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  1. hi, last updates of affinity 1.8 has solved my probems. now it is all ok. Libor
  2. As I wrote before. 1.7.3 is ok, but first of 1.8.? is not ok. now I returned back to 1.7 Libor
  3. To "Gabe" I used printing to PDF only as proof of error. I discovered this error when printing directly to a laser printer.
  4. Hello, sometimes I need to edit a PDF file and then print it. Everything worked right in Affinity Designer 1.7. But there is a problem in the new version 1.8 with printing PDF files. Affinity does not print some objects and some objects print in the wrong place. I attach the source PDF file in which the described error occurs. I also enclose the result of printing this file to Fineprint and also printing using Foxit Reader PDF Printer. It seems that the problem is only when printing, but when exporting from Affinity to PDF, PNG etc. everything is fine. Libor Foxit Reader PDF Printer.pdf Source PDF.pdf
  5. thank you. Anyway, designer and photo are great SW :o) Libor
  6. Hi Joachim_L, I checked my document and .... The jumping word KILL BAR seems to be caused by an inserted tab. Why it is interpreted differently ... - yes, tehere is TAB. its true and it is my mistake I am not sure if it is good idea to interprete tab in one version one way and it next version another way :o( it is not possible to check whole document everytime after new version of designer alternate "e" - I am not designer guru and I dont use typography popup. So I dont know how it happend. Libor
  7. Hi Joachim_L, I am sorry, but I dont know what it is " Alternate 1 version". How can I recognise "Alternate version" of some text or letter? Libor
  8. Hi Gabe, I uploaded 2 of 3 fonts, but the third I cant find. Can you tell me how can I find font by its name on local PC? I have installed a lot of fonts and file name and font name is not the same :o( Also I am not sure if I used the third font in the document. Is any way how to check what fonts are used in affinity document and where are used? Libor
  9. Hello Mr. walt.farrell, I made mistake. The problem is between 1.6 and 1.7 (I already edited my post). But the same problem as in 1.7 is also in 1.8 Libor
  10. hello, file created in 1.6 looks different after openning in 1.7. I attached original file created in 1.6 (and and file exported to PDF in 1.6) and screenshots with differences after openning these files in 1.7. I marked problems by blue arrows. The file openned in 1.8 is also wrong the same way as 1.7 My graphic is quite simple and the problem can be seen at first glance. But I can't imagine how to check if something complicated looks the same when upgrading to a new version of affinity. I admit that I found this finding very unpleasantly surprised :o( Best regards, Libor original file created in 1.6.afdesign original file created in 1.6 and exported to PDF in 1.6.pdf
  11. hello Lee, thank you for answer. I looked at pinned posts, but there are only message "Please note that the previous thread is now considered legacy and has been unpinned. The videos linked in the thread are also considered legacy although they will remain accessible (albeit unlisted)." I created some notes with links to old video tutorials, but now linked pages dont exist, so I mean the message isnt truth and pages were deleted :o(. If you have URL for pages with links to old video tutorials, then please send me the URL. Thank you very much. Libor
  12. Hello, is it possible to get video tutorials from somewhere for the previous version (1.6) of the Affinity Designer for desktop and Affinity Photo for desktop? In my opinion they were more detailed and therefore better than the new ones. the vast majority of them disappeared from youtube and vimeo. :o( Libor
  13. hello, it would be fine to have different icons for stable version of all affiity applications and different icons for beta version. LiborInsert other media
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