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  1. Thanks! By the way , Is there a way to resize a file by size? Cannot seem to find it other than on the export menu, yet it doesn’t seem to allow to set a target size
  2. Hi guys. I wanted to create some art for a specific videogame and these are their requirements. what are SVG 1.0 or 1.1? Any specific tweak I need to be aware of in this case? Thanks SVG files to be used as User Decals must adhere to the following specifications:- the file must not be larger than 15kb in size;- the text must be outlined;- special drawing (blend) modes such as 'multiply' and 'adding' are not allowed;- the file must comply to the SVG 1.0 or 1.1 specifications;- for gradations, only simple shapes are supported.Please note that the area displayed in a thumbnail is dependent on the SVG view port settings
  3. Not sure if this has been asked recently but it would be really a welcome addition to the app thanks
  4. I have sent you the video by mail - the system you suggest works fine. the glitch only happens when you import a photo from photostream to start a project directly from the new project menu
  5. Hi Dan What iPad model and iOS version are you using? IPad Pro 10.5 with latest IOS Are your images in a RAW format? No If you open your Photos Library, then drag and drop an image from here onto the homescreen of the Affinity app, does the image open at full size? Haven’t tried this but not sure AP supports multi screen on the iPad Pro? Do you have an active internet connection when trying to open these images? Yes i think this is a serious glitch that definitely wasn’t there before federico
  6. thanks but that's not the reason. Photo stream photos are surely a bit lower but definitely not 480*360 like Affinity Photo now imports them. something weird is going on here that didn't happen before. I used to edit phots straight from Photostream no problem. the same photo I am able to import it from Photostream at 2016*1512px using AP on my Mac - why on earth AP on iPad now arbitrarily reduces it to 480*360px? can anyone replicate this issue?
  7. Hi guys I’ve not used the app in a while but I’ve noticed that if I start a new project from “import from photos” and load a photo to from my Photo Stream A weird thing happen If I import from my photo stream the resolution gets dramatically lowered - why is that? The imported photo looks way worse than if I open it via the photo app, it’s quite pixelated. Is there a setting to tell AP to not lower the resolution of photo stream photos? thanks. Fed
  8. Not sure when this was added. Is it just to export a batch of photos in a given format? What about applying the same filter or adjustment to all the photos? also cannot find any macro as I think happens on the Mac version thanks
  9. I never realised I could draw a line to align and straighten the photo. interestingly the iphone photo app does all of this in one go. they seem to have implemented a macro that aligns to the main lines visibile and then straightens and crops accordingly. impressive.
  10. Thanks. It does sound a lot of work whereas said feature on iOS photos does rotate and crop in one go.. quite neat. Anyway I think the best way I found is to use the rotate command under develop persona and then crop if needed. More laborious but I get there
  11. Hello I’d like to know if someone can tell me how to rotate a photo but within the constraint of the original canvas? in other words I’m trying to replicate what the iPhone does in the photo rotate/align tool, where you want to simply make straight a photo that’s slightly tilted, sometimes only by a few degrees, but keeping the original ratio in the background thanks
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