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  1. I don't know how, but this randomly popped up in my head this morning.
  2. Wow, love it! The visual is amazing and great story telling. I feel like the eyes are piercing right through me
  3. Great 1 minute tutorials. You make it look too easy
  4. Wow, this is amazing work! Very impressive!
  5. This is amazing and definitely ten million times better than what I can do. one tip, though, both ship and planes look like they were added later. Perhaps you can add some color filters on top of them. The ship should have a bluish tint in my mind
  6. Ha, now I get it: we see the space ship AND the booster my interpretation was that the booster was the space ship, and the other thing was a “falling star” that happened to be “in the picture” as well. Shows how much I know about space 😂
  7. Wow, that Cassini image is incredible! I like the launch image you made and the story that goes with it. For me the star/asteroid distracts a bit
  8. Have you ever done an imaginary line? (like visualizing the paths of characters in LOTR in a transit diagram) Or one that's a bit strange? (like the monorail in Disneyland or the transsiberia express) BTW, what's the font you used in this diagram? I'm curious because of the ligatures
  9. Another really nice one! I used to live in Utrecht and it’s great to see these stations on such a beautiful diagram
  10. I will suggest looking at existing cards for design inspiration. Take an hour or two and collect cards from games like Magic The Gathering. What works, what doesn’t? not to copy their design, but look at it like research.
  11. Thanks for the offer! That is super kind. I hope I can pick it up sometime, for now I’m swamped in other stuff
  12. Thanks for sharing this, learning a lot by seeing this. I always had trouble in Blender getting the lights right, and this is a very nice insight in how to improve. Thanks!
  13. Wow, that looks great! i would be very curious into the original render: how much did you do in affinity photo?
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