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  1. I don't know if this is the place to post this but... I can't say enough great things about your software! I especially love using Affinity Designer both on the Mac and on the iPad. It's truly amazing to bounce back and forth between the Mac and iPad seamlessly to get work done. The added bonus is you aren't Adobe... but your software is as good if not better, specially when it comes to Illustrator. Keep up the great great work! -Pat Campbell
  2. I'd love a pen tool deselect gesture. It would make using the pen faster than having to click the X all the time. ...Or have I missed a gesture that does this?
  3. So I assume files created In AP on iPad stay local until you export? I have 2 iPads both running AP using the same iCloud email address. The files created on one iPad do not show up on the other iPad as happens with many iPad apps (ie Pixelmator and Apple Apps). I notice Procreate functions the way your app does, but the Pixelmator method is very convenient. This isn't a question, obviously, it's more of a feature request.
  4. First of all... great job on Affinity Photo for iPad! I can even open old Freehand documents on my iPad which is insane! Which leads me to my question... I imported an old logo but when I scale it the line weight does not scale also. I assume I haven’t checked the “scale line weight” button. But I don’t know know where that is. A little help, please.
  5. I would second the motion for some sort of Smart Object implementation. I use it constantly in my work. A good use of this is I send a photoshop files with multiple Smart Object layers to our Avid editor. When the Avid opens the Photoshop file the Smart Objects are seen as flattened. The beauty of this is I can go back and make changes to the individual Smart objects and the editor just needs to reimport the Photoshop file and they're good to go.
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