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  1. Is there a way to make more than one variation in Nik? After saving my edit it automatically closes & sends me back to AP. If I want to try another nik filter, I have to start over again. Thanks.
  2. Any suggestions on how to paint in some fog, or the best brush to use? Thanks.
  3. Still no fix for the distortions macro. I loved using that until an update blocked it. I hope they will get it fixed some day.
  4. Thank you Bruce. I'm on Win 10, AP. I will try that out tomorrow.
  5. Hi - I'm trying to use the ellipse marquis tool to select a circle shape. It doesn't seem to respond the way the F1 directions say. I want a perfect circle, then be able to resize it larger or smaller. Can this be done? Thanks.
  6. OK thanks I will watch for both if it happens again.
  7. Hi - I opened an image & edited it with Nik from within AP, then tried later with another image & Nik was grayed out. Any ideas why? Thanks.
  8. I wonder if it's just that i have a laptop & he may have a large monitor in the tuts?
  9. Good questions: Anthony Morganti's series of tuts, Windows, 17 inch laptop. Now that you ask I see the boxes seem to be 2 sizes - rectangular which are OK, & the large square ones I am referring to such as B&W, HSL, Levels.
  10. I'm watching a tutorial where the adjustment boxes that open are much smaller than the ones on the current AP. Is there a way to make them smaller as they cover quite a bit of the image? thanks.
  11. I created a folder of favorite brushes. Is there any way to edit them globally? I don't see one, nor to set opacity globally. Thanks again.
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