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  1. 1 Rename spare channels when macro's done 2 preview spare channels 3 Double-click on a slider to reset that slider to default/zero.
  2. Hi everyone, Is there a chance to get one day a feature like the "auto masking" in Lightroom for the brushes. It is very annoying to overflow every time we use the brush. It would be very useful ! Thanks
  3. Vladimir78

    Luminosity Masks

    @smadell, Thank you ! Very useful macro !
  4. Thanks a lot but is there a way to get the old videos ??? I can find the one i've marked but cannot find the others. THANKS.
  5. Vladimir78

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    I don't understand anything now !!!! The latest update of AF looks like AF beta ! Is Beta dead ?
  6. hello Everyone, I'm new in this forum and learning how AF works by using it, watching tutos and reading the workbook... Great app ! I am using AF as external device after developing within LR6. The external device file format is set to TIFF. When i 'edit in Affinity' from LR and make some changes(layers, adj....) When i click on SAVE, it saves all the layers and the whole work in TIFF. If SAVE AS, it saves as Affinityfile. I have 2 questions : Why is, for the same project, the AF file smaller than the TIFF file ? Is there a way just to make the changes to appear in Lightroom but NOT to save the project in TIFF or AfPhoto ? Thanks....
  7. Vladimir78

    Maybe a Notepad ?!

    Thanks Walt, but a small notepad would not be a big problem, nor a lot of work to add ! I had it in all my musical software ( Cubase....)
  8. Hi stokerg, Any news for my problem ?
  9. Hi everyone, Is there a Notepad in Affinity photo to write down things to remember or do in our future sessions ? If not, it would be easy to implement that, wouldn't it ? It would be really useful ! Thanks
  10. I also have Affinity but never had the Uplift Epic Skies content pack :-((
  11. Thanks stokerg ! I hope you'll be able to repair this issue...
  12. Hi stokerg, I uploaded the 5 RAW images on your dropbox. I wanted to stack images to use the "luminosity masks" technique but could not do it as the stacking mode did not align good images. I tried it again and here is the result : the HDR merge align the photos, the stack does not do a good job. Regards, Vladimir
  13. Hi stokerg, My mistake ! Have the same problem ! But i've compared the hdr merge in Lightroom 6.14 and in Affinity. Affinity did not align well the pictures.
  14. Hi everyone, Something strange happens : When i stack with HDR stack mode, it aligns perfectly handheld taken pictures but if i try the Stack mode with auto align the results are really bad ! Do i miss something ? Thanks