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  1. maybe help this video from @Multi4G Cheers
  2. Gnobelix

    Bug in #331 - Cancel Tone Mapping

    the same behavior in the development persona
  3. Hello @It123, I think the first steps are known, like an image from Lightroom to Affinity-Photo is handed over. 1. Edit with (user default) 2. Copy with the Lightroom settings (yes) 3. Edit Image in Affinity 4. Export the image as TIF-File in the same folder. Note the following, the image must be saved as TIF - File and not as a TIFF- File. Lightroomput immediately a TIF - File on handover, the TIF - File is overwritten after the export. I hope this helps you further Cheers
  4. Gnobelix

    Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ95, supported?

    Hello Dave, To prevent fading and desaturation, activate the development assistant. It's worth a try, until the Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ 95 is supported. supported cameras look here. Cheers
  5. Hello everybody, I wanted to replace the sky in a picture. I proceeded as follows: 1. open a TIFF-File (4000 pix * 6000 pix= 2. duplicate the Image 3. go to channels 4. select Background blue and create a Greyscale Layer 5. back to Layers 7. select the Greyscale Layer 8. got to Adjustments and select Brigtnees/Contrast (eg increase the contrast and merge) 9. got to Adjustments and select Levels (eg increase the black level/white level and merge) 10. activate the paint brush tool, set the Color on black, opacity on 100%, hardness on 0% and the blend mode on Overlay 11. paint the whole Image (repeat step 10 and 11 with the color white) (With this method I want to create a pure black and white mask.) The utilization of the CPU quickly reaches a value of almost 100%. It takes a felt perceived eternity until Affinity releases the previously requested performance. This is not the case in the current customer version. How the performance was in the last beta, I do not know anymore. I think a test with the last beta (.283) is no longer possible, the test phase will probably have expired. Can someone confirm the high utilization of the CPU? Chers IMGP4573.afphoto
  6. Hallo @dainese, kannst du bitte ein Beispiel hochladen, zum besseren Verständnis deiner unsauberen Schnittkante. Deine Frage zum Skalieren habe ich nicht ganz Verstanden. Cheers
  7. Hello @kdog3682, With a small tool, you can sync any folder with Dropbox. Unfortunately, it is not enough just to create a shortcut in Dropbox folder. Dropbox does not recognize the shortcut. Instead, you have to create a symbolic link in the Dropbox, this is done by the tool Dropbox Folder Sync, or Google Search. I hope it helps. Cheers
  8. Hallo @dainese, Willkommen in diesem Forum. Schaue dir mal das Video von @Mensch Mesch an, ich denke das beantwortet deine Frage. Klicke hier
  9. Hello @Uwe367, thanks for your test, i can confirm the crash by using the quick mask. User @dmstraker has discovered a similar error, look here. Cheers
  10. Gnobelix

    Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?

    Hello @makspyat, Try the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT and left mouse click on the thumbnail. Cheers
  11. during translating into the German language of the help file, there are a few sentences, that fell through a sieve. Cheers
  12. It should be known by now, Serif has no ETA. If Publisher will release for sale, then there is an update for from Photo and Desinger. I also hope that the update comes soon. Cheers
  13. Gnobelix

    Quick mask plus mask = boom

    the same here Cheers
  14. Sorry, why the file is corrupted I do not know, maybe there was an error uploading. I loaded two files into the dropbox here the link Cheers
  15. Hallo @michkur, Welcome to this forum. Download the 10-day trial of Affinity-Photo, then you can judge for yourself, whether the program meets your requirements. Note, after the first program start, the time is counted down. The program has during the test phase no restriction. Cheers
  16. or look here a very good video from User @Multi4G Cheers
  17. It doesn't matter what kind of text is used whether Frame Text or Artistic Text, the error occurs in both text types. Cheers
  18. yes, I knew that. The problem is confusing for my workflow, this is not good for an old man. Cheers
  19. The problem described by Rick I can confirm. I can in the customer version, the font to change before the text input, this is not possible in the Beta ....293. Cheers Test.mp4
  20. I see the difference, and nevertheless I would the color profile of Windows for test purposes, set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. I have no differences in the color representation, when I the upper layer with the below layer compare. Cheers
  21. Hello @CarstenM , Welcome to this forum. I'm afraid that will not work, unless the touch ring can simulate the number pad. The quickest way to change the opacity of the brush is the number pad. 1 for 10% opacity 2 for 20% opacity intermediate steps 18 for 18% opacity 25 for 25% opacity etc etc etc Cheers
  22. Gnobelix

    Pap Pap considering Affinity over PS

    Hello @TJC, Welcome to this forum. I think your question would be better posed in Support & Questions Forum. Now to your questions: Affinity Photo and Designer, can not create an animated GIFs. Yes, Affinity Photo is similarly complex as PS. Cheers