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  1. Nyanko

    Bug with basic brushes

    After looking more in details into it, it seems the basic brushes get some textures from other brushes and I can't remove those textures. Really weird behavior. On ipad pro 2018 by the way. As you can see in the image below, my basic brush got some textures and I can't remove both of them, only one. It's really annoying and makes the basic brushes unusable. Is there a way to reset the brushes to factory setting without having to reinstall the app? Thanks.
  2. If you change the blending mode on a basic brush and then you reset it, the brush texture changes and there is no way to get back to its original form. I think there is something broken with those brushes on ipad.
  3. Hello. Just got the new ipad pro 12.9 and when I draw with fingers in Affinity Designer, I get some artefacts on the screen, like the line I am drawing breaks and then after one second or so it displays properly again. Never happened to my 10.5. It behaves like this very often, like every 10 seconds. Annoying, especially when you know the refresh rate is 120hz.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there was an easier access to blending modes on ipad. Cause at the moment, we have to open the brush properties to change it, unless I am mistaken. Have I missed something or if this feature doesn't exist, could you add it as an option for a quicker access directly on the side bar ? Thanks.
  5. If you are on PC. 5kplayer is quite good too.
  6. You can still record your sessions live though, using an airdrop compatible application. You would have the exact timing of what you did as well.
  7. Nyanko

    Invert pixel selection

    Cool, thanks both of you!
  8. Hi, is there a way to invert the lasso selection just like in mac osx? I can't find it on the ipad, thanks.
  9. If the concern is relevant of course, I am not sure resting a hand on the ipad while drawing is good though. It's kind of a bad habit. I suggest trying to keep the hand up as it's the whole arm that draws, not only the fingers.
  10. On your left hand side, the last icon is a color selector. You just need to drag it to the area where you want to pick the color. It's faster than holding a finger.
  11. At least I would like an instant file sharing between Designer and Photo so I can modify the perspective on the canvas in photo and then go back to designer in a few swipes.
  12. Nyanko

    Fantastic Job!

    Yeah, they even managed to have me consider upgrading from pro 10.5 to pro 12.9 with this app. My wallet is screaming but kudos to the devs
  13. It can be used for the lasso selection, which is quite a good thing already. As for brushes. the smudge tool can be used to blur things out depending on what the parameters are set to.
  14. There is a blur tool. Well at least, you can emulate one. I used it last week. Go to Fx > Gaussian blur. You can apply it to any layer or selection you want. It works great.
  15. So there is the cropping into any shape in Affinity Photo? Have to look into it. I am new to graphic design so I follow some tutorials and most artists use photoshop. As I didn't know how to describe it well, I used photoshop as an analogy.

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