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  1. gewoonm

    Story Boards

    wow, really cool!
  2. gewoonm

    Polar Bear - Vector and Painting texture!

    That’s mega cute! I’ll definitely check out your tutorial one feedback point if I may: the ears are very cute, but look a bit detached. Maybe they can blend in a bit like the arms?
  3. Looks great to me! i tried isometric a while back, couldn’t get it right. But I got some helpful hints from your video, I might try again
  4. gewoonm

    In space nobody can hear you scream

    That’s a vector? Wow, very impressive!
  5. First time trying to make something out of triangles I come up with dumb ideas for fun and then try to illustrate it, here's my screamcharger. Any feedback on the illustration is welcome! Concept "screamcharger" There are basically two annoyances people have with phones: the battery dies before the end of the day and you spend too much time on it. Finally there is a solution for both. Using Bluetooth, the Screamcharger gets activated as soon as you get home. The box lets out a gentle buzzing sound to let you know you have to place your phone on it’s wireless charging pad (inside it's mouth). Whenever you take the phone off the charging pad, you get fifteen minutes to toy around with it. When that time’s up, play time it’s over and the Screamcharger again gives out a gentle buzz. A reminder that if you don’t place your phone back within five minutes, the Screamcharger will start screaming. It lets out a deafening noise, until it detects you put your phone back on the pad. Note: I got inspired for using the triangles by an image posted a long time ago by someone on this forum
  6. Hi! As a birthday present, i want to swap someone’s face into bob Ross’. I can do it completely with affinity photo, but am looking for a shortcut I am hoping to make a rough version manually and let a machine learning algorithm do the touching up (like the last step in deepfakes). Anybody have any ideas?
  7. gewoonm

    Gardener's Lunch

    Such a great atmosphere! Bit of a Wallace and gromit vibe very friendly image to wake up to this fine Sunday morning
  8. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    @Jörn Reppenhagen hahaha! If only I could photograph that sign, my life would be complete
  9. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    @JohnT I shopped my photos into a real book (the affinity photo workbook, actually)
  10. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    @johnnT I didn’t see your post for some reason I’m not saying no to signs, it’s just something I thought would be funny as a title for a book. Most signs tell you not to do something, or that it’s not allowed: “nein” is the very abbreviated version of that
  11. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    Thanks! It's the same book
  12. Just for fun I made some photos of German signs and converted them to hard black-and-white. I even made some book-mockups (10 points if you can see which book I used as stand-in ). Looking forward to hear your feedback! The mockups are made with affinity, some black-white conversions where done with the Apple-Photos plugin of Affinity. I've added the mockups below, some more info is in my blog-post and all black-and-white-photos are here.
  13. Thanks! I was very pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to create this with Affinity, even though it's my first try. I agree with the need for a 2nd shadow, I just couldn't get it right For my blog, I've created a 'hero-image' as well, with a simple gradient behind it:
  14. My first try on creating a (semi-)realistic vector-headset. I traced a JBL-headset and made it wireless. The concept of an 'auto-pausing headset' has been going through my mind for a long time: I'd love it when something like that would exist! Really looking forward to your feedback! Also on the composition, I'm having trouble putting it all together. (oh, and apologies in advance for the cheesy marketing-lingo, it's basically just filler...)
  15. Thanks, this is logical, not sure why I didn't come up wit this approach

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