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  1. How about a YouTube video to show how to set up a Loupedeck any model for use with Affinity?
  2. Question I have several Indd files I created in Adobe Indesign CS6. I don’t have access to CS6 anymore is there any way to batch a conversion over to Affinity Publisher?
  3. Anyone using Photo or Designer to create your graphic resources for OBS? If so would love to hear from you especially doing lower third and thumbnail files. Dr. Mike
  4. I finally figured out the grids I think. I will have to figure out how to get everything on different layers. One thing I miss here is on Swift Publisher if I hold the left mouse button in the upper right corner of the card and slide down through the card to the right I can select everything on the card and then group it all copy and paste move the copy to the right margin. Here I had to do a select everything copy and then move it never put everything in a group by itself. I was confused on group that I saw in the menu at the top turns out that was layer grouping like in Photoshop. I think it can do the job. Here one of sets I did for a template this one is double my template usually has the one on the right where I can modify copy and move a copy to the right side. 3-125X6-25_Notecards-Affinity_Publisher.afpub
  5. The arrangement all went squirrelly. The Internet Notecard is titled Forgiveness. Has printing instructions. The other one is a sample of the template I modify the left card. Group all together then copy and pasted the card to the right side. On both sides. The one title David's Greatest Victory is an example of the final product. Find any mistakes this was before final edit. Thanks, Dr. Mike
  6. Here are some examples of Notecards I do for each Sunday's lesson. I started out, years ago doing these in Adobe Indesign, was teaching Adobe products at Purdue so had access that was the CS6 days. With the days of subscription software I looked for other ways to do the work. I came up with using Swift Publisher. It works ok. I just wanted a plan B and set up the templates for using in Affinity Publisher I get bored in Swift Publisher. What you can't see are the .125 inch grids in the background, I think I put them on what they refer to as a background layer so they don't print or save when I put them up on the internet, that help me line up text boxes and graphics. The one with only one notecard to the page is my template I use when I export out to a PDF so someone can go to my website and print one out and then be able to listen to the sermon and fill in the notecard. It is one notecard with printing instructions at the bottom. My local audience loves getting them. What I am trying to do is set the grid up. I will then be able to go in and make the individual templates to the various sizes. My naming convention for the templates go along with the size of the individual notecard example 3-125X6-25_Notecard would be one of dimensions of 3 1/2 inch wide by 6 1/4 inch length. I will also include a couple of others. The last will be the card I will be giving my local audience in the morning. There are 2 notecards to a page and I cut them out individually.
  7. Just uploaded some more made in Photoshop I have problems working in Affinity Photo. Might be the same issue you have pointed out before. Hope can get these to work. Hope we can eventually get that type of workflow to work in Affinity Photo sure saves a bunch of time.
  8. MEB - I just uploaded the Gold_Effect_1.psd through the Upload Link as well as the Affinity Photo styles I created from a lot of my styles I had made in Photoshop over the past 30 years. Anyway the problem in the styles is that the Font type and size come into the style as well. All I need are the effects independent of the font used and size. A lot of them are putting the font down to 12 point size.
  9. Maybe this will work here is the file Gold_Effect_1 compressed. Hope you see this. If you open in Photoshop you will notice there is a smart object that says click here for text. That will open another file you type your text you want save it and then close the file go back to Gold_Effect_1 and your text is in there. That will not work in Affinity Photo either. Gold_Effect_1.PSD.zip
  10. Ok will do it might be in the upload link from earlier. I think it was named Gold_1.png had Las Vegas as text
  11. Here is the God file with the Smart object that doesn't seem to work. In PS there is a layer you double click opens another file you type your text in save it go back and the style is there with your text.Gold_Effect_1.PSD
  12. This one is called Gold-2 again first the Photoshop version: No the Affinity Photo version: I did notice I forgot to mark to receive replies so you can send them to me @ macmikeal (at) mac (dot) com
  13. Again another set of Text styles that have problems coming into Affinity Photo. Here is the Affinity Photo version:
  14. I have been using Photoshop since the Aldus days. Also taught it on the University level. I am trying to switch over to Affinity Photo as I don't like the monthly subscription model Adobe has recently adhered. My problem is getting my Text Styles over into Affinity. I have gotten several over already but am having trouble with some not coming over and need some help ideas. I will post png's here and can go further if any one wants to see the PSD and Affinity Photo files. First Style Comic-book-30. Second is how the same file comes shows in Affinity Photo.
  15. I also have some Text styles that don't come over right from Photoshop.
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