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  1. Wenn ich in Publisher ein Projekt verschiebe, werden die Ressourcen nicht mehr gefunden, da der Pfad absolut gespeichert wird. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Ressourcen relativ anzeigen zu lassen. Damit wäre es möglich, ein Projekt zu verschieben ohne dass die Ressourcen neu verknüpft ewrden müssen.
  2. Bei anderen Einstellungen ist die Eingabe von «Tab» möglich. Deshalb im «Bug-Forum». Aber du hast recht, passt sicher auch gut ins Feaure Forum. Vorteil ist, dass man z.B. bei einer Beschreibung alle Wörter vor dem Tab fett auszeichnen kann. Alternative wäre, als Endzeichen einen Doppelpunkt zu nehmen. Das finde ich aber gestalterisch nicht schön. Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass es auch einfacher ist, wenn vor dem Tab mehrere Wörter stehen.
  3. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit bei den Textstilen und «Erste Wörter» als Endzeichen einen Tabulator zu definieren? Bei mir hat dies leider nicht funktioniert.
  4. Hallo Dan C Ich verwende Windows und Mac. Wie das Wörterbuch installiert werden muss ist das eine. Wichtiger für mich ist, woher bekomme ich die Datei für die Sprache «de-CH» und welches Format muss diese haben.
  5. Wie und wo kann das Wörterbuch für die Rechtschreibung für die Schweiz (de-CH) heruntergeladen und installiert werden?
  6. it would be useful if you could select the last documents at the start screen.
  7. How can I insert a tab stop as an end character? «\t» does not work.
  8. Hi DaveHunt At the moment these two buttons do not work yet. see also here.
  9. What's about tabulator as end character? Is \t correct? It doesn't work. Bug?
  10. You are totally right. Almost too easy As long as there are no more than two master pages. And you probably do not need more than two master pages.
  11. You can create multiple master pages for one page. I have not found a way to delete a single master page. It seems only possible to delete all master pages at once. It would be helpful if individual master page could be removed.
  12. Preview images from Shutterstock can be included in the document. Is there a way to buy these pictures directly in Publisher?
  13. You are looking for the index function. This allows you to reference a text and output the page number (and text) elsewhere.
  14. Affinity Publisher is a desktop publishing program and has traditionally been used to create print products such as books, flyers or leaflets. In recent years, however, more and more applications have been added, such as eBooks or presentation slides. I'm a big fan of Affinity and I like the programs very well. I also like the idea that someone like Affinity is trying to bring a competitive product to InDesign on the market. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in this vision. But with the support of all of us, this can become possible. But it is still a long way.
  15. It is not the job of a publishing software to scan images. Before layout, the images should be processed with software like Affinity Photo. This is the usual workflow. In version 1, the simple switch from publisher to photo will be possible. We will then see if it makes sense to scan images in Publisher.
  16. I like Affinity Publisher. But there is still much to do to be perceived as a professinal desktop publishing and typesetting programm.

  17. You do not need to reset your example. After the first query, all you have to do is change the font and restart the query. Reset is not necessary. What I mean is, when you start a NEW query, you have to press the reset button twice. If there were a general reset button that resets both settings, you would not need to open both option menus. It is not a big adjustment, but with many queries it saves a few annoying clicks. In addition, it could not happen that a setting on find or replace is forgotten to reset.
  18. I like finding and replacing function. There are many ways to search for words, formatting or styles. Unfortunately the button "Reset Format" has to be clicked twice. In the "Find Option" at "Find" and at "Replace". Would it make sense to place one "Reset Format" button on the interface?
  19. You're right. The missing font is a problem if you send the file to another PC or Mac. If the font is missing, it always causes problems. Collecting all data in a folder is a good solution.
  20. Instead of exporting the embedded images altogether, why not put all the images in a folder. These will then be linked to the document. So you already have a folder with all images. These can also be edited at any time. In the beta version it is not yet possible to switch directly to Affintiy Photo. In the official version (V1) this will be possible. The images can then be processed even more efficiently.
  21. Why do you want to impose your project? The printing company that prints the product has professional software for it. In most cases, the customer does not know how the printer will impose the product. There are also other factors to consider such as paper thickness and bleed allowance. The printing company generally prefers to work with single pages.
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