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  1. Yeah I agree @PaulEC. Also, when I start the app I want to start the last brush and category I was using. Currently it defaults to the "painting" category every time but most of the brushes I use are custom brushes so that behavior isn't very helpful (especially when you have a lot of categories to scroll through).
  2. I love Affinity Photo and Designer on the iPad. It's amazing how well things are designed and thought out. There's just one area that I really struggle with and it's managing brushes. It's just not easy to organize large collections of brushes. I can't reorder brushes based on how I use them. Moving a brush to a category just puts it at the bottom and then I'm stuck scrolling to the bottom to find that category. Or I have to create a new category and very carefully add each brush in the order I want (and if I mess up I have to delete it and start over). Managing brushes just seems very unintuitive at the moment.
  3. I don't have a problem with the feature at all, in fact I like it a lot. I just couldn't find it to disable it when I needed it to stop, which was frustrating. I'd prefer the option to be available via the export persona and so I can use it on whatever file type I want.
  4. @R C-R I'm on macOS 10.13 Catalina. I definitely wasn't exporting PDF's, only JPEG's. No PDF's were exported from that file at any time.
  5. Oh... it only shows up under certain types. I was exporting JPEG and there's no checkbox but it applies to them anyway. Seems like a UX issue to me. Thanks for the heads up! Also, where is the option in the export persona?
  6. I've seen an option somewhere to auto-open files on export but at the moment I'm using continuous export and am exporting a bunch of files and it's annoying. But what's more annoying not being able to find where to stop the auto-opening of files. Any ideas where to find this setting? Note: I'm on version 1.7.3 of Affinity Designer.
  7. HYR

    PSB files not opening

    @MEB Using the same file provided by @design.stuff I get the issue I described above. But if you'd still like the client file I used feel free to DM me the private upload link.
  8. HYR

    PSB files not opening

    Same issue for me as well. When I try to open the file it literally does nothing. No error or any indication that it's attempting to open the file.
  9. HYR

    PSB format cannot be open

    Same issue for me as well but I don't see any errors. Nothing happens.
  10. All I'll say is that I'm blown away by it! And thanks for the amazing work on all 3 products (+ the iPad apps). I'm slowly converting people one by one to switch to Affinity apps from Adobe's apps. Keep up the fantastic work!
  11. @dominik Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. And thanks for the tip about each spread.
  12. Is there a way to see objects/elements that are outside of the pages? I often will have stuff outside of the pages while I'm constructing the page design. Perhaps there's a preference I'm missing?
  13. It's easy to cmd+click into a series of nested groups to select and element but sometimes you want select the parent or the group itself. I'd like to suggest that pressing `Esc` would then move your selection to the parent/group. Pressing it again would select the next parent element/group and so on and so forth until you at the top level. Pressing `Esc` this level would allow you to select the artboard. `Esc` at the artboard level would leave nothing selected. I suggest this because I like to try to avoid the layers panel as much as possible and stay within the canvas/artboards. Sort of an "up the chain" kind of selection through deselection. I know not everyone will like this type of workflow so maybe it could be a preference that is checked?
  14. @Chris B Thanks! I just applied to join the beta. Much appreciated!
  15. So I just got this 3rd generation 12.9" iPad Pro. I'm on version of Affinity Photo. As I paint with brushes I see strange pixel type artifacts on the screen coming and going until I stop painting. Am I the only one seeing this? (Edit: Actually can you move this to Affinity Photo iPad bugs? I posted in the wrong spot.)

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