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  1. Snowflakes Sketching versions 90 Hand drawn vector Snowflakes! Updated this asset set with a new version of hand drawn Vector Snowflakes!.. Not that it is snowing! Partly based on the originals but with a grunge appearance. Edit with new tools it is much easier!😀 Sets and samples as above
  2. Palettes There are a couple of Palettes that supplement the images Haunted Tree 01.zip Haunted Tree 02.zip
  3. List update Haunted Forest Toolkit 13 large Vector base trees 21 Branches 12 Grunge Bases
  4. Haunted Forest Toolkit Added a Set of Vector Trees to supplement the Zombies! 13 large Vector base trees 21 Branches 12 Grunge Bases .zip contains a single AD 2.2 file with 7 artboards You can chop them up! and use them with Zombies! Trees Branches Grunge Base Affinity Designer 2.2 File: Haunted Forest Toolkit.zip
  5. List update Zombie Vector Toolkit Added a Zombie Vector Toolkit including: Some Zombies! Palettes Brushes Base Textures
  6. @j3rry & @scampolo Thank you! There are still a few more assets to complete here..
  7. Brush set Added a Simple Zombie 12 Brush set for colouring backgrounds Manipulated Dynamics +Distance to get the brush to 'grow' with use a number of the brushes: a. increase in size as you paint b. Change shape with direction c. Simple Blocky Nozzles Samples as Below Zombie Brushes.zip
  8. Paint Me! Added an edited file with the Zombie colouring | redundant layers removed I used a new set of brushes for this; allied to the Comic Book Toolkit However you can easily use: Brush Sets: Inkers: Project Brush 19 'Inker' Patterns: Project Brush 19 'Pattern Toolkit' Also updated the associated Resources File with 2 Zombie Palettes The Texture Overlay is a product of the Pattern Overlay Resource Notes: 1. Head and Neck have a Vector base Plate into which you can paint 2. All background elements are vector so can be scaled rotated cut up recoloured etc 3. The Black outlines are Vector elements created from original ink drawings (Lots of nodes unfortunately but works) 4. If changing the vector use Pencil with autofill to block cut shapes 5. Use Layer>Geometry>Fill Holes or Cut with Key object or remove inner curves 6. The Texture overlay is just a simple rectangle making use of the new asset fill options (Pattern Overlay resource). Scale and recolour (as red!) with adjustment layers 7. Should be able to add additional vector shapes with the Vector Flood Tool | Knife | Shape Builder Tools 8. I used a new set of brushes for this (Comic INK Block builders!) These are not on Forum! but added a small brush set in resources 9. Should be able to paste other assets from the resource onto this file Halloween Recolour.zip
  9. Thanks! It's not quite complete yet....but was getting late yesterday!
  10. Palettes Added 2 Zombie Palettes Zombies 01.zip Zombies 02.zip
  11. Base Vectors Zombie Toolkit Vector Base Blocks.zip
  12. A zombie head for Halloween! Added a sets of vector assets Zombie Vector Toolkit Haunted Forest Tree Toolkit into Resources which also includes includes the vector assets for this image
  13. As its Halloween😀 A free set of Zombies to play around with The zip file is an AD 2.2 file with 7 pages of vector assets (Some of the artworks are heavy on the nodes so did not add to assets panel!) All Vector created from ink drawings Samples as below AD file in .zip Bodies 01 Bodies 02 Bodies 03 Bodies and Heads 01 Bodies and Heads 02 Bodies and Heads 03 Extras 01 Zombie Toolkit.zip
  14. Finally had some time to play with this new tool...fantastic... must admit...I cannot see any obvious issues with the tool itself. Powerful! especially when combined with the Vector Flood Tool and Shape builder...
  15. Hi @JhonatanS Sorry to hear you are still having problems!.. I think we are seeing the same issue! I had not considered it to be an issue with the propcol..might be.. don't know. I have very few brush sets installed in the live version (Only the ones I created ..11 sets! probably 30 brushes in each). For the Beta version I have all the default sets + Frankentoon Splat + 15 of my own sets . They are all linked with the exception of new version of Big-T which I was unable to finish or re-edit as it crashed almost every-time I tried to edit them! (Only recover with shutting out the app with windows!). I tried switching off the new Brush Functions in the Context menu 1 at a time but that well failed! I still see another issue when clicking | jumping between brushes rapidly on a brush (i.e. to change brush) in the brush Panel does not always reflect the content in the window of the dynamics panel it appears to get a bit lost sometimes...I reported it somewhere! Personally... I am just using the brushes as they are for the time-being. Comic Ink Blocking is the latest set I created.. been using it a lot but definitely not going to attempt any edits!..I was going to add a few of these to the inktober set but decided not to risk it!
  16. Hi I understand your frustration. I gave up creating any new brushes. Could not work out what the issue was!.. I have had a couple of crashes with the new patch update as well. I can still work with the app so long as I don't get involved in editing | duplicating brushes etc. Been waiting for the missing field bug as well as you cannot really edit sub-brushes (well except in beta version) I resorted to reinstall and stripping out all but essential brushes.. stopped the constant crash but still happens...as I found out yesterday!
  17. I like it! The 3D designs based on these are impressive...but also have a look at this project
  18. Hi I just activated Open GL and used the offending file (As above) with 2.3 beta and 2.2 live versions just to compare! There appears to be no difference... or no difference I can see. The squares still appear. It is is a complex file and large. reducing the file size | Number of layers (such as merging the Raster sections) helped a lot. Do you want the file? (its 47mb zipped) I have seen myself the brush lagging with Open GL. not sure whether I reported it but I do remember it causing lots of issues with the brushes When active There is also a noticeable delay when selecting | toggling between Personas (Designer > Px) There can be a long delay when you switch between brush categories in the panel There can be a lag on the brushes as outlined above
  19. Hi I think it was more to do with the organisation and manipulation in the brushes panel that caused me issues!... Re-organisation was flagging lots...The app in this regard worked much better with Open GL off. I will investigate with 2.3 and see if it has improved.... I will also check the Toolbar buttons...I used quite a bit (Useful feature!)... But thanks for adding the Greyscale | FX omit button toggles (I had not noticed those being added).. must have one of those worms in my skull!😀
  20. 04 Dodge Affinity Designer | 1500 x 600mm | 300Dpi
  21. Hi I tend to work without it as when I have it active I had a lot of trouble using the brushes. and organising the brush panel...Sometimes it gets re-activated with updates.. but it is the first thing I switch off NB was just looking for just looking for a set of Geometry icons (Merge Curves | Separate Curves | Fill holes | Remove Inner Curves | Cut Curves with Key object) in the 'Customise Toolbar' that appear to be missing in latest live version but present in last beta...Cannot really create a bug thread as you appear to be about to go to 2.3!
  22. 03 Path Affinity Designer | 1000 x 500mm | 300Dpi
  23. Hi just thought I would report this one....Been working on a large file this morning (1000 x 500mm 300Dpi) which is multi-layered and consists of a mix of raster and vector elements. It was working | workable fine until the update this morning; where every-time I zoomed/panned across screen I was confronted with large blocks of flashing white shapes! Added a video below showing the issue.. Hardware Acceleration is off! NB An earlier file with same size configuration and less layers is not causing this issue I fixed it I think! by: 1. Setting up an new file with same dimensions and dpi. 2. Simplify the layer structure 3. Copy Artboard to holding file bit strange I think!...I have seen this before but not for a long time! squares.mp4
  24. 02 Spiders Affinity Designer | 1000 x 500mm | 300Dpi
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