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  1. Is it possible to add the Auto Mask feature as existing in Lightroom which makes much more easy when dodging and burning or (any correction) a part without overflowing all around !? For this reason i am unfortunately constrained to use Lightroom for a lot of precise correction.... Or did i miss something in Affinity Photo ? Thanks.
  2. for a strange reason, now the histogram appears when clicking on the histogram panel !
  3. @telemax, Thanks soooooooooooo very much !!!!! Best regards, Vladimir
  4. HI Many thanks for your answers. Here is the file of the project The histogram appeared on the whole pixel layer but when a part selected, the histogram does not appear. Win 10 Core I7, 2.5 Ghz with 8 mo RAM AF_CURVE_TEST.afphoto
  5. @GabrielM, Sorry, yes i'm referring to the histogram in the Curves not showing up.
  6. @telemax, Many thanks ! But if i want to add this gradient tool just on a small part of a picture ( a selected part) ? On your picture, for exemple, just the 2 first rows ? Many thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, Are you using the latest release version? Yes Can you reproduce it? YES (if you cannot then we may struggle to also, making it even harder to fix) Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem? NEW DOC If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX Mojave, iOS 12 etc)? WIN 10 What happened for you (and what you expected to happen) Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did). OPEN NEW DOC AND PASTE AN IMAGE FROM THE STOCK Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video. Any unusual hardware (like tablets or external monitors or drives that may affect things) or relevant other applications like font managers or display managers. NO TABLET Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? (software or hardware)
  8. if i create a mask it will work as "reveal or not" and not brighter to darker !
  9. Hi everyone, I'm trying to achieve to use a real gradient tool (brighter to darker) on pixel selections but i don't really understand how ! For example, i got a building picture (pixel layer) and i created different channels for different selections to adjust them separately. when i load a channel to a pixel selection, i create a new fill layer or a new pixel to add a gradient. At this point the results where really bad and the effect brighter to darker does not seem to work. Thanks for your help !
  10. Is it a bug or ? When i add a curve adjustment on a pixel layer i cannot see any curve into the curve box ( nowhere ! Nor RGB, Green, blue...) Thanks
  11. 1 Rename spare channels when macro's done 2 preview spare channels 3 Double-click on a slider to reset that slider to default/zero.
  12. Hi everyone, Is there a chance to get one day a feature like the "auto masking" in Lightroom for the brushes. It is very annoying to overflow every time we use the brush. It would be very useful ! Thanks
  13. Vladimir78

    Luminosity Masks

    @smadell, Thank you ! Very useful macro !
  14. Thanks a lot but is there a way to get the old videos ??? I can find the one i've marked but cannot find the others. THANKS.

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