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  1. Nana

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hi Andy, Can this, please, be added to the refine selection panel as well? Using the sliders does is not very intuitive if one wants to make a precise adjustment and up and down keys don't work for the set values. In fact, one one highlights a value and presses the up arrow, the value increments by one and then loses focus. You guys have done a great job on the Affinity Suite but it's just little things like that that takes away from productivity gains. Keep up the good work. Nana
  2. Hi Mark, So what is the "actual direction of the products" now? I think as customers of Serif, it would not be out of character to want to know what is on the "roadmap". Kind Regards, Nana
  3. Hi Affinity Staff, I have been working through publisher and changing a filler text to two columns. On pressing the drop-down error to change to 2, the application crashes. I re-opened Publisher which presented an option to restore the file, so I did. This time, I decided to type 2 in the column field and hit the return key and the application crashes again. Please find attached the crash_report. Kind Regards, Nana Affinity Publisher [1807]_Crash_When_changing_column_text_frame.txt
  4. Nana

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.1

    Thanks. Designer 1.7.1 is already in app store.
  5. Congratulations, once again. Both Affinity 1.7 for Photo and Designer now available on the Mac App store.
  6. Hi Serif Staff, Reading between the lines from the current Publisher pre-order email sent out, it suggests that Serif would prefer users to purchase from their own Serif App Store than the Apple App Store. I can see the advantage in doing that. For example, it helps to break away from Apple's strict sandboxing of application that is plaguing some plugins. My question is, would Serif consider helping existing Apple store users to move to your Serif App Store version given that Apple store users have already paid for the app? I am talking from the view of Photo and Designer MacOS apps in particular. It doesn't make sense to run some Serif apps under Apple sandboxing while Publisher does not. I can foresee this leading to some issues. I would prefer that all three apps (Designer, Photo and Publisher) run as the Serif App Store version. So if Serif would consider either issuing existing Mac App store new licenses to help migrating from the Apple Mac Apps store or even at a significant discount (after all, the Mac Apps store users have already paid for the apps). I would be interested in your response. Thank you. Nana
  7. Congratulations @Andy Somerfield and team. Great work, guys and Photo 1.7 is a much better product compared to 1.6. When I saw Andy S release new beta version almost on a daily basis, I knew he was up to something and now we have a GM release. Thank you so much. You can have a well deserved break this weekend before WWDC. I look forward to 1.7.1 beta with all the accessibility issues fixed (I am talking about adding up and down arrows buttons next to sliders for filters, adjustment layers, etc. This has been done in the Tone Mapping persona but not other places). In all, I am very pleased with 1.7 release and you and your team have achieved alot just looking at the change log. Thanks again.
  8. Thank you so much @smadell. It wasn't very obvious.
  9. Thanks @Andy Somerfield. Could I please ask that UP and DOWN arrows be added to the "Refine Selection" sliders as well. Seriously, trying to number for any of the sliders requires a number of attempts. With the UP and DOWN arrows, one can just nudge up or down as we see fit whiles not sacrificing productivity.
  10. Hi Affinity Photo team, I have run into an issue where the HSL adjustment Layer/Filter picker button cannot be activated when a photo is opened . Is there a trick to it? Steps to reproduce. Open Affinity Photo ( Open a photo or document Add HSL Adjustment Layer to the photo or document. Clicking on "Picker" button does not work.
  11. I would like to really thank Andy S and his team. I had to perform a background replacement for a photo of somone. I firstly tried the newly release ON1 Photo Raw 2019.5 ( and used the AI Quick Mask tool. My main reason for trying the AI Quick Mask tool was really out of curiousity to see what the result would be with an AI-backed workflow. I didn't like the resultant mask so I decide to try the old faithful Affinity Photo beta I was pleasantly surprise of the end result. Affinity Photo's selection tools provided much better accurate and pleasing result. There were a few annoyances in the "Refine Selection" pop-up window missing and up and down arrow to precisely tweak the settings but aside that, it's was a breeze. Unfortunately, I can't share the resultant work due to privacy. Good work Andy S and team. Affinity Photo is shaping up to be my go-to faithful.
  12. You can use the snapshot studio for this purpose. It allows you to take a snapshot of your work at whatever stage you deem fit. You can then revert to that state at any time. From top level menu, select View-> Studio->snapshot
  13. I don't have this issue but I am running MacOS 10.14.4. Have you tried resetting the setting with Ctrl key? It seems to fix a bunch of issues. I have made a habbit of resetting settings before after installing a new beta before testing.
  14. Hi @Patrick Connor Please see attached a screen recording. I hope that helps. Screen Recording 2019-04-26 at 11.18.33 pm.mov Nana
  15. Hi @Matt, I have discovered that if there is only one artboard on the canvas, selecting the artboard with marque doesn't work as reported by HYR. If there is more than one artboard on the canvas, the marque selection from the canvas works. I hope that helps. Nana