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    Thank you very much. With the light of the iPad is always day, although the hurricane Leslie wants to turn day into night!
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    Hello good morning to this wonderful community. Where can I find, download or buy brushes for affinity photo for iPad? Is there a tutorial on how to create a brush? Thanks! I love this app!
  3. Moisés

    I'm not a professional, but I enjoy Affinity

  4. I post my works on Instagram. Actually it was just a suggestion. I do not pretend anything else, it occurred to me when I saw that the works published here are not easy to see, you have to click one by one. it seems more visual to me in the style of social networks.
  5. for example, the part where users put their work with Affinity is not as visual as it is in an app (instagram, facebook, etc) In addition, the web could be integrated with the app, thus giving service to those who prefer it in one way or another.
  6. It's an opinion, it seems to me that the app is much more ordered and visual
  7. today there are social networks for very specific sectors (cooking, art, botany ...). One for Affinity users would be very useful
  8. but not in the form of an app. So we could interact more easily and accessible than on this web
  9. I have seen that this forum has a section where people share the work and it would seem ideal for me to have a social network with this initiative. Some of us already do it in the social networks that exist, but if there was one of Affinity, it could be used for everything that this web page serves.
  10. Hoy 11 de julio de 2018 he empezado con iOS 12, realmente va lento y con errores Affinity. Ejemplo: al seleccionar lo hace transcurridos unos segundos. Me ha borrado avances en el último trabajo. Cuando duplico una imagen tarde algunos segundos en aparecer en las capas. Etc. Espero lo soluciones para cuando se haga pública la actualización de iOS. Un saludo Today July 11, 2018 I have started with iOS 12, it really is slow and with Affinity errors. Example: when you select it after a few seconds. It has erased me in the last job. When I duplicate an image it takes a few seconds to appear in the layers. Etc. I wait for the solutions for when the iOS update becomes public. a greeting