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  1. @RichardMH just downloaded. super cool. Thank you soooo much
  2. Hello Affinity team, i have been using your software for quiet a bit now and love it very much. Would you create a beautiful software for slideshow??? Had been using Photodex, which no longer is available. Just thought to request your team to create a top of the line affinity standard slideshow software. Thank you so much!!!
  3. Hello affinity community, i work on photos creating vectors from the colors of the photo. Super cool effects. Eventually i find lots of palette's get accumulated in swatches. Any way to delete mass palette??? rather than one by one Thanks.
  4. Hi Walt, these files are from vecteezy. jpeg is fine. opening the eps file in affinity designer looks wierd. that is with every eps file ZZZZZ130.eps
  5. Hello community, does someone know how to import .eps file gracefully in affinity designer to edit the vector file??? Thanks
  6. Here is an example the jpeg has nice resolution, vector is messed up ZZZZZ130.eps
  7. Has anyone used https://www.vecteezy.com/ Photos are great. Have not figured out how to use vectors. terrible resolution in vectors. actually this cannot be the case. i must be doing something wrong. This is what i do: Open the vector file edit to my liking. Something gets messed up. Photos are wonderful resolution. How to really use these vector files??? Thank you community!!!
  8. Hi @GarryP i would like to use some existing single-colour brushes to create multi-coloured designs. You have excellent expression in understandable language. Thanks. These days, just trying to learn something new. And designing some colors on these single color brushes have fascinated me. Thanks for the resources. So few brushes i have. The next step is how to make these multi coloured.
  9. @GarryP thank you. Here is a simple affinity file where i have attached some flower brushes. i can just do 1 color. would like to learn how can i have say flower and swirls of different colors. Few other brushes i have. Seems i don't know how to create more variety of colors. Thanks flower brushes.afdesign
  10. Hello advanced users and team, can someone please help how to make stamp brushes more colorful in designer or photo. i can just do one color. Would like to learn artful color possibilities. Thanks, Gyan
  11. @Dan C yes i had added tons of brushes in photo. Skeleton was just added to test the brushes in photo, that yes the software holds the added brush. Just that tons of other brushes i had added in the last few months, all have disappeared.
  12. Hi Dan, NO have not reset the affinity app. NO. have not updated OS NO, no cleaner apps except Norton that just does it's a regular thing. Aattached the file you asked. Thanks so much Gyan raster_brushes.propcol
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