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  1. I think experiment has succeeded. Cheers
  2. Still this bug, as described above. (cleaned as proposed) The Bug is not reported as fixed. Cheers
  3. Hello @K.gatedChannel, look at the post, John Rostron has shared a macro, maybe it helps. Cheers
  4. Hello @Bobi, I am using a HUION NEW 1060 PLUS (8192), the tablet works fine, in all affinity applications, as well in other graphics programs eg Photoshop. There are others also favorable graphics tablets, those with Affinty applications well working. Search at aunt google. Cheers
  5. Hello @Jumblemania , if I get it right are the white lines meant as a limit. Try the following Draw your outline create a new empty layer draw your limit create a new empty layer for the coloring after coloration, the limit layer deactivate see example. Cheers Fish with black outline4.afphoto
  6. Hello @Jumblemania , I think you have with the eraser tool, the outer edges of the black object edited. Thereby pixels of the Yellowy brown layers have been deleted. See attached file. Cheers Fish top fin3.afphoto
  7. Gnobelix

    Clone Tool

    Hello @Armin77, this option already exists, see Help. Quoted from the Helpfile: Aligned—when selected (default), the origin of the sample remains a fixed distance from the pointer. If this option is off, the origin of the sample always returns to the sample location defined initially. Source—the source determines the layer(s) from which the pixels are sampled from. Select from the pop-up menu. Ausgerichtet: Ist diese Option aktiviert (Standardeinstellung) bleibt die Distanz zwischen aufgenommener Probe und Werkzeugcursor stets konstant. Ist diese Option deaktiviert, wird der Ursprung der aufgenommen Probe immer auf den Punkt zurückgesetzt, den Sie zuerst angeklickt haben. Cheers
  8. Hello Chris, Thanks for the response, Unfortunately, I cannot confirm that. (checked with beta 414) The smaller the brush tip of the overlay eraser is, the more this effect becomes noticeable. Overlay-5.mp4 Cheers
  9. Hello everybody, Affinity-Photo has made great progress, congratulations to the development team. But where there is a lot of light, there are also shadows. The Overlay Erase Brush in Develop-Persona, still has its weaknesses. This was already reported in December 2017. Probably is this problem has fallen out of the priorities-list. Is the Overlay Erase Brush larger than 200 pix, then works the brush normal. If the brush is smaller than 200 pix, one sees first raindrop effect. The smaller the brush is selected, the stronger is this effect. Fixet this Bug, please. Cheers Overlay.mp4
  10. crash here too, without bug report. Cheers
  11. Hello @Fat_Cat, Welcome to this forum. The Multibrush Tool can be found in the Pixel Persona. See also here Chers
  12. Hello everybody, StudioLink technology is a fine thing Now my question, is there a possibility in Photo Persona to install plugins, or I have not found it yet. Cheers
  13. Hey Dan C, Thanks for the clarification. Cheers
  14. Gnobelix

    Studio link

    Hello, There are already several posts on this topic. Look here or here Cheers
  15. Hello @miklas0815, Welcome to this forum. Try the following. Start Publishers. Create a new file. (Insert text or image) file Edit in Affinity Desinger Close file After that, there should be no error message I hope it helps.
  16. Try the following. Hold down the CTRL-Key and open Affinity Photo. Select all Option and then delete all Option. Remember that all user settings, such as brushes, macros, etc., get lost. Cheers
  17. Cheers@Jane P, open your document activate the menu filter colour erase white paper Another tip, save your file as a PNG file, only PNG can save transparent background. I hope it helps.
  18. Hello @Biggerfatboy, If I understand correctly, you have no category in the Bililothek. Create a new category in the library, then can you save your macro. Cheers
  19. Is only an idea, could it be that the option "high precision tablet" is activated. If yes, then disable this option Cheers
  20. I think so, Photo, Designer and Publisher, one floor each
  21. Then I would recommend you to buy the workbook from Affinity or look at the tutorials by James Ritson. Cheers
  22. Hello @rorando, To decrease or increase the brush width, press the Alt key and the right and left mouse buttons. (Movement left or right) To decrease or increase the brush hardness, press the Alt key and the right and left mouse buttons. (Movement up or down) I hope it helps Cheers
  23. Hello @imagegod , Welcome to this forum. Yes Affinity Photo can open RAW files, as well as JPEG, TIFF etc can be edited in Develop persona. Download the 10-day trial and see if the program meets your needs. Cheers