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  1. Hi all! I was just blown away by a hidden (to me) feature in PS that allows you to convert one picture to the color scheme of another (not a gradient map). Someone posted this over at Twitter here: Is there a way to do something similar in AD or AP? I've been doing color thumbnails basically like this but manually (find a good color ref photo and try to incorporate it into a color thumbnail and rinse repeat for several more until I get a color thumbnail I like). This would be a great time saver if AD/AP has this already and I have just missed it....
  2. Not just Procreate but a few other apps that I use on the iPad. I hadn't realized how much I liked the feature until I used apps that don't have it. Again I don't think it is an essential, so no offense taken. It's just a really nice feature I would love see added to apps (AP and AD) that I'm using more and more these days. Hopefully (?) it's a small enough thing to implement in a future update that can be turned on or off for those that want it. I enjoy seeing all the video clips from artists using Procreate and sharing mine. Would love to see more clips of artists using AP and AD especially.
  3. @DM1 Thanks- I really appreciate you going above and beyond!!! I tried searching for context menu and got like one hit with no pics and was just like 'well ok then -give up for now'.Love the fact that these have the pictures too. That's incredibly useful.
  4. I'm personally looking for a simple (as in it happens automatically without any interaction from me) in app solution on my ipad in AD. For example the moment I start creating something it starts recording, it stops on its own if I switch apps (doesn't include time I spend outside of document as document creation time), and later (days, weeks, months, etc) when I open that file there is an option to play back the creation. I really enjoy watching others videos like that and find my own videos helpful in remembering certain things I did that worked/didn't work. Not necessarily a make or break feature but definitely why I use other ipad apps for my digital sketchbook and AD for more polished stuff or something I want done in vectors.
  5. @DM1 thanks! Knowing the name other than 'bottom bits' is helpful for that pdf search
  6. Hi all, does anyone know if there is a video or preferably pictures with explanations for the bottom bits of the interface (the parts that change with your tools). I've played around with some but ultimately not sure if I understand what many of them do. Thanks in advance.
  7. One of my fave features of drawing on some apps on my iPad is the ability later to play it back. I know there is a generic screen recording option but it would be really nice if there was an option to have this happen in AD and each file have its own attached video created without me having to fiddle (and remember to turn off and not switch apps!) with the generic one. Data about my file would be cool too like how long I spent working on it, when I started it, last modified it, etc.
  8. Now that you mention it I definitely notice they switched. But not following. When I press the arrow to manually switch one the other switches for the other tool. So if it is white for eye dropper and I switch it to black. Then when I go back to the brush tool it is now the opposite color. ---Edit -- Aww fudge I see there is a difference between touching the little tool switcher and the colors. Thanks @GabrielM if you hadn't pointed that out I don't think I would have found that out playing around unless I hit it by accident. I think that was my biggest pet peeve. This will definitely make AP/AD more usable for me!
  9. Thanks @GabrielM that's a good setting to know. Is it a default? I don't remember setting that one but mine looks like that. I tried reproducing the problem I'm having. I did and realize that it is mainly when I use hot keys i and b that it doesn't behave the way I expect and hope I can change it in a setting somewhere. So I made a quick clip of what is happening. First I used i and tried with my pen to color pick and I get a blue box. That didn't work so I then used my mouse- it worked. Then when I switched back to the brush tool using 'b' the colors alternated. Is there a way to prevent that? color_picker_Trim.mp4
  10. @firstdefence have fun with the new device It's great to see new tools for artists coming out and of such high quality. @GabrielM thanks, I've been combing thru the settings and just found that. I need to restart and test it- fingers crossed! As far as the other things are they somewhere in the setting and I missed it- redo/undo buttons, text labels along with the brush names, and is there a way to set the color I just eyedropped as the new dominant color? When I use eye dropper it seems to make it the secondary color or the color next to the eye dropper icon and then I have to go over to that menu and switch to the color I wanted. It seems like eye dropping a color is a 2-3 step process when in other apps I'm more familiar with it's just 1. Am I missing something?
  11. It is- its the main reason I try using AD/AP every few months after an update and then quit them. That and little things like eye dropping a color then having them switch, and new layers pasted in needing to be rasterized before cutting parts, and hot keys like i and b sometimes not working. I want to switch to AD/ AP but I keep running into issues thankfully the ipad version seems to work out for me/work like I expect.
  12. Thanks @firstdefence I've played around in settings but AD (and often AP) are the only two that cause issues. If I continuously keep a finger on my monitor I don't get stray marks-any other time is 50/50 my pinky will leave a streak or not.
  13. Hi all! I purchased AD/AP on the desktop and iPad trying to move away from Adobe products. I've been following a few different tutorials and have the book but I keep running into problems/glitches/human error? I'm running into the problems on my pc using a Dell Canvas (pen touch tablet monitor). I keep getting stray marks from my fingers even with a glove on, sometimes I go to use the brush with my pen and nothing happens- I switch to my mouse and no problem. If possible I would like to have my desktop setup resemble my ipad one if possible with the undo/redo keys, text names for the brushes along with the brush stroke thumbnail, and similar gestures. Is this possible and I've just missed it? Also I recently purchased some excellent brushes from Frankentoon and I've noticed that the ipad version vs my desktop version behave differently- is this common or do I need to change something else in settings? If you've read this far- thanks! Haha just feeling a bit frustrated with the learning curve and all the potential I see (and don't know how to use well yet!) Help appreciated :)
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