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  1. Hi Pixelplucker, I think your comments gives a misinformation about Serif's commitment on this topic. If you read TonyB's last response he indicated that Serif will consider the PagePlus file importer utility but on the proviso that all planned features are first implemented. This decision makes sense from a business perspective. Remember, at the end of the day, Serif is a business and not an NGO. The question becomes, "What is the business driver to prioritise the implementation a PagePlus importer utility to the detriment of a feature-rich Affinity Publisher app with a potential to bring additional revenue to Serif?". I am sure the developers and other Serif staff don't go to work daily because they have a charitable heart and don't expect a salary in return. In my humble opinion, if one considers the percentage of potential purchasers of Affinity Publisher users with legacy PagePlus files (and I mean no disrespect here) in comparison with potentially new customers whose requirement is dependent on a feature-rich application for their ever-demanding productivity needs, it doesn't make business sense to retro-fit a legacy application file importer at the expense of potential revenue gain. I would take exactly the same approach if I were in Serif's shoes. The issue here is that Serif hasn't ruled out the PagePlus importer utility. Only that, again, retro-fitting a legacy application file importer is not their topmost agenda which I completely support. I think Serif staff and developers deserve our commendation for the outstanding work that they are doing rather than people randomly nailing them to the cross without proper consideration. Yes, the PDF export of PagePlus files and import into APub may not be an ideal solution but at least it's a workable workaround in the mean time. Just remember that it may be easy to code but to write a software that altogether works well requires real commitment and talent and I believe the Serif staff are doing very well in this light. That is just my two cents worth
  2. Hi Affinity team, Just a suggestion that it would really be helpful to allow setting documents bleed settings on the new document dialogue window. You already allow "include margins". Why not allow "include bleed" from the same dialogue? I think this can be done for all the three product suite. As it stands now, it's two step process where one needs to set the documents dimension and come back into document settings again to include bleed. Just a thought. I am really loving Publisher. Well done team.
  3. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Congratulations Afffinity team. This release is a stunning. After watching the tuturial by Ash, it makes one really appreciate the effort that has gone to make this product. I would encourage everyone to take the time to watch the tutorial before posting questions here as Ash takes his time to go through some really important areas of the app and also answered some good questions. Matt P and team, well done . Affinity Publisher delivers on the ease of use, measurable performance and precision that we have come to expect from Serif's Affinity product suite. It's worth all the waiting. Do I dare to say that some of the feature we are seeing in AP 1.7 give a glimpse of what's coming to AD and AP 1.7
  4. Nana

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Same here. I have just voted for Affinity Designer. Well done Mark and team. You deserver to win
  5. Wow. This is exciting. Much appreciated, Ben. I am looking forward to testing the 1.7 Beta. BTW, Are you able to share any information on innovations coming in Photo 1.7 as well??
  6. @Pathfinder, you have no idea how valuable having direct access to a developers means. All I will say is that if you think the developers are not prioritising your request and you find the feature in some bloatware, by all means no one is stopping you from using the bloatware. In fact, do us the favour and go to the bloatware so the developers can have their peace of mind do innovate without being pested with these discouraging comments from you. If you love the so-called "Professional" or "Corporate" guys, then what brings you into this forum?? You should have no business here, IMHO. I think "Professionalism" should be reciprocated. If you demand professionalism from the developers as you put it, lead by example.
  7. MBd, with all due respect, the app was "born" just today. Your comments are like critiquing a day old baby. Knowing what Serif is capable of, I have no doubt that they will add improvements and remedies to the app. I think we just need to celebrate with them today and leave the critiquing to a later date as these guys have worked their heads off to pull off the iPad version. I hope you understand my point. Nana
  8. Congratulations Serif. Now, we understand why Andy S has been very quiet in the forum and cooking Affinity Photo for IPad. The demo looked great on WWDC. Really happy for you guys. Now the golden question: when is Affinity Designer for IPad coming??
  9. Hi Andy, Automatic lens correction for my RAW files from Canon GX 1 camera are now displaying correctly in 1.5.2 Beta2. Thank you so much for getting this fixed for us. Really appreciate your great work. Cheers, Nana
  10. Hi r1ckr, I can confirm this is working for me in the just released 1.5.2 Beta 2. Could you try it and let's now? Cheers, Nana
  11. Thanks Andy. I can also confirm this is fixed in 1.5.2 Beta 2. Kind Regards, Nana
  12. Hi Andy, Thank you very much. I can confirm this is fixed in 1.5.2 Beta 2. Much appreciated. Kind Regards, Nana
  13. Hi JensLundin, Check the Lensfun guys's daily lens update site http://wilson.bronger.org/lensfun_coverage.html. If your lens is still not listed in their database, refer to this page, http://lensfun.sourceforge.net/calibration/, on their website and send them a RAW file so they can calibrate the lens and add it to the database. As Serif Labs are just consuming this database for their lens correction functionality, I would suggest this is the way to go. Cheers, Nana
  14. Hi Andy, Unfortunately, the EXIF information for my Canon PowerShot G1 X built-in lens is reported as unknown by Affinity Photo. Please see the attached photo. Will send sample RAW file through to you. Kind Regards, Nana