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  1. @thomasoI guess the part that confused me is…why a table would cause my regular text tools to change? Seemed so odd that it seemed like a bug (and frankly still seems really odd to me). But thanks for helping me.
  2. Nevermind. I found it in the "Frame Text" studio under "General". Thanks!
  3. @thomaso Where would you expect to remove the background on a text frame?
  4. For some reason changing the table background color affects all new text elements. You can't remove it without removing the background color of the table. See the video linked below https://cln.sh/IR4KBsaW1zJFlYsJUsFV
  5. @MEB I'm on the latest MAS version (1.9.1) and the latest beta version ( and continuous export doesn't seem to work in either version.
  6. square.ai – @Joachim_L here's a simple test. I save it from Illustrator 2021 as a Illustrator 2020 file. It contains a black square (0,0,0). When I import into Publisher and I check the color I get (340, 5, 13). @firstdefence Both were CMYK... not sure how to check "Rich Black" vs "100% Black". How would I do that?
  7. I think it has something to do with the black color changing when imported into Affinity Publisher. In Illustrator it's (0,0,0) but in AP it's: So it's not even fully black when imported. The file I'm using to import is a .ai file.
  8. I'm working on a black and white coloring book that was designed in Adobe Illustrator. If I print from Illustrator (2021) I get a darker black, when I print from Publisher (1.9.0) it looks almost gray. When I color pick each from a third party color picker I get (0,0,0) from Illustrator and (109,0,13) from Publisher within the apps themselves. Any ideas why? (Note: I'm on Mac OS 10.15.3) Here's a photo of the same doc printed from both apps... https://cln.sh/xAGktW176elMJjjKSTKo
  9. What if we could choose colors for a design and then turn them into Swatch Symbols? Symbols work with objects but it'd awesome reuse a colors in a design (ex: Brand Primary Color) the same way. Maybe there could be a Swatch Symbols palette. Just a rough idea. I'd love to define a color and use that color in a design and then modify that color swatch which would therefore update the color throughout the design. I write a lot of CSS and using CSS Custom Properties … --brand-primary-color: #545187; … for managing a theme makes handling large changes very easy. Wondering if we could have the same concept in the Affinity Suite.
  10. 1. Snap artboard edge to contents – Often times I need to resize an artboard to because the contents have been changed and I need the artboard to perfectly align with the contents. I'd like to see this feature either on by default or a preference that can be turned on. I absolutely need it and would use it every day. 2. Display artboard size – I find with some of my work I need to see the artboard size at all times because I have multiple artboards on the screen that seem very similar in size. So I'd like to see some gray info text on the opposite size of the artboard telling me the size. Currently I have to add the size to the label so I can easily see it at all times. This is pain when I change the size, now I have to update the label and this happens more than you might think. In the screenshot below I show first how I currently have to do it and then how I'd like to see it (built in) to the affinity apps. (Note: This feature could be found in the preferences as well.)
  11. I love the Affinity apps on both my Mac and iPad. I'd really love "handoff" support so I can do some aspects of my work quickly on my iPad. I don't even necessarily want to move the file to my iPad... just quick do some work with it and send/save it back to my Mac to finish up. If I could click a button titled "open in" and choose my iPad, that would be fantastic.
  12. Love the new "Stock" studio in Designer. I'm having an issue though. Pexels, doesn't seem to return an images for me while both unsplash and pixabay do. I just see the "I understand" agreement, which I've tried to check and uncheck, and even restart the app to get it to work. No luck. Just me?
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