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  1. Pepperdog2


    Very nice. Thank you for posting
  2. Pepperdog2

    Assortment Styles Vol. 1

    Thanks so much. Very nice.
  3. Pepperdog2

    Simple hatching styles | Einfach Schraffur Stile

    Thank You - very nice
  4. Pepperdog2

    Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors

    Thank You - Very Nice Work
  5. Pepperdog2

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    Thanks for adding me. I look forward to the resources.
  6. Pepperdog2

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    Keep up the good work I love anything that is "deco". Thanks
  7. Thank you - It Worked!
  8. Just started today. When I try to exit Designer, I get a message to wait fir file(s) to load. I tried rebooting, and the same message comes up. I can close the program by using Windows Task Manager, but not from File, Exit as before. Any suggestions?
  9. Pepperdog2

    Copic color palette

    Thank You - Very Nice
  10. Pepperdog2

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    Thank you - very nice indeed
  11. Thank you one and all. I love the curtain idea as it had never occurred to me. Great Work !!!
  12. I'm a AP newbie, and I have a photo sent to me by a friend. They would like to have the glare from the window removed or at least lessened. Is there a method to do this?
  13. Pepperdog2

    Named colours color palette to share.

    Thank you. Very nice
  14. Pepperdog2

    Affinity Styles Free

    Very nice -thank you for posting