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  1. So glad to see that Affinity Designer for iPad has these gestures! Such a fantastic app. Looking forward to Affinity Photo for iPad getting them too.
  2. As a designer and a developer I find there's an area where design apps could really learn something from code editors. There's a trend in recent code editors to use a Command Pallet (⇧⌘P) which allows you to type anything and find/invoke anything. It's great for quickly getting to hidden things. For me, Affinity apps packed with a power and you have to hide some of those options (if not most) to make the user interface, well... usable. A Command Palette could really help users to find and use different aspect of apps without having to dig around the user interface. Some example use cases: find and open any palettes show/hide studio panels run macros open a specific preference run commands that don't have keyboard shortcuts Take a look at how code editors (like VS Code, Atom, Sublime Text) are using them to get some ideas.
  3. I really really really want a "pattern tool" for making large repeating patterns for prints as well as small patterns for web design. Pretty please.
  4. Yeah I saw the undo and redo buttons. I find I don't use drawing apps (on the iPad) that don't have the 2-finger undo and 3-finger redo because I get frustrated I have to look else where do those simple actions. Doing so takes my focus off of the work at hand. Those gestures feel so natural, hard to do it any other way now. I'm hopeful you guys can add those gestures. Thanks!
  5. Congrats and fantastic work on the new iPad app launch! Any chance of getting two finger tap to undo and 3 finger tap redo in the new iPad app? Pretty please? :)
  6. When I ⌘+click on a layer in a group the group expands and shows the selected the layer in AD. That doesn't work for you?
  7. Just to be clear, at the time I requested this feature it didn't behave that way. But the fine folks at Serif included it pretty fast!
  8. Congrats Matt! And thanks for the new beta! :)
  9. Thanks for doing that MEB! I'll post to the feature requests section. I'll just continue to use the beta instead of the release version. Thanks. :)
  10. Btw, I noticed that in the "Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Miscellaneous" you can toggle a bunch of panels on/off but the newer panels like "Assets", "Constraints", and "Symbols" aren't represented there. Related, I like to keep panels on both sides and usually I just want to toggle entire groups of panels or all panels on the right or all panels on the left. Is that possible to do currently?
  11. So, how long before 1.5.2 is released?
  12. Purchased! @paolo.limoncelli This pack is awesome! Great work!
  13. YES!!! Thank you!!! You made my day, I owe you a beer or something!!
  14. MEB, any chance of this making it into the 1.5 release?
  15. Thanks Affinity Folks for all of your hard work. I'm looking forward to the new version. But, I'm still hoping for one feature in particular. I'd love it if that when you select a layer on the artboard/document that it would display the same layer in the layers panel. So that means scroll to the right position and expand any groups to show me the layer I selected. Sketch does this very well and it's such a time saver. Having to go and find a layer I'm working on slows work down. And if you don't want it to be the default behavior, perhaps adding it as a preference to make it the default? Any chance of this making into the 1.5 release? Thanks. Note: the functionality exists in the context menu "Find in Layers Panel"... I just want it as the default behavior (or a way to make it the default behavior).