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  2. I dont speak German (and the current version of drawplus has a bug, other languages don't work) but Serif DrawPlus x8 has tool named as "Gitterfüllungen": Sorry Affinity for spam, but i found my old DVD copy of Serif
  3. Spiral tool in Affinity Designer 0 Serif DrawPlus x8 spiral
  4. Hi, Currently, the only way to blend objects in Affinity is to use the gradient tool and copy object 1000 times. A dedicated Blend Tool would simplify this process and save time for users. Current method: Suggested (like Xara Designer or Adobe Illustrator):
  5. Hi, I would like to suggest adding a Path Width Tool for easier and more precise stroke adjustments. This tool would allow users to thicken the outline at specific points by simply clicking and dragging with the mouse. Other software like Adobe Illustrator and Amadine have a stroke width tool. The current method, using the Pressure chart in the Stroke panel, is not as user-friendly or accurate as it could be. Current method: Suggested (like Amadine or Adobe Illustrator):
  6. Currently to create a new document using the contents of the clipboard, one has to press CTRL+Alt+Shift+N. While this shortcut is functional, it is quite long and can be cumbersome to use. Additionally changing this shortcut may result in overriding another important function. I would like to propose a more convenient method for creating new documents from the clipboard. I suggest that when no documents are currently active, pressing CTRL+V should directly create a new document using the clipboard contents. This would make the process more intuitive and easier to perform. Example Copy image to clipboard. Open Affinity Designer/Publisher/Photo. Press CTRL+V.
  7. I bought Affinty Designer for Windows 1 month ago but its bad decision and I want buy universal license. Its possibile to get refund?
  8. I also have this problem.This problem occurs when I have many objects. When I change a tool or object, the application lags for 1 or 2 seconds. It annoys me a lot. (RTX 2060 with enabled OpenCL)
  9. Hey, I need to limit the photo to only 3 colors in affinity photo. How can I do this result?
  10. I think this margin in layers panel is ugly. When there are two layers, this gap looks bad. In my opinion, then the list items should be expanded or the scrollbar disabled (but not invisible).
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