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  1. I've done it. Drag the app from the applications folder into the bin. Restart. Go to app store: purchases. Should be able to download it again from here. Looks like the restart is essential.
  2. Not tried the fix yet. The app store does recognise that there are updates to Photo and Designer and has prompted me to update them (yet didn't for Publisher...) but then I get the 'unable to process at this time' message when I try. Not had trouble before. I might have opted to skip the previous update and wonder if this has done something.
  3. Update: The prompt to update Publisher appeared on starting the software and that appears to be working. Designer and Photo have not shown an update prompt.
  4. Same problem. Not getting any update message on the apps themselves. Getting same 'unable to process' message from the app store. Have successfully downloaded another product from the app store. Am running 10.11.6 and 1.8.4 Designer and Photo.
  5. I can't recreate what triggers this but at some point when I'm working I will click on the font menu dropdown, the menu drops down as expected but when I move the cursor the menu closes. If I am quick enough I can select a font if it's on screen at the time. Restarting Designer usually sorts this for a while. Can't be sure but I think this is only after 1.8.3. It's not something that happened until recently anyway. Designer 1.8.3 OSX 10.11.6
  6. - open new file - open another new file - create a text box in the first window - start typing - focus moves to second window. Typing is no longer possible in the text box until it's reselected - type another character, focus moves back to second window For more fun with this, create a text box in the second window. - start typing in first window text box - focus moves to second window text box and typing continues in this box - type in the second window text box - this works but very slowly Also: - create new file - creat
  7. Also an issue in Publisher. The snap still seems to work, but the grid lines are in the wrong place on some zoom levels (15%, 25%, 75% for e.g.)
  8. And the Mac version? The grid implementation is a mess. Affinity 1.6.1 OSX 10.11.6
  9. dominik – thanks, that's the sort of thing I was after. InDesign has (had?) the Master Text Frame checkbox which would set up empty linked text boxes on a new doc.
  10. I agree with the original post. To me master objects should be editable on the page. The master is there to maintain position and box content style. Having the content of the master pages fixed limits their use. The ability to edit the master page objects on the content page which then changes the master page is confusing. I suppose you could just lock it. Just as I suppose you could set up your page and duplicate as Wim suggests. But these seem like workarounds because the master page doesn't do what you'd expect it to. Related (though perhaps could do with a new post) – what about
  11. Hello When 2 symbols containing pixel layers are moved, 1 of the pixel layers will also move relative to the symbol. i.e. a symbol containing a rectangle layer with a pixel layer centred on top has 2 instances on screen. When the 2 instances are moved together, one of the pixel images will (probably) be outside the rectangle, the other will be centred, as it should be. See attached video. - Draw a rectangle - Make it a symbol - Duplicate it (alt + drag) - Go to pixel persona - Draw a pixel image on top of the rectangle (on the video I draw the image then drag it into the symb
  12. Briefly. I couldn't recreate it but then I started working on something else and it came back. Here's another video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By4Ym5DTSSusblZxRzR0T2Q0ZGM/view?usp=sharing It seems to depend on where on the page the copy is moved to. On some parts of the page a tall thin rectangle appears over the circle. If the rectangle appears the copied shape will 'spring back' to its starting position when dropped. If the rectangle doesn't appear the copied shape will drop where it is, as expected, when released. The video starts with things working as expected and then, wh
  13. Just tried the universal problem solver (turning everything off and back on again) (Sorry, should've have done this before posting obv) and I can't recreate it either.... Cancel that – I can. It's doing it again.
  14. I didn't have the assets panel open. Try this for the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By4Ym5DTSSusbHBVM1RzelhoMkk/view?usp=sharing
  15. When I copy a shape (alt + drag or cmd-c cmd-v) and drag it, it does not always stay in the position I put it. It often jumps back to its previous position. Sometimes it will stay where I put it but then will jump back to this position when I try to position it again. See attached video. - new document - create circle - cmd-c, cmd-v to copy & paste - move copy to new position - copy stays where it's put (doesn't always do this...) - change copy colour to orange - move copy to right - copy jumps back to original position - go back 2 steps, repeat OSX 10.11.6 AD 1.5
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