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  1. I just had the same problem, but It solved itself just by updating to 1.8.1 the three apps. Now it works fine to me 😊
  2. First of all, congratulations to the whole team for the amazing improvements! I was really looking forward to the latest release! Also, during testing the beta I got to build some assets which I'd like to export and import back to the latest version. Unfortunately, the "product key" screen prompts and I can't find my serial numbers in my Affinity account (nor in mail or in the web itself). It's the same issue that happens to VISION: So, Is there any chance I can get the assets and color palettes back or are they gone? Thanks in advance to the Affinity staff!
  3. Hey there! So, I just bought the Grave Etcher vector brush pack and installed it. Everything seemed to work fine until it crashes the first time. Normally, I use to ignore the very first crash in awhile, but after the second and third crash, I tried installing the pack in Affinity Designer Beta to check if the error is still happening. The same error prompts (program suddenly quits). My current laptop is a macBook Pro from 2017, still much memory available and no other software is running at the same time aside from Spotify, so I guess it's not a memory issue. ¿Has anyone had the same problem with vector brushes as well? I didn't have issues with other vector brushes so far, so I hope it's not a failure of this very pack. Cheers and thanks!
  4. Hi MEB Currently downloading the latest version. Will report if the issue is still happening. Thank you so much!
  5. Hi everyone! Not really sure if there is another topic about this particular error, nor someone has experienced this before. I'm currently working on a UX/UI project at work making the design of the screens of an app interface. This file is 285,3 MB weight and it contains +30 artboards with mock-ups. The error I'm reporting occurs when I double–click on the constrain points of a text box to auto adjust the box to the type size. It gets stuck and the loading coloured wheel keeps spinning for ages, avoiding me to save, close or do anything else than force exit and restart the app. Happily, I never had major problems and the file remains (mostly) intact. Did it ever happen before to some of you? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, Hokusai It is indeed a good thing. Nevertheless, a vectorization tool is nothing but the transformation of bit information in a bitmap bidimensional plane into equations which change proportionally considering the situation of each bit in this plane. 15-20 years ago, this was a very tedious task to program configure and used to take too many resources in a computer. But today's are faster, and the programation paths and online resources and forums allow people to interact, discuss, join for common developing and code-chunks sharing. There are several vectorization options both in software format and online free tools. I honestly think that it is not a matter of technical challenge but a matter of budget (or maybe some arrangements still in discuss by Serif developers). Anyway, I got the feeling that Serif programmers are taking it too seriously and all they want is to release a perfect software, no matter how long it takes. Sometimes, it is better to release betas and discuss them in forums, so the interaction between users and developers makes the software evolve and efficient gradually. It is a real pleasure to read comments here in the forum and discuss them, because it is the users the actual engine that shapes the software interfaces and capability.
  7. aenimanu

    Mandala maker

    This is amazing, Tamauro! Thank you so much for taking the effort! Cheers!
  8. Hi everyone! So, I am this kind of person who don't check the forums so often… But at this time I want to contribute and share with you this assets I made some months ago, when I was experimenting with the AF. Designer for first time. I hope you find this resources useful for your works or simply to experiment. Cheers everyone! Barazkiak.afassets.zip
  9. Exciting features! Thank you so much for the post, MEB
  10. +1 for me too. Hope this feature is implemented soon. Also, I'm currently using autotracer.org to make very simple tracings, such as handwriting or hand–drawed icons or caligraphy. It works just fine with simple monochromatic images.
  11. This would be a fantastic feature. Hope to see it implemented soon!
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