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  1. Brilliant! I’m so impressed with Publisher already, but pinning is the feature I‘ve been really hoping to see. And it‘s fantastic to be able to watch the development of what will be a great application! (And you fixed the zooming problem, which will make a huge difference!)
  2. jamessouttar

    Zoom problems

    Apologies if this is already reported somewhere else (I had a quick skim and couldn‘t see anything). Applies to Publisher build 1.7.249 (latest at moment of writing) on MacOS 10.14.3. When I zoom out of my current document, it always takes me to the bottom of the last page. In a long document that is annoying (I expect it to zoom in and out based on centre of document in the window). This next one seems to apply to all the apps (I think). When I zoom in or out using the keyboard (command space, Adobe-style) I can‘t then select anything until I’ve pressed the spacebar again. It‘s not a bug per se, but again it is annoying and counter-intuitive. Otherwise super impressed with this Publisher build.
  3. Multi-line composing is a nice to have, for increased productivity, but it‘s hardly a deal-breaker. It‘s perfectly possible to manually finesse Publisher‘s text setting as it is now (I even got it to do a nice job of ‘cogent‘ range left, although it was a bit laborious). I’m sure, in time, Affinity will address this if there is enough interest. Anchored tables and graphics would seem to be much more of a priority at this stage.
  4. Stuck Character Palette I’m still getting the character palette stuck when I scroll down to the bottom (where the ‘optical alignment’ settings are). When I scroll to the bottom it’s then impossible to scroll back up again, and this affects new documents too (it‘s only resolved by quitting Publisher and relaunching).
  5. Okay, it took me a while to work this one out too! For anyone who is struggling, you have to set a bleed for the document/page and then check ‘Show Bleed’ in the View Menu. (I think what I found confusing is that it is listed in bug fixes under the heading of ’Document / Page Management‘, where it says ‘now visible in the main view’ as if you don‘t have to turn anything on).
  6. jamessouttar

    Book publishing

    There is no reason why one can‘t create individual chapter files in Publisher and then merge them together as PDFs (even Preview will let you do this). Indesign does automatic pagination across book files, but it‘s perfectly possible to use Section Manager in Publisher to manually start the pagination at the right page in each chapter. It‘s a bit more fiddly, but perfectly do-able.
  7. Controlling bleed in Publisher The bleed feature in Publisher is the same as it is in Designer. Bleed can be specified in Document Setup..., it prints (when ‘include bleed‘ is checked in the Print dialog) and it exports to PDF (when ‘include bleed‘ is checked in the panel which comes when you click the ‘More‘ button in the export dialog). You just can‘t see it on screen. But you can see anything that is bleeding outside the page edges, which is surely enough at this stage to be able to check that you have enough bleed (the visibility of objects beyond the page edges is toggled on View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas). If you so wish, you can even draw a rectangle around the page at the size of the bleed and stroke it, and it will be visible when you toggle Clip to Canvas. You can even lock this rectangle in Layers so you don’t move it accidentally. (This can‘t be done on a Master page, though — maybe that could be implemented?)
  8. I’d just add a ‘yes please‘ to this request, too. It‘s just as important for some categories of shorter documents, such as reports, as it is for longer.
  9. Don‘t see this reported elsewhere. I’m having problems with the cursor going to the hand tool (i.e. what you normally get if you pressed the spacebar or chose the second from bottom tool in the tool strip) and getting stuck there. When this happens, which is quite frequently, there is nothing I can do except save, quit and relaunch Publisher. I’m not sure what triggers this behaviour — it just seems to happen without warning, but seems to gets stuck when I go to the selection (arrow) tools in the tool strip.
  10. jamessouttar

    Soft Returns

    Fantastic, thank you!
  11. jamessouttar

    Soft Returns

    This applies to Designer (and, for that matter, Photo too) but it‘s particularly noticeable in Publisher because it‘s intended for handling longer texts. When I type a soft return (shift return) I expect to get a simple line break within a paragraph — i.e. with no paragraph spacing above or below, or indent. For instance, if there is a short word starting a new sentence at the end of a line, I will usually want to soft return it onto the next line. In all Affinity products, though, a soft return gets treated as if it were just a normal return (starting a new paragraph). I can‘t see any advantage in this, but it can be really annoying when each of these new lines has to have the spacing changed to zero. Could this be added to the snagging list?
  12. Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! ;-) A big well done to the team! Publisher is a really superb piece of work, with features way in advance of what I imagined you would be able to deliver in a first release (I remember the launch version of InDesign, and how far it was from Quark Xpress — Publisher, on the other hand, seems almost no distance away from InDesign). And I love the way you’ve implemented some of the features, too, with the panache we‘ve come to expect from Affinity. I can imagine some pretty long faces in San Jose this morning. Just please don‘t let Adobe buy you out because you’re killing their revenue stream!
  13. jamessouttar

    Font Persona

    “I have only tried "FontForge" and the videos I have watched covered; "FontForge", "FontLab Studio", "Type 3.2", "FontCreator" and "Fontographer".” Have a look at Glyphs. I’s one of the best designed applications I’ve ever used, and a model for software development across the board (functionality, usability, interface, API etc.) You can download a free one month trial, without any features disabled.

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