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    MB Photomanipulations

    @markbowen. Lovely!
  2. . . . . And it is only Thursday . . .
  3. Double laughs, if it were possible!
  4. Those look like misbegotten girl scout ties. Tut, tut!
  5. I did a web search and got the Affinity Photo Help which discusses the "Mesh Panel." No such panel! Haven't used the Mesh Warp Tool before, but I found that if you rasterize the group that you want to warp (i.e. @Larry3d's flames) then click on the Mesh Warp Tool, then use the Convert to Curves option in the Context Toolbar, you can very nicely wiggle the selection around to accomplish what Larry3d wants. (I used a simple rectangle.) Which, is of course, what you had in mind! Neat trick!
  6. Hi Jim! Used to live in Sunny San Diego (La Jolla) myself! Miss the ocean and the sound of the Point Loma lighthouse on nights when the breeze was just right. Anyway. The text wrap settings unfortunately cannot be synchronized and saved, even though Publisher HELP has stated that they can. I have tried again recently and have posted this in the Publisher Bugs Forum. For the present, each time you place an image you have to start from NONE. It is a pain, but at least the wrap works beautifully!
  7. Have you tried using the Artistic Text Tool, creating the X, then with it highlighted selecting Convert to Curves? Then drag the X on top of the inverted triangle. At that point and with the x still highlighted, you can use the Node Tool to skew/shrink/whatever the various points of your X to fit your inverted triangle.
  8. jmwellborn

    Multiple LUT uploads

    That is the $64,000.00 question! Why not load around 20 — or some other handy number — one by one and then view them to see which ones you really like and think you will use regularly, and then write down the file names. Repeat umptyump times! 2,000 is going to be one big chore, no matter what!
  9. jmwellborn

    Multiple LUT uploads

    And if I remember correctly, when another person asked this question a few days ago, the response was that a) you have to load each one separately, and b) you will get the spinning beach ball for a very long time when you open the app, because it will be working away to load those 2,000 LUTs. I believe the recommendation was to load a few of your favorites.
  10. I ran the update 3 hours after the notice was posted on the Forums yesterday. That was around 1 PM US eastern standard time. Previously I have usually updated around 6 hours after posting, or when I happen upon the notice. Next time I will simply wait a bit longer. In this case the early bird didn’t quite get the worm! Glad it wasn’t a bug.
  11. I knew that the new Publisher Beta 458 is available, so opened my Publisher Beta 442, expecting to receive the customary update notification screen. Nothing. The program just opened, ready to go as v. 442. So I looked up Check for Updates, and sure enough, the screen opened and the update happened. Curiously, I also did not get the usual Apple notification that I was opening a third-part app and did I want to do it? That notification formerly arrived before I opened the program. With v. 458 it finally turned up when I hit FILE>NEW and was about to enter a text frame. The update itself is working seamlessly. Are we into a new procedure?
  12. I may be really stupid and this may not be of any help, but I also thought I once had a problem with the Inpainting Brush tool, until I discovered that the brush itself had been changed to something lovely and wispy from another Brush category which I had been using for something else. When I selected the Inpainting Brush tool and then went to the Brushes Panel, and chose a Basic, Round brush, I was off to the races and didn't need to "scrub" the image at all.
  13. My point is that either this is an anomaly or a different setup. My Mac knows that I have the Publisher Customer Beta in the applications folder (along with all of the other Betas, and the three 1.7 versions of Photo, Designer, and Publisher.) Before v. 458, when I opened the currently installed Publisher Beta, the notification would pop up immediately that there was a new version. Doesn't bother me one way or another. Just curious to know whether people who don't haunt the forums will find out that an update is available. Hoooooooooooooo! (Haunting.)
  14. Are you using the new tutorials, issued with v. 1.7, or the previous ones? The new ones (I think) provide far greater detail, and with a better/easier pace.) It seemed very difficult when I first watched the previous ones, but there was always the stop button. And the sliders to go back over a portion of a tutorial to see what tool that was? or what Menu that was? or where is "Rasterize" or what do they mean, "Layers?" I also learn by writing things down, so on the first gasp I watched a tutorial, then watched it again, pausing it to write down what that step was, then going on to the next. Then I tried it on my own, using my written instructions. Then back to the tutorial. And then "Eureka!" suddenly it was as clear as could be. The fun with Affinity is that there is so much that is wonderful that one can do. And there are always the Forums if you are stuck.
  15. jmwellborn

    Text doesn't wrap in .458

    Text wrap is working perfectly in Beta 458 on my Mac.
  16. Publisher Help, in the section Text Wrapping, states that Text Wrap settings can be Synchronized. Three of us have tried this (see Forum Affinity on Desktop Questions Subject: 60 pages text automatically in connected frames?) and it is not possible, unless we are all doing something wrong. It would be a huge help for people working with long documents and many illustrations to be able to use this feature, so since I started this in the other Forum, thought I should post it here. Thank you!
  17. So would I. Just cranked up my iMAC and tried the Synchronize thing by placing an image. Set the Synchronize. Placed a second image. Clicked on Text Wrap and selected Wrap Style Tight. Bunch of zeros. Didn't work with a placed image, and since that was what @mundini was asking about, I appear to have flunked the course. So I need to post this in the bugs part of the Forums, right @R C-R? Sorry for the false hope!
  18. I have just stumbled upon the following, while sprucing up my personal Publisher Help file. You could find this under Publisher HELP>Text Wrapping. I haven't tried it to see if it will work, but you might. At least when you start with "None" and click on wrap style, perhaps your distance settings might automatically turn up. Hope so! If it works, you set up the first wrap setting, then click on the little blue icon up on your Toolbar (see below) and then go to EDIT>Defaults>Save.
  19. @PaulBraddon It is probably not one bit helpful at this point to make this suggestion, but perhaps a thought for the future. After you have made some assets, click on Export Assets, and save your category to an Assets Folder on your computer. I have a separate folder each for Assets, Brushes, Macros, Palettes, Styles, and Textures and can then use them as a backup, just in case. (Very handy when we started with the new Customer Betas. Every asset, brush, macro, etc. that was included in Photo, Designer, and Publisher, plus everything I have added since, is backed up in these folders. Tedious to set up, but worth its weight in gold!
  20. Glad you chose Affinity, @Togo. If, like many of us, you get stuck somewhere with something, do post in these forums. There are so many really helpful people, most definitely including the Affinity moderators and tech support staff, who will be glad to help you.
  21. There is always the possibility that we might learn something if we browse through this forum. After all, Studio Link uses all three apps. Personally, I like it just the way it is.
  22. jmwellborn

    A Random Blob Became a Funny Animal

    You are on your way! Nice little cat, added to the crew.
  23. jmwellborn

    Work space

    On the top bar, go to VIEW and scroll down to see whether Show Tools, etc. have check marks beside them, per the example below. If not, check them, and your workspace should be populated again. You will want to be sure that under VIEW>Studio the Show Left Studio and Show Right Studio are also checked. If not, check on Reset Studio. This should bring everything back. Hope this helps.
  24. Why not create a new document with the master pages populated with the headers and footers, add one blank page to the document, then save it as “Template for Master Pages” (or something that you will remember). Then when you want to use it, open that file, do an immediate Save As, with your new document’s name, then proceed. That way, you will always have your template ready, and won’t have to do all of the work over again.
  25. @mundini As far as I have been able to determine, there is no “standard setting” (or default setting) for text wrap. Each text wrap begins with the None option.