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Hi dmullin2,

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There isn't a merge command like in Photoshop, but as a workaround you can group them and go to menu Layer -> Rasterize... 

​Currently (as of version 1.3.4) there's no Merge commands available in Affinity Designer.

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3 minutes ago, WiltsLady said:

I tried "Group then Rasterise" but the quality is rubbish.

That's rather vague. How about a screenshot, and some more information about the problem. Maybe even a sample file if you can share.

-- Walt

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I am trying to reduce the size of a flyer that has five images in it. I am exporting to pdf for the printer and coming up with a 44mb file that their email package wouldn't accept. I tried the various suggestions above but the only one that worked at all was "Group then Rasterise" (I don't know what the "=PS" means in the above post?). When I checked the quality of the pdf it was very poor quality in comparison to the original file. The new file was 8mb. I didn't keep the output since I wasn't going to use it.

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On 2/22/2017 at 2:52 PM, nammr said:

My way

1. Select your layers ->

2. Right click ->

3. Geometry ->

4. Add

Well, this is certainly a good work around however what happens if you want one element a different colour? 

I am founder and managing director of Metcast, a meteorological agency which has operated Snow Watch since it's inception in 2008. 

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