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  1. I often press TAB to hide the UI, then Cmd-0 to show my layout in all its glory. If I quit Affinity Publisher in this state and open it again later, the UI is still hidden—which makes sense as it’s the last/previous state. However, if I then hit TAB again, nothing happens. I have to select… Disable “View > Studio > Hide Studio”, “View > Show Context Toolbar”, “View > Show Toolbar”, and “View > Show Tools” … manually. I always try to remember un-hiding the UI before I quit the app, but I always forget Carsten By the way: I can‘t wait to finally buy! You are doing a great job. Thank you!
  2. When I add guides to a master page and subsequently apply that master page to a “regular” page, the guides will not show up on the “regular” page. However, if I then add a guide to the “regular” page, the guides from the master page will show up as dotted lines—and objects will snap to these.

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