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  1. A workaround is to drag the main application window’s sides to fill the screen without clicking the full screen icon, then perform the New Document operation.
  2. Hi Serif Stuff, StudioLink is a very powerful technology and there is none like it currently in the industry. The ability to seemlessly switch to Designer or Photo from Publisher is great. What would even be greater is if this feature is ported to Affinity Photo and Designer so that if one is in Photo or Designer and has a need to bring in some of the powerful tools in either of their application, we can use StudioLink rather that the current "Open in Designer" and "Open in Photo". Just a suggestion.
  3. I have seen this happen with other apps in the Mac Apps store (and I think the IOS Apps store as well). This is what worked for me. Delete your current installation of the app then fire up the App Store app, click on your name and click on Purchase. Search for the app from there and install. This will install the latest available in the Apps store.
  4. Thank you so much @Andy Somerfield for adding the stepper controls to the refine panels. I am really grateful and very thankful 😀 Very much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Andy for the great work. Any progress on my request posted below? If it's a question of not committing yourself in public, please send me a private message with a response. I just need to know if there is work being done to improve it or consider another solution. Thanks again.
  6. Doesn't the escape button act as a Cancel button?
  7. Hmmm!! @MattP. Did you just leak some info in the video? I can see "Designer MacOS Beta" in the background or am I seeing stars? Is there re-branding or perhaps Designer based on MacOS Catalyst?
  8. Congratulations, Serif. You have done it again. Publisher voted the best Mac app for 2019
  9. Hi Affinity Staff, I have been working through publisher and changing a filler text to two columns. On pressing the drop-down error to change to 2, the application crashes. I re-opened Publisher which presented an option to restore the file, so I did. This time, I decided to type 2 in the column field and hit the return key and the application crashes again. Please find attached the crash_report. Kind Regards, Nana Affinity Publisher [1807]_Crash_When_changing_column_text_frame.txt
  10. Thanks. Designer 1.7.1 is already in app store.
  11. Hi Serif Staff, Reading between the lines from the current Publisher pre-order email sent out, it suggests that Serif would prefer users to purchase from their own Serif App Store than the Apple App Store. I can see the advantage in doing that. For example, it helps to break away from Apple's strict sandboxing of application that is plaguing some plugins. My question is, would Serif consider helping existing Apple store users to move to your Serif App Store version given that Apple store users have already paid for the app? I am talking from the view of Photo and Designer MacOS apps in particular. It doesn't make sense to run some Serif apps under Apple sandboxing while Publisher does not. I can foresee this leading to some issues. I would prefer that all three apps (Designer, Photo and Publisher) run as the Serif App Store version. So if Serif would consider either issuing existing Mac App store new licenses to help migrating from the Apple Mac Apps store or even at a significant discount (after all, the Mac Apps store users have already paid for the apps). I would be interested in your response. Thank you. Nana
  12. I don't have this issue but I am running MacOS 10.14.4. Have you tried resetting the setting with Ctrl key? It seems to fix a bunch of issues. I have made a habbit of resetting settings before after installing a new beta before testing.
  13. Hi Affinity Photo team, There are two different names "Noise Reduction" and "Live Denoise" for the same panels in which does exact the same. This can be a bit confusing. Noise Reduction Panel Live Denoise Panel May be you can consider "Live Denoise" and "Denoise" or "Live Noise Reduction" and "Noise Reduction"
  14. Hi Affinity Photo team, This is the "Shadow and Highlight" under Develop, Tone Mapping and the Adjustment tab under the Photo Personas. This is the "Shadow and Highlight" Live Filter. I find the "Live Filter" more powerful and useful. Why don't we replicate the "Live Filter" interface across the various Personas. I think this will also provide the same look and feel across personas.
  15. Hi Affinity Photo team, It will be good to have a consistent Curves tool across the various Personas. This is the Curves tool under the Develop and Tone Mapping Personas. This is the Curves tool under the Photo Persona It will be nice to have the Curves tool under the Photo Personal in Develop and Tone Mapping Personas to create consistency. In that case, it doesn't matter what personal one enters, the tools functions exactly the same.
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