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  1. Vladimir78

    Maybe a Notepad ?!

    Thanks Walt, but a small notepad would not be a big problem, nor a lot of work to add ! I had it in all my musical software ( Cubase....)
  2. Hi stokerg, Any news for my problem ?
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a Notepad in Affinity photo to write down things to remember or do in our future sessions ? If not, it would be easy to implement that, wouldn't it ? It would be really useful ! Thanks
  4. I also have Affinity but never had the Uplift Epic Skies content pack :-((
  5. Thanks stokerg ! I hope you'll be able to repair this issue...
  6. Hi stokerg, I uploaded the 5 RAW images on your dropbox. I wanted to stack images to use the "luminosity masks" technique but could not do it as the stacking mode did not align good images. I tried it again and here is the result : the HDR merge align the photos, the stack does not do a good job. Regards, Vladimir
  7. Hi stokerg, My mistake ! Have the same problem ! But i've compared the hdr merge in Lightroom 6.14 and in Affinity. Affinity did not align well the pictures.
  8. Hi everyone, Something strange happens : When i stack with HDR stack mode, it aligns perfectly handheld taken pictures but if i try the Stack mode with auto align the results are really bad ! Do i miss something ? Thanks
  9. Thank you Walt ! My brain has to integrate it ! As when i undobrush, it does brush back but from undone work
  10. Hello Everyone, New in AF and learning a lot from vidéos and the workbook ! I don't understand why the "undo brush tool" DO ?! On the video tutorial "undo brush tool", when you put yourself on the snapshot and use the Undo Bruch tool it DO the effect ! Is it me or can"t i understand the logic ?! Thanks for your help.
  11. Vladimir78

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Vladimir. Located in France, i recently start using AF on PC. Watching a lot of tutos and working on the workbook. I'm developing with LR 6.14 and using AF as external device of LR for all other work.... See you...
  12. hello Everyone, I'm new in this forum and learning how AF works by using it, watching tutos and reading the workbook... Great app ! I am using AF as external device after developing within LR6. The external device file format is set to TIFF. When i 'edit in Affinity' from LR and make some changes(layers, adj....) When i click on SAVE, it saves all the layers and the whole work in TIFF. If SAVE AS, it saves as Affinityfile. Why is, for the same project, the AF file smaller than the TIFF file ?