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  1. gyan1

    Importing brush error

    This is just an example. This brush easily was imported in designer, not in Photo maps.abr
  2. gyan1

    Importing brush error

    Yes. i have applied the latest update to both designer and photo. Brushes can now be imported in designer. In photo, importing brushes, program gets stuck. Restarted computer. Same problem.
  3. Hello, Affinity community! The past few weeks had troubles importing brushes into affinity photo or affinity designer. The new update has fixed the problem for the designer. For the affinity photo, the problem stays the same. The program gets hung up while importing any brush. Please help. Thanks Gyan
  4. The new update has solved this problem. Thanks, affinity team.
  5. @Sean PThanks for the response. i hope this gets fixed soon
  6. Hello affinity team, Thank you for making my life so easy. Affinity sparked the creativity in me. Happy to create beautiful designs easy. Suggestion: Could the brushes be organized by names? and the capacity to rename??? Now the brush that is added latest, shows up last. I'd like to have this organized by name. ( For now due to some affinity bug, cannot import brushes ) Thanks Gyan
  7. Hello, Affinity community, has anyone noticed importing brush error? This is after the latest updates. Have never had this problem before. Since the problem exists in the affinity designer as well as affinity photo, i thought better ask the community. i cannot import any brushes in either of the programs. If anyone knows the fix, please lmk. Thank you Gyan
  8. Few days back Affinity Designer would not close. It had to be always forced by using Alt + Ctrl + Del. So i thought let me uninstall and then reinstall. Got a fresh download from my account. Same problem. After starting Designer for the first time after reinstall, it does not quit. And i have not even opened any files etc. Attaching a pic
  9. I deleted affinity photo and downloaded again. No problem. works well. Thanks for your efforts. Gyan!!!
  10. Just clicking on brushes, this thing crashes.
  11. Hi Callum, affinity photo still crashes. Designer and publisher are fine.. Please lmk if you found a fix for it. Thanks Gyan
  12. Hi Callum, here is the link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RsgYTWzyglSO3hkOqG5ho_3A140LRJnJ?usp=sharing 2 files that were not uploaded on google drive, i have uploaded them here. blacklist.txt eula
  13. Hi Callum, it says 19 GB. so i will put it on my google drive and send you the link. Thanks!!! Gyan

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