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  1. Multi-line composing is a nice to have, for increased productivity, but it‘s hardly a deal-breaker. It‘s perfectly possible to manually finesse Publisher‘s text setting as it is now (I even got it to do a nice job of ‘cogent‘ range left, although it was a bit laborious). I’m sure, in time, Affinity will address this if there is enough interest. Anchored tables and graphics would seem to be much more of a priority at this stage.
  2. There is no reason why one can‘t create individual chapter files in Publisher and then merge them together as PDFs (even Preview will let you do this). Indesign does automatic pagination across book files, but it‘s perfectly possible to use Section Manager in Publisher to manually start the pagination at the right page in each chapter. It‘s a bit more fiddly, but perfectly do-able.
  3. Controlling bleed in Publisher The bleed feature in Publisher is the same as it is in Designer. Bleed can be specified in Document Setup..., it prints (when ‘include bleed‘ is checked in the Print dialog) and it exports to PDF (when ‘include bleed‘ is checked in the panel which comes when you click the ‘More‘ button in the export dialog). You just can‘t see it on screen. But you can see anything that is bleeding outside the page edges, which is surely enough at this stage to be able to check that you have enough bleed (the visibility of objects beyond the page edges is toggled on View >
  4. I’d just add a ‘yes please‘ to this request, too. It‘s just as important for some categories of shorter documents, such as reports, as it is for longer.
  5. “I have only tried "FontForge" and the videos I have watched covered; "FontForge", "FontLab Studio", "Type 3.2", "FontCreator" and "Fontographer".” Have a look at Glyphs. I’s one of the best designed applications I’ve ever used, and a model for software development across the board (functionality, usability, interface, API etc.) You can download a free one month trial, without any features disabled.
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