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  1. Thanx for your input, Wonderings. I think I need to be a bit more specific, so, I’ll amend my post for greater clarity. Sid007
  2. Are any of you guys using an external keyboard with AP? If so, please consider the following questions: —— What is your take on the new Apple Magic Keyboard? —— What is the brand of your keyboard? —— Does it attach physically to your iPad? —— Does it have its own power supply? —— How does your AffPho life benefit from it? Thanx, good people! Sid007
  3. DM1, thanx for the perspective. I went over to the Apple iPad Forum and learned from an apparently quite experienced fellow that the line is coded into systems that do not have a “Home” button, such as my new Pro 12.9. He claims that the line is there to indicate where to swipe up to open the home screen. I questioned that by pointing out that it didn’t make any difference, that an upward swipe from anywhere along the bottom opens the screen. The bottom line for me right now is to continue to seek the absolute answer to this question before I get stuck with a defective iPad.
  4. A NOTE TO EVERYONE ELSE: Okay, folks, Callum, Cecil, and I would love to hear what YOUR take on this is so please step up to the plate and let us have it!
  5. Cecil, I was using the 10.5” iPad Pro, too, until it lost all its wifi capability. No annoying line for me either with that rig.
  6. Thanks, Callum. But, the same gesture (upward swipe) w/o the line is a long accepted way to invoke the bar. Doesn’t it defy logic that the wizards at Apple would even consider such a redundancy? Perhaps you see something here that I am missing. Thanx, again, Callum for the suggestion.
  7. Oops! I probably should add that I hadn’t seen (been aware of) this prior to my new iPad Pro 12.9 running iPadOS 3.2.2 .
  8. Any idea why one would be getting the distraction shown in the attached shot?
  9. DM1, you never cease to amaze me with your grasp of this app’s intricacies! Time after time (as here) I find myself silently asking “...how the hell did he know that??? ...”. You really should write a book! NOTE: I am aware that this thread is over a year old, just as so many such postings by DM1 are. He really does need to write that book! Better yet, two books, one for the desktop, and one for the iPad.
  10. I just revisited this entire exchange and there’s a possible issue that I want to shed more light on. The iPad Pro (Affinity) appears to have no issue regarding local storage of AP files (as in the Documents App on that IPad).
  11. Thanx, guys! Always enlightening to hear your thoughts and suggestions. It is a 10,5” Model MPDY2LL/A with the serial number DMPTVD3UHP50. It has a 256 gig storage capacity. The problem first appeared at, or near, the updating of both iPads to IOS v.13.1.3. A couple of days ago I updated the Pro to v. 13.2 with no improvement. Later that day I reinstalled the update a second time with no change. Dan, glad to hear that the file finally transferred properly. My iPad issue surely seems local to that particular one. Both it and the iPad I am typing this on were purchased simultaneously about two years ago. This one is the same, but is the non-Pro version. This non-Pro has no issues. Nor does a Windows 10 laptop. All three are located at the same point relative to the router (in an adjacent room). I even placed the Pro right next to the router and it still either times out or takes about ten times longer to complete a wifi task. Most often it just times out before a connection is completed. Again, thanks, guys, for your feedback and insights. I keep gleaning new ideas from your comments and info that help to clear the fog. P.S. The Pro seems entirely normal in all tasks other than wifi.
  12. Well, fellas, my entire quandary may be caused by my iPad Pro’s ever worsening ability to send and receive internet activity. Internet connections are now so poor that it is only with the very most patience that I am able to use that tablet at all for anything but local stuff. I have applied all the classic fixes to no avail whatsoever. After I post this I will be looking at what I can expect from a system reset. Very annoying!
  13. Yeah, DM1, I'm sure I did turn off the Affinity Layers option because I wanted to follow your earlier suggestion to do so.
  14. Hey, Dan, I just uploaded the afphoto file (the date in Texas is November 1st and the time is 6:20 p.m.). We don’t switch to DST until this Sunday night.
  15. Dan and DM1, finally managed to get the correct file posted (please see afphoto at end of my post to Dan, immediately above). Many thanks, DM1 1, for the guidance on this. And, thanks to both of you for your great patience.
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