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  1. Hi guys I was just are using some presents I made for some adjustments and I noticed that, if you create a preset, the adjustment list previews the last preset you created although if you do apply it from the main list, it instead defaults to the standard preset. you need to manually going to the submenu to select that specific preset you created. Is there a workaround so you can just apply the preset you chose and preview, straight away? in other words a way to select a preset you created as the default for that adjustment not sure why the preview gets updated but not the actual preset unless you go fish it up. its a bit confusing like this
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before about but after seeing that now Loupedeck supports Final Cut Pro X I was wondering if affinity photo will be next? I really hope so
  3. musicfed

    how to change color of a layer?

    that's a great idea thanks
  4. musicfed

    how to change color of a layer?

    thank you so much - still getting confused. I added a fill layer and reduced the opacity and then was able to change the colour of my shades. looked incredibly realistic!
  5. musicfed

    how to change color of a layer?

    thanks but why can't i just change the previous colour without making a new selection?
  6. hello guys. I may miss something, but how do I change the colour of a layer? to change the colour of something in a photo I add a pixel layer on top of a photo, use the brush to paint some colour then change the blend mode to "hue" or "colour" and it sort of works most time for items (like a car, with good contrast). but what if I then want to change the colour of what I painted without having to repaint? I cannot seem to select the pixel layer and simply change colour- rasterizing doesn't help. thanks
  7. Thanks so much for taking the time!
  8. thanks but your method doesn't seem to achieve what I see in the video, where he creates a selection out of the text only, and then creates a mask with it. doesn't seem to work the way you describe it
  9. I’m trying to follow this video made with affinity photo desktop but I cannot seem to do on my iPad what he does at 6:15 onwards with the selection of the text layer and creation of that mask how do I select the text like that? Cheers fed
  10. thanks! look forward to it!
  11. an honest question. snapping (and delete) are easily accessible from the main tool interface on Designer... why not on Photo? I use and switch snapping all the time and could use without having to constantly go on Document Properties> Snapping>enable....
  12. yes - the light grey user interface Toltec mentioned. it wouldn't seem too hard but what do I know
  13. thanks are you going to add the clearer interface for iPad at some point?
  14. ah ok cool. I guess I read somewhere the feature set was almost identical but it's not the case
  15. hi what do you mean the drawback of the tablet is the missing feature? you refer to the iPad app? do you find you use the desktop app more than the ipad version or the other way around?