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  1. Hi there Affinity Team! I know that you say that we are not supposed to work on professional project on Publisher, but I felt confident enough by those amazing products that I gave it a try and the result was just great! they came up just wonderful!! Compete project just using affinity products.... Adobe ... I think it is time to say goodbye!!!!! Thank you Serif!!!
  2. Hi everyone! I am tattoo artist and we have a stencil thermal printer that only prints A4, sometimes when I work on a drawing that it bigger than an A4 in Photoshop in the print dialogue box you can place a specific part of your artwork in the A4 or when you need something to be printed in a different size instead of 15cm to print it 16cm. In photo you only get the standard print dialogue with no so much option and i think it would be great to have something like ps.
  3. Totally agree with the request!! It would be awesome!!!
  4. Hi there! It is really a good idea to watch the tutorial and work the apps at the same time you are right! For the time being what I did was to the serif’s Vimeo page and used the iPads pip feature to do that and it really helped a lot!
  5. I am like you ... coming from ai! At the beginning I was using both apps working in ai if i wanted to be on the safe side, but day after day I found my self using ad more and move and found my self using sortcuts and stuff like before to the point I forgot I switched to a new app!!! The iPad version helps a lot to understand the slightly different way ad works! The same happened with ap and photoshop!
  6. Hello! I know this is for AD desktop but what I was thinking it's a feature for both the desktop and the ipad version, btw i am really impressed with designer on the ipad, great work guys! Would it be possible if you had an option to embed the document's fonts into the .afdesign file, so if you want to continue working on the ipad (or the other way around) to have all the fonts ready and not have to worry about installing them? And installing all your desktop fonts to your ipad will take up so much disk space on the ipad. Thank you!
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