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  1. Just wanted to express my gratitude to the team involved for this as well. It was a very useful feature and you did a great job, so thanks!
  2. For what it's worth, I'd also welcome DDS support as it would be quite useful.
  3. Wow, excellent updates across the whole Suite, thanks to the people involved for their job on this, greatly appreciated!
  4. Great work, a big thank you to the team who brought us this update!
  5. That is one impressive list of fixes and improvements. Big thanks to everyone involved for the great amount of work that must have gone into this!
  6. Thanks to everyone involved for bringing us this despite the current situation. Glad to hear you're working from home, please continue to stay safe!
  7. Big thanks to the people at Serif for bringing us updates despite the current situation. Please keep staying safe and all the best to you, your family and friends!
  8. Nice to see Serif taking such initiatives in these difficult times, please stay safe and be well!
  9. Great to see updates with these fixes being offered so swiftly, much appreciated! Same goes for Designer and Publisher as well, big thanks and kudos to everyone involved!
  10. Great job on the update, many thanks to the team involved!
  11. Thank you for the excellent update! Just the IDML import feature alone is going to please a lot of people I'm sure. Made the switch from Creative Cloud to the Affinity suite and don't regret it for a second. Kudos to the people involved on a job well done!
  12. Being able to open InDesign files directly into Publisher would be extremely helpful, especially for those of us who are making the switch from Adobe, which seem to be quite a few.
  13. Yet another +1 for data merge in Publisher. Coming from Adobe Creative Cloud, just purchased Photo, Designer and Publisher and now in the process of making the full switch from Adobe to Affinity. Data merge would be extremely useful, as it's currently one of the very few features that I still need and miss from Adobe.
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