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  1. I misunderstood, I thought you used one or two new techniques per painting, not many (I imagined a comment like “Tried our blend mode X, not the success I thought it was, much better luck with live filter Y for the clouds” per painting) I’m running way behind on tutorials as it is, so only do the detailed instructions if it’s something you love to do out if others benefit from it
  2. Just a random thought: how can I reimagine the keyboard? heres three quite useless ideas: 1. the vertical keyboard (might be handy for one handed typing 🤪) 2. the air guitar keyboard 3. a keyboard with realistic letter sizes (the e is much more prominent in English than the q, quite strange they have the same size on a keyboard) its still work in progress. Next step is adding some shadow and background so they look like an Apple commercial (still, better inventions than the touchbar!) curious to hear your thoughts
  3. Cool artwork! Very exciting would be nice to get some hint of the tools you’ve explored. Maybe a one-sentence underneath the work, that would make it easier to “go on the journey with you”
  4. Great! It’s all just hints, in the end it’s your artwork and I definitely couldn’t do this as nice as you
  5. Hi ChrisSmere , it's all personal opinion Darker black, brighter black, use bright colors... What I meant with reposition is to give elements a bit more 'breathing space' (especially the 'big' titles feel like they are very close to other elements) You could try giving everything an uncomfortable amount of breathing space, and work from there. BTW, I love seeing your diagrams every time here on the forum. Very nice project.
  6. Love the peace and calm these diagrams show. I especially like the mini map. my feedback would be: I don’t like the arrows and dotted line. The black is to dark for me. Perhaps it’s possible to redistribute elements on the page?
  7. You could name the app “Bee happy” or even “Bee appy” I like the colors and gradients! There could be some simplification to make it more like a logo
  8. Aha! Thanks! I still have a lot to learn from lighting and photography
  9. Love the colors and composition! i especially like the purple glow on her face and shoulder. May I ask: how did you do that?
  10. Hi all! To keep myself busy, I’ve made 15 puzzles for Easter. They’re all in Dutch, so I think most of you on this forum can’t enjoy them... but they were all made with affinity products! done with designer, others with photo! a sub goal of making the puzzles was improving my visual design, so any feedback is welcome! 🙏 https://matth-ijs.nl/paaspuzzel/
  11. Hahaha, I thought there was some deep hidden meaning behind the extra E anyway, beautiful drawings! Especially the first two
  12. I’m sorry, I don’t get it why is there an extra E in “bridge” (“bridege”)?
  13. The stuff dreams are made of!
  14. I like the style of the second one! Detailed and cartoon like at the same time
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