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  1. I'm a developer, I've mostly just used affinity for making/modifying icons - not much full on UI design. However, I agree, I think it would make more sense for assets to be at 1x for the reasons you mentioned. I just posted an asset pack (in the resources forum) and wasn't really sure what scale to use, I ended up using 144 dpi like the iOS assets. I may post a version at 1x.
  2. Here is a collection of assets created from the material design sticker sheet obtained here: https://material.google.com/resources/sticker-sheets-icons.html Could use a little more work, but I've added constraints to the lists, UI bars, and tabs. Most of the shadows are currently bitmaps. I had issues with some text boxes becoming the wrong size when the group was turned into an asset, so artistic text is used in some places where a text frame would be more appropriate. I couldn't find a license anywhere for the sticker sheet, so feel free to modify and share or use however you want, however, please don't redistribute as an asset pack while charging a price (sharing for free is fine). If you want to share any changes/improvements, I'd appreciate it if you posted them to this thread. An example I quickly made with some of the assets is below. material_assets.zip
  3. I'm relatively new to design programs, besides Affinity Designer I've only used Inkscape a few times, so I'm not sure if this is something that is standard/possible. Is there a way to lock the size of certain objects when scaling an artboard? I know about the lock children option, what I mean is a mix of that: the objects would move as if lock children isn't checked, but their size would stay the same as if it is. I am making a map that will be printed at various sizes, and I want the text, icons, and paths to stay the same size (for example, icons to be 0.5 inches wide, no matter the size of the map). This is doable for paths by unchecking the 'scale with object' option, but I haven't found anything for text/objects. If that isn't possible, is there a way to set the size of all children of a layer at once? Can I select the layer containing icons and set their size to 0.5 inches without clicking and transforming every individual one? It's a simple drawing, so if not it's no big deal. It seems to me like this would be a useful feature though, unless there is some way of doing things that makes this unnecessary.
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