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  1. What if we could choose colors for a design and then turn them into Swatch Symbols? Symbols work with objects but it'd awesome reuse a colors in a design (ex: Brand Primary Color) the same way. Maybe there could be a Swatch Symbols palette. Just a rough idea. I'd love to define a color and use that color in a design and then modify that color swatch which would therefore update the color throughout the design. I write a lot of CSS and using CSS Custom Properties … --brand-primary-color: #545187; … for managing a theme makes handling large changes very easy. Wondering if we could have the same concept in the Affinity Suite.
  2. 1. Snap artboard edge to contents – Often times I need to resize an artboard to because the contents have been changed and I need the artboard to perfectly align with the contents. I'd like to see this feature either on by default or a preference that can be turned on. I absolutely need it and would use it every day. 2. Display artboard size – I find with some of my work I need to see the artboard size at all times because I have multiple artboards on the screen that seem very similar in size. So I'd like to see some gray info text on the opposite size of the artboard telling me the size. Currently I have to add the size to the label so I can easily see it at all times. This is pain when I change the size, now I have to update the label and this happens more than you might think. In the screenshot below I show first how I currently have to do it and then how I'd like to see it (built in) to the affinity apps. (Note: This feature could be found in the preferences as well.)
  3. I love the Affinity apps on both my Mac and iPad. I'd really love "handoff" support so I can do some aspects of my work quickly on my iPad. I don't even necessarily want to move the file to my iPad... just quick do some work with it and send/save it back to my Mac to finish up. If I could click a button titled "open in" and choose my iPad, that would be fantastic.
  4. Love the new "Stock" studio in Designer. I'm having an issue though. Pexels, doesn't seem to return an images for me while both unsplash and pixabay do. I just see the "I understand" agreement, which I've tried to check and uncheck, and even restart the app to get it to work. No luck. Just me?
  5. Yeah I agree @PaulEC. Also, when I start the app I want to start the last brush and category I was using. Currently it defaults to the "painting" category every time but most of the brushes I use are custom brushes so that behavior isn't very helpful (especially when you have a lot of categories to scroll through).
  6. I love Affinity Photo and Designer on the iPad. It's amazing how well things are designed and thought out. There's just one area that I really struggle with and it's managing brushes. It's just not easy to organize large collections of brushes. I can't reorder brushes based on how I use them. Moving a brush to a category just puts it at the bottom and then I'm stuck scrolling to the bottom to find that category. Or I have to create a new category and very carefully add each brush in the order I want (and if I mess up I have to delete it and start over). Managing brushes just seems very unintuitive at the moment.
  7. I don't have a problem with the feature at all, in fact I like it a lot. I just couldn't find it to disable it when I needed it to stop, which was frustrating. I'd prefer the option to be available via the export persona and so I can use it on whatever file type I want.
  8. @R C-R I'm on macOS 10.13 Catalina. I definitely wasn't exporting PDF's, only JPEG's. No PDF's were exported from that file at any time.
  9. Oh... it only shows up under certain types. I was exporting JPEG and there's no checkbox but it applies to them anyway. Seems like a UX issue to me. Thanks for the heads up! Also, where is the option in the export persona?
  10. I've seen an option somewhere to auto-open files on export but at the moment I'm using continuous export and am exporting a bunch of files and it's annoying. But what's more annoying not being able to find where to stop the auto-opening of files. Any ideas where to find this setting? Note: I'm on version 1.7.3 of Affinity Designer.
  11. @MEB Using the same file provided by @design.stuff I get the issue I described above. But if you'd still like the client file I used feel free to DM me the private upload link.
  12. Same issue for me as well. When I try to open the file it literally does nothing. No error or any indication that it's attempting to open the file.
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