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  1. if they hurried up and released a Shape Builder tool - which has been recommended for over 5 years - this wouldn't be an issue
  2. Title. When trying to figure it out, I pulled the color selection panel out on purpose, and it just clicked back into place by clicking and dragging. Same meathod does not work with the tool box. It used to be along the left of the window and now it looks like this (attached pic).
  3. Thanks. Used break curve tool so that it would let me delete nodes without automatically re-closing itself. Like you said, once the two curves were just the face and didn't have the middle and top lines, it let me connect.
  4. Trying to make outline of a face. made half of it, duped that and flipped it horizontally then moved it over so it makes a symmetrical face. but its in two shapes now and the join curves tool doesnt do anything at all. heres a screen shot. how do I make these 2 shapes one
  5. Sorry if one just past so this question is ignorant, just wondering if there will be able sales on Affinity Designer soon? I already have it for Windows and definitely do not regret it, but I would also like to buy it on mac so I can use it on my school laptop. I know $50 isn't that much to begin with, just wondering if there are any sales around the corner I should know about before I pay full price.
  6. I was just doing my thing and accidentally hit some command that did this. How do I get all the windows/tabs back (tools, layers, navigation, colors, ect)? This is what it looks like for me right now
  7. I picked Zenyatta because I think he's a cool looking, unique character... plus I used to main him in the game myself so I quite like Zenyatta. I've never gotten too into Reaper game-wise but I love his lore, along with his design.
  8. I did what R C-R did. Thanks for the tip :) I know what to do next time.
  9. I have created several paths and I want to color the inside area of all of them. I recorded a short video and put it on youtube (didn't let me here). When ever I try to color it does it in the space between the nodes on the curves. How would I color the interior of all the paths? https://youtu.be/1fxFTgOEDRY
  10. I got Affinity Designer at Christmas last month, and at first just played around to understand the program but I am now starting to do projects. With my small wacom tablet, I drew the two characters who are from the popular video game Overwatch. The robotic looking one is known as Zenyatta, a robot monk. The other is Reaper, a man who died then revived. The 3rd has nothing to do with Overwatch. Just some random thing I felt like making. Supposed to a underwater creature. Hope you like my work :) please keep in mind I just started.
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