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  1. Hi Affinity Team, This may be cosmetic but the seems to be some inconsistencies with stroke on some of the sliders. Some of the sliders have a thicker stroke whiles other have a thin stroke as shown below in the Split Toning in the Develop Persona. I personally prefer the version with the thin stroke that reveals more of the colour though the slider.
  2. Hi Affinity Team, Double-clicking to reset the White Balance Temperature and Tint sliders in the Tone Map Persona doesn't seem to work.
  3. Thanks @Chris B. Yes, the Perspective Tool works as intended but not Perspective Filter.
  4. This seems to happen with or without Metal enabled.
  5. Hi Affinity Photo team, I am not sure if this bug is specific to beta or it affects past betas but I am seeing somethign strange with the perspective filter. I have tested with at least two different images and the result is the same. When you drag the corner of the grid as shown in the picture below, part of the image seems to be chopped off.
  6. I will be interested to know what efficiencies or functionalities that are baked into the new version 1.7 file format compared to the the eariler version 1.7 file format or even version 1.6 file format. Perhaps, that would put a lot of these arguments to rest
  7. I am happy to report that this has been fixed as per the release notes for Thanks again
  8. Nana

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thank you so much @Andy Somerfield and @Chris B. I have tested this feature this morning and it works very well. Very much appreciated.
  9. @AdamW, the hyperlinks feature is a great and welcome feature but as it stands, a text that has been made into a hyperlink appears the same as every other text. There is no default styling of the archor text to differentiate it from other text on the spread. It would be good to make the hyperlinks easily differentiable from the rest of the text
  10. Nana


    @MattP, thou shalt stoppeth teasing us and handeth in thy arrow heads candy. Arrow heads, wow!!! How I have been waiting for you patiently.
  11. I think I got the warning message because the image I used in step 1 is a raw file.
  12. Hi AdamM, This is picking up our conversation from Affinity Publisher Beta Forum and your response. My suggestion is that, once a user detaches a Spread frame from the Master Page, edit the text frame or other items on the spread and you click finish button, it automatically re-attach to the Master Page. My reason is that, without that subsequent edits to the Master Page will not be automatically picked up by this Spread. This can easily lead to unnecessary confusion on the users part. Another advantage is that, one can be sure that once a Spread is attached to to Master Page, the Spread maintains linkage with the Master Page unless the user explicitly decides to break this linkage. I hope this will be taking into consideration. Nana
  13. I can also reproduce this issue. These are the steps. Open an image file in Affinity Photo beta ( Save the file as <whatever_filename>.afphoto Open Affinity Designer beta ( Create a new document in AD Using either the "Place Image Tool" or "Place" command in the File menu, try to place the file saved in step 2 into the new document. AD displays a warning message about the file having a large meta data and presents an option to reduce it. Once you select No, nothing happens. I can also confirm that this doesn't happen with placing the same file saved in step 2 into a document in Affinity Photo (
  14. Thanks MEB. I can also confirm that this has been fixed in Thanks Andy for fixing it so quickly.
  15. Nana

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thanks Graham. The built-in help document in version 1.7 has been updated to provide information about the two extra sliders you are talking about that.