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  1. Hi Affinity Photo team, There are two different names "Noise Reduction" and "Live Denoise" for the same panels in which does exact the same. This can be a bit confusing. Noise Reduction Panel Live Denoise Panel May be you can consider "Live Denoise" and "Denoise" or "Live Noise Reduction" and "Noise Reduction"
  2. Hi Affinity Photo team, This is the "Shadow and Highlight" under Develop, Tone Mapping and the Adjustment tab under the Photo Personas. This is the "Shadow and Highlight" Live Filter. I find the "Live Filter" more powerful and useful. Why don't we replicate the "Live Filter" interface across the various Personas. I think this will also provide the same look and feel across personas.
  3. Hi Affinity Photo team, It will be good to have a consistent Curves tool across the various Personas. This is the Curves tool under the Develop and Tone Mapping Personas. This is the Curves tool under the Photo Persona It will be nice to have the Curves tool under the Photo Personal in Develop and Tone Mapping Personas to create consistency. In that case, it doesn't matter what personal one enters, the tools functions exactly the same.
  4. @HYR, I have tested this. I found out that if you drag the marquee from outside the artboard, then it doesn't sect the inner contents of the artboard. However, if you drag the marquee within the boundaries of the artboard, you can successfully select the inner contents without any issue. I hope that helps. Nana
  5. Thank you so much @MEB. This issue is fixed in beta. I have verified that it works as expected.
  6. Nana

    assets - thank you and question

    This is an interesting use case. I would be interested too.
  7. Nana

    documentation error

    Seriously, I don't think this is necessarily a mistake as even though multiplication and division have the same precedence, one can still use parenthesis to make it clear to the user the order of execution and for readability purposes. This is a very common practice in programming.
  8. Have you tried PDF Expert ? It's very light weight and does a pretty good job. I have been using the Mac version since release 1.0 and I can't complain.
  9. Hi Affinity Team, This may be cosmetic but the seems to be some inconsistencies with stroke on some of the sliders. Some of the sliders have a thicker stroke whiles other have a thin stroke as shown below in the Split Toning in the Develop Persona. I personally prefer the version with the thin stroke that reveals more of the colour though the slider.
  10. Hi Affinity Team, Double-clicking to reset the White Balance Temperature and Tint sliders in the Tone Map Persona doesn't seem to work.
  11. Thanks @Chris B. Yes, the Perspective Tool works as intended but not Perspective Filter.
  12. This seems to happen with or without Metal enabled.
  13. Hi Affinity Photo team, I am not sure if this bug is specific to beta or it affects past betas but I am seeing somethign strange with the perspective filter. I have tested with at least two different images and the result is the same. When you drag the corner of the grid as shown in the picture below, part of the image seems to be chopped off.
  14. I will be interested to know what efficiencies or functionalities that are baked into the new version 1.7 file format compared to the the eariler version 1.7 file format or even version 1.6 file format. Perhaps, that would put a lot of these arguments to rest
  15. I am happy to report that this has been fixed as per the release notes for Thanks again