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  1. Copying the effects then pasting them on larger same shape/object, the effects are adjusted with same first values, but when pasting the effects on other shapes or objects, this is the problem, kindly check the screenshot... https://i.ibb.co/d0zzJ8g/AD-FX-Past-problem.png
  2. Same problem here! I worked with ...a long time waiting the Development team to fix it! I hope they will fix that as soon as possible. Thanks Friksel for your reports with video show.
  3. Hi Gabe, thank you for your reply and I'm sorry for my too late comment! As I said "I have the only one stable drivers from HP 'official driver' and only driver that works properly" but crashed with AP+AD programs, I tried to do your suggest by uninstalling and installing latest Visual C ++ but still crashing and stop working. However, I think the problem is of incompatibility between my graphic card drivers and the AP/AD programs, that only HP can help me for that with special modification on the special drivers and that will not happen, while the programs AP+AD works without this problem
  4. Hello all, This is my first topic after many weeks from purchasing AP and AD, I love them and I'm very happy while working on them except some crashes. Please check my screenshot, AP is crashes saying Runtime error! while windows showing a pop-up that is AMD graphic driver not responding, but I have the only one stable driver from HP and only one that work properly on Win7 sp1 with all updates. Any fix for this issue please! My PC is: HP Pavilion g7-1050ek • Windows 7 + SP1 + All updates • SSD 240G + RAM 8GB • Switchable graphics card Intel HD 4000 + AM
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