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  1. Here in 2020, still wishing for swf. Programming games with vector art is awesome, but not being able to use your favorite art program for the task is actually pretty lame. Sigh.
  2. Hi there I am using a Intuos M Pro (Model: PTH-651). I only have one problem while using the wacom. Whenever i am using the brush tool (non-vector) if the tip of my wacom grazes the surface it leaves giant dots. But if i actually press for a dot it is much much smaller. I'm not sure if it is actually a bug or not but it drives me absolutely bonkers, especially when digitally painting. As you can see in the second picture the large dots are with the absolute most minute amount of contact between the tip and the surface and the small dots are with the tip just starting to be pressed with actual pressure to the surface. It makes it extremely annoying when pantomiming shapes above the surface and end up with a bunch of massive dots. Thanks for any response. Also my tablet, AD, and AP are all up to date.
  3. Alright I uploaded the file, to the drop box. Like I said it only happened when brushing the leather part of the hook hand. Basically everything else was around 25-35% usage at the same task.
  4. So here is is my issue, in pixel persona when using the raster brush painting over certain objects causes my CPU to max out at 100% usage. Normally its between 30-35% when doing this same task. I pretty much always have a window with my monitoring going on my second screen at all times. I was wondering if I could send you the file and see if you notice anything unusual about it or what the problem may be. In the file when I "brush" on a child layer of the leather part of the hook hand it maxes out. But when I brush over the the mask layer of the hook itself it is using far less cpu even with the same brush and settings. I tried removing the mask style that is on the leather to see if that helped but it still causes the same results. Even when brushing on other parts in this file it uses close to 80%. I am not running the newest laptop in the world but it's still a i7 quad core that has an auto overclock up to 3.3ghz. So not sure what the issue is. Just let me know where to send the file, thank you -Pixel
  5. It's all good Here's a couple of the animations I'm working on for him. Low quality gifs so there are some weird colors not really there. If you click the thumbnail it looks a little nice but you'll get the idea.
  6. Couple things. 1) Totally understand what your saying, and thanks for taking the time to type that entire post. 2) In game there is something called the library, and the character images are basically full screen with a description about the enemy. That's where the detail is mostly used. 3) The bomb is something actually already in the game I made weeks ago and still looks pretty good when sized down (in game). I personally have nothing to do with the resizing that's someone else's job. My contract entails only creating art assets and not the actual implementation. Thanks again for the post And one other thing. The animation program I use is mesh based so a larger image is much easier for me to work with and gives better results and the final product is simply sized down as they need. -Pixel
  7. Thanks, I appreciate that. Here is a picture of it a little further along with some of the assets for animation. Hands on both characters got finished. I actually have multiple hand gestures done for this character. In this image it is the open hand for carrying the bomb. On the left are the different flames that will play over top of the glowing torch.
  8. Character I am designing for a game I am working on. It's not quite finished yet. But I figured I would share it. He's a bomber enemy hence the dirt from explosions and gun powder. The little guy grabs the bombs out of the bag and hands them to the big guy throw at the player. I'll probably adjust coloring/texture along with some other touch ups before animating him tomorrow.
  9. Honestly my favorite thing I have seen posted on this site so far. Maybe not technically the most detailed, but the message and delivery absolutely wonderful!
  10. I understand the cause but not the reasoning behind using the memory for things not in the document. That said, I'm not a programmer Thanks for the responses.
  11. Here is an updated shadow. This art is actually for a video game. I know I could probably spend hours upon hours perfecting it further but I have deadlines and due dates for my contract work (and hundreds of more assets to create) so that's not really an option for me. I also changed the side chain to a bolted loop in which a chain would and/or will be attached. I certainly appreciate the input though If you're interested in checking out the early beta you can do so here; https://discord.gg/g2NNw4N cheers.
  12. The compressed folder has been uploaded.
  13. I did what you said and it seems to be the case. I suppose my only option is to save everything into files so I can remove it all from my assets correct? Some of my assets are from "Frankentoon" I suppose I will start by removing all of theirs before my own to see how much ram that will save me. I guess my only gripe would be it kind of defeats the purpose of saving things as assets (in my eyes). Appreciate the response.
  14. Two things 1) I know the chain looks out of place. 2) I also know the shadow from the barrel is not correct. I was a little tipsy last night when I was finishing up just slapped the shadow on lol. I will be fixing the mentioned problems, but just figured I would throw what I had here for now. Also a few parts of the shading need to be smoothed out. But for now this is what it is
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