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  1. While I was working in Publisher I was exporting a document as a PDF but I wanted to see how to export each spread as a single file. I clicked on the PNG tab and then tried to select pages to export... immediately the app switched to Atom (a text editor) and tabs just started opening up. This is what they looked like: Not sure what else to say about it.
  2. I'm having a strange issue where I can't select objects with the marquee selection within an artboard. Not sure what's going on.
  3. That makes sense. I see what I did wrong now. Thanks!
  4. Yes. But I don't think that has any bearing on my point above since it works in version 1.6.x but not 1.7.x. Not sure what you mean by that. Perhaps you're saying that it's because 1.7.x no longer has the Artboard concept outside of the Artboard tool?
  5. In version 1.6.x you could select an object and still have the alignment options available which aligns the object based on the artboard. But in 1.7 that doesn't seem to be the case. Here is version 1.6.x: Here is version
  6. I agree with Sean. I would expect to tab from `Width` to `Height` when modifying a shape, not the `Y coordinate`. @Sean P Personally I would prefer the UI to change to make it more obvious, but I can appreciate that a UI change would affect the current docs. Even just changing the tab order would help in the short term.
  7. In version 1.6.x when you dragged an image outside of an artboard the image was made visible and removed from the artboard's stack of layers. Current that no longer happens. It remains in the artboards stack of layers. Also when dragging the image around it flickers like crazy.
  8. So the tab order (left to right) _usually_ makes sense I don't think it makes sense in the current Transform Studio layout. You go from X coordinate to Width to Y coordinate to Height. Rather than change the tab order, I'd like to see it change to width and height on the first line and the X/Y coordinates on the second line.
  9. Says "... cuves"... I assume it's supposed to be "curves".
  10. Yeah, thanks. So I guess it's still an issue but only if you have graphite selected.
  11. Great point! Yeah I agree. I was focusing on the artboard only because that's where I keep running into it.
  12. Taking the two same images I made a small change that I think would help the visibility of the selected layer/artboard in the layers panel. See attached.
  13. @MattP Yeah I can totally understand that! It just seems to me that the ability to export PSD that actually is editable within Photoshop would allow us designers to use Affinity Designer/Photo 100% of the time and still give the client the format they want would really help with adopting the affinity apps into peoples workflow much easier. As it is now I have to work in Photoshop (for many clients) when really the affinity apps are much more intuitive for me. Anyway, thanks for all of your hard work! Looking forward to 1.7 release!
  14. The selected artboard/layer is very subtly different than the other unselected artboards. It's not obvious at a glance what is selected.