issue. (As a workaround, I suppose the spread could be created from two single-page PDFs, but that's a lot of extra work when the answer should be in Publisher.)
  8. As shown in the attached screen cap, Resource Manager doesn't offer linking as an option for an EPS image. Is there a setting for changing this?
  9. Thanks for your reply, the sample is attached. As for your comment about mixed ratios, if you're sizing proportionally, the ratio shouldn't matter. Test.afpub
  10. It would be a feature similar to how Word and most other apps do it (see attached image).
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