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  1. Hello everybody, uncontrolled crash in the Batch Processing. Scenario as follows: 1. New Batch Job. 2. Added ca. 20 TIF-files, different size. 3 Save into folder of choice. 4 Save as JPG-files. 5. Available Macros, 3 small macros added Macro1: resizing, added frame, 22 Steps. Macro 2: insert a watermarks, 2 Steps. Macro 3: delete the exif files, 2 Steps. 6. Apply. Randoml crashes of Affinity-Photo (Beta .258) without error report, unfortunately, I could not see a pattern in the crashes. The procedure described above works very well in AP I also noticed, that according to the randomness principle in the applications of live filters, the Affinity-Beta completely frozen for 20 - 80 seconds, then can AP only be closed via the task manager. Cheers
  2. Hello dmstraker, a good idea of you. Let's see what's of the wish list, is realized. The Hope dies last. 1. Development-Persona settings, save in a sidecar file. 2. Rename of the spare channel during the macro recording. 3. Reset all sliders per double Click (Zero or default) Cheers
  3. Hallo bike42 Mir ist eine tabellarische Gegenüberstellung der Programme nicht bekannt. Zu Affinity, mittlerweile gibt es drei Programme, die man als Suite sehen muss. Der Vorteil dieser Suite ist der Datenaustausch untereinander, ähnlich wie Adobe-Suite. Affinity-Photo ist ein Programm für Pixelgrafiken und sehr gut für die Fotobearbeitung geeignet. Affinity-Designer ist ein Programm für Vektorgrafiken, aufgrund der verlustfreien Skalierbarkeit der erstellten Dateien, ist dieses Programm zum Erstellen von technischen Dokumentationen, (z.B. Gebrauchsanleitungen) gut geeignet, es kann aber auch etwas eingeschränkt Pixelgrafiken bearbeiten. Affinity-Publisher, ist ein Programm um professionelle Publikationen zu erstellen, z.B. Bücher, Prospekte usw. Affinity-Publisher ist zurzeit nur als Beta-Version verfügbar. Wie Haakoo, bereits erwähnt hat, lade dir die Testversionen herunter, beachte das die Testversionen nach dem ersten Start, eine Laufzeit von 10 Tagen haben.
  4. Hello Helen, Welcome to this forum. Styles, is activated in the Panel Studio. View Studio Styles A sort order is not known to me, but you can create new categories, and fill them with new styles. I hope it helps. Cheers
  5. Hallo @bike42, 1.markiere das verbleibende Rechteck (Shortcut V) 2. aktiviere den Rahmentext und fahre mit der Maus über das Rechteck, mit einem ein links Klick ist der Rahmentext im Rechteck aktiv. 3. Menüleiste Text, Fülltext eingeben, fertig 1. select the remaining rectangle (Shortcut V) 2. activate the frame text and move the mouse over the rectangle with a left click, the frame text is aktive in the rectangle. 3. Menu bar Text , insert filler text, done. Cheers
  6. Gnobelix

    Add style from image

    Hello @PAULRFONTENOT, @R C-R has declared, how Styles yourself on vector graphics and pixel graphics affect. In your attached file I noticed that the selections not very well selected is. This makes the application of styles very difficult. An option would be, that tracing the contour with the pen tool, then apply the styles on the curves. Style applied with improved pixel selection Style applied to curves The attached file is created with Affinity-Photo Beta 1.7 Golden wave background-2.afphoto Cheers
  7. Hello @MPAffinity17, could you please upload the original RAW? Cheers
  8. Gnobelix

    32Bit artefact

    Hello cwollandefa, I do not think it's a bug, there are defective pixels you see. With the Impainting-Tool or Clone-Tool paint over the affected areas and good is. Cheers 2017-03-16 artifact-2.afphoto
  9. Hello Guzzi, A pixel selection isolates part of the image to apply adjustments or retouching to that area. Likewise, a pixel selection can be copied and cut out, and be pasted into another image area. Objects are vector graphics that can be scaled lossless, unlike pixel graphics. I hope it helps a little. Hallo Guzzi, Eine Pixelauswahl isoliert einen Teil des Bildes, um Anpassungen oder Retusche auf diesem Bereich anzuwenden. Ebenso kann eine Pixelauswahl kopiert und ausgeschnitten werden, und in andere Bildbereiche einfügt werden. Objekte sind Vektorgrafiken, die verlustfrei skaliert werden können, im Gegensatz zu Pixelgrafiken. Ich hoffe es hilft ein wenig. Cheers
  10. The above problem is not new. I think it will be fixed in the next beta. Cheers
  11. Hello HenkJ. Welcome to this forum. The Z6 is also not supported by Affinity, I think it will be the same with the Z7. As a temporary solution I would use the DNG converter Here the link to the DNG converter. Cheers
  12. Hello Mike D, yes, affinity-photo supports pressure levels of the brush tool. You gotta the attitude for the pressure activate. see Screenshot.
  13. @R C-Rhas written a macro that simulates a sketch. Maybe that is what you are looking for. Cheers
  14. Hello @Danel, As a transitional solution, until the Bug fixed is, I would convert the NEF file to DNG. Here the link to the DNG converter. Cheers
  15. The same here, indeed very strange. Cheers
  16. Again, no problems opening the attached TIF file. Windows 10, language German. Cheers
  17. Thanks for the tip, is something hidden. Cheers
  18. Gnobelix

    Gradient tool broken in 251

    Hello everybody, I can confirm that there are still problems with that Gradient Tool, when you add a gradient to a layer and try to adjust it via the toolbar, that does not work. The problem was in the Beta 241 as well. Cheers
  19. the same here, also reversed (Beta, Top and Bottom Cheers
  20. Gnobelix

    Bug in Develop Persona?

    Hello all, the problem described above, is arguably solved. No new problems in the new Beta 1.7.0240. Cheers
  21. if a RAW files with a 32 bit color depth in Develop-Persona be opened, has the slider of the saturation no effect. Cheers saturation.mp4
  22. here too no problems with repeat-sphere. Cheers
  23. Gnobelix

    Question to the Sub-Brushes

    Hello Chris B, Thanks for the answer, I will look at the UK help. Cheers
  24. Hello all, about the new feature Sub-Brushes in the Brushes-Panel, there are non Information in the Help-File for this new Feature. (maybe I missed something) When I want to edit the properties of the Sub-Brush, is the Function Spacing greyed out, is this so wanted, if yes, why? Cheers