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  1. I think that may be it - thank you!
  2. OK I'm just trying to smooth out the bottom of this boat to blend with the clouds. If you zoom in you will see some circles & disruption a little below the boat that doesn't blend well.
  3. Hi - When I clone and stamp pixels, they appear in the shape of the circular cursor - small round circles of the cloned material. What am i doing wrong? thanks.
  4. When preview brushes, there is no quick way to cycle through the different ones & I have to resize the brush for each new one i preview. Is there an easier way? thanks.
  5. Is there any link that explains when to use the different color adjustments - HSL, recolor, channel mixer, selective color, color balance, gradient map, LUT, split toning? Thanks.
  6. I don't know if this is still active..cut & paste is just not working for me & I know there must be something simple I'm not doing: I open 2 separate jpeg images - only 1 pixel layer each, make a selection from one, edit/copy, go to the other image, edit/paste (I try several of the different paste options) & nothing happens.
  7. Thanks for the ideas - still nothing shows up. There's only 1 layer - the pixel layer created when I open the background image. I did rasterize it just to be sure. Ok, now i just tried 'paste special" & it worked, somewhat, but way too large. Is that what I need to select & if so, how do I make it smaller? There are several other paste options...I just tried special to see what happened.
  8. Hi - I'm just trying to cut a portion of one image & paste it into another in AP but nothing happens. I go to "edit/cut" & "edit/paste" but it doesn't show in the target layer. What am i doing wrong? thanks.
  9. Hi - I have been merging 2 images using "place" for the 2nd image but suddenly there are no handles for me to fit/resize the image...am I doing something wrong? thanks.
  10. Thanks. I am in the AP photo persona, open a jpeg image, just using the original pixel layer. Do i need to create another layer before editing? I think i see my mistake - I had subtract in place of add selected.
  11. Hi - I open an image, make a selection with selection brush, & when i click "refine," the selection disappears. What am i doing wrong? thanks.
  12. Thanks Dan! It's taking me a long time to find my way around AP but the more i stay with it, the more I like it!