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  1. Hello, and happy new year to the community. Does anyone know why I can not export in psd to any cloud from my iPad? Thank you (I upload a video where you see what happens to me) E8903498-20D2-48D4-9BDA-DACF4E2309AD.MP4
  2. Moisés

    Difficult day for the transport of buildings

    Thanks for the criticism, actually I was not 100% satisfied either but I thought that the black spots on the rotors made it dramatic. Very thankful.
  3. Moisés

    Difficult day for the transport of buildings

    Good observation, just the rotors were a problem that later was going to fix, but in the end I left them as they were. I put the original photo. The truth is that I had to give him more Gaussian blur.
  4. Here a montage with a good number of layers. It is amazing how little is seen in a photo all the work behind it. Good week Love Affinity! More in: https://www.instagram.com/moy_hdez81/
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    Thank you very much. With the light of the iPad is always day, although the hurricane Leslie wants to turn day into night!
  6. Moisés


    Hello good morning to this wonderful community. Where can I find, download or buy brushes for affinity photo for iPad? Is there a tutorial on how to create a brush? Thanks! I love this app!
  7. Moisés

    I'm not a professional, but I enjoy Affinity

  8. I post my works on Instagram. Actually it was just a suggestion. I do not pretend anything else, it occurred to me when I saw that the works published here are not easy to see, you have to click one by one. it seems more visual to me in the style of social networks.
  9. for example, the part where users put their work with Affinity is not as visual as it is in an app (instagram, facebook, etc) In addition, the web could be integrated with the app, thus giving service to those who prefer it in one way or another.