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  1. Hi! As a birthday present, i want to swap someone’s face into bob Ross’. I can do it completely with affinity photo, but am looking for a shortcut I am hoping to make a rough version manually and let a machine learning algorithm do the touching up (like the last step in deepfakes). Anybody have any ideas?
  2. gewoonm

    Gardener's Lunch

    Such a great atmosphere! Bit of a Wallace and gromit vibe very friendly image to wake up to this fine Sunday morning
  3. Just for fun I made some photos of German signs and converted them to hard black-and-white. I even made some book-mockups (10 points if you can see which book I used as stand-in ). Looking forward to hear your feedback! The mockups are made with affinity, some black-white conversions where done with the Apple-Photos plugin of Affinity. I've added the mockups below, some more info is in my blog-post and all black-and-white-photos are here.
  4. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    @Jörn Reppenhagen hahaha! If only I could photograph that sign, my life would be complete
  5. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    @JohnT I shopped my photos into a real book (the affinity photo workbook, actually)
  6. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    @johnnT I didn’t see your post for some reason I’m not saying no to signs, it’s just something I thought would be funny as a title for a book. Most signs tell you not to do something, or that it’s not allowed: “nein” is the very abbreviated version of that
  7. gewoonm

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    Thanks! It's the same book
  8. My first try on creating a (semi-)realistic vector-headset. I traced a JBL-headset and made it wireless. The concept of an 'auto-pausing headset' has been going through my mind for a long time: I'd love it when something like that would exist! Really looking forward to your feedback! Also on the composition, I'm having trouble putting it all together. (oh, and apologies in advance for the cheesy marketing-lingo, it's basically just filler...)
  9. Thanks! I was very pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to create this with Affinity, even though it's my first try. I agree with the need for a 2nd shadow, I just couldn't get it right For my blog, I've created a 'hero-image' as well, with a simple gradient behind it:
  10. Hi all! Today I wanted to create multiple prints from one photo, trying out different crops. The way I did it now was as follows: crop photo (maintaining aspect ratio), export, undo, crop again, undo, crop again. That's rather cumbersome and I can't easily go back to previous settings if I like a crop. I thought the export persona would be a great help, but as far as I understand, I cannot make slices keep aspect ratio?
  11. Thanks, this is logical, not sure why I didn't come up wit this approach
  12. Hi fellow-AP users! I've made a small sketch on paper, photographed it and am now trying to remove the paper grain. The grain is making the image look very dark. Besides that, the colours and structure look much 'harsher' than in real life. My goal is to adjust the image in such a way that the paper looks white. I've tried to improve the image, but really don't know where to start. Looking forward to your feedback! Afphoto file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8lf5f677f6dcm6y/tshirt.afphoto?dl=1
  13. By the way, I love the kaleidoscopes on your instagram!!
  14. @firstdefence thanks! It really is a silly hobby of mine, just to keep my creative juices flowing a bit For the 'self-locking door': that would all be handled by the phone. The app checks if it goes out of geofence from the door and then locks it automatically. In that way there's no 'jamming' possible. Looking forward to becoming a rich person
  15. @firstdefence thanks! That's a great suggestion I also added a blur filter. The result is now live: https://www.1001ideas.org Thanks again!
  16. I've combined all suggestions Curious for your feedback
  17. @Oval the Denoise Filter was my first choice, but it appears to do nothing (not even extreme setting). Is it possible it is broken? My bad: it doesn't work inside the group, if I put it on top of the layer, it works @Fixx that's a neat trick to get rid of the background, but it messes up the colours as well I can use this as the start for re-colouring digitally.
  18. @Roger C Yes, better photography is definitely a possibility I'll do it tomorrow (today I'm on the move) @firstdefence that is awesome! I understand you removed the background completely and did the colouring digitally? Definitely looking a lot better This may also be my way forward
  19. gewoonm

    Call for Camera Images

    Added some photos from a Sony Nex-5R with 1855 lens and 35 lens.
  20. gewoonm

    Open source Bubble Nebula data from NASA

    May I just say: WOW! This looks amazing. What a great use of this data. I love the style of your photograph (is that the right term), it has a very different feel to the NASA one. I wouldn't say that one is better than the other. Yours is more dreamy and mysterious: if the bright star was not there (or visualised differently), it would make a great album-cover
  21. For my site (www.1001ideas.org) I created this visual to symbolise sharing an unfinished book Curious to hear your feedback!
  22. gewoonm

    The library of unfinished books

    Software I used: Capture One (developing raw and film grain), Affinity Photo for drawing the book, some minor touch-ups and adding the colouring
  23. Hi all, For my artwork I have two pixel-layers, both containing the colours of my drawing. I would like to apply shading on both layers simultaneously using the approach described on Vimeo (*). Basically: adding a sublayer, set to 'multiply' and doing the shading there with the brush tool. I've tried: - adding a nested layer to one of the color layers and add the shading there, this works great (but only for one layer) - adding a shading-layer on top of the two layers, works on both layers but also every layer underneath How to solve? I've attached an image of my setup. Thanks!! *: vimeo.com/107563044
  24. Hi Aammppaa, yup! That works perfectly! I can create a shading symbol and add it to both 'color'-layers. Thanks!!
  25. Hi Lee D, thanks for answering! Yes, this is an alternative, but then I have to do this every time I make shading adjustments. So not ideal. Also, I may run into the problem that the shading doesn't overlap correctly on the other layer (since I can't "see what I'm doing" until copy/pasting the layer as a nested layer)

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