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  1. Thanks for the responses. Here's a sample just straight out of the camera with no processing. It was the Maryhill Museum of Art, in Washington state, USA
  2. I just photographed some chess sets under glass in a museum. The reflections aren't as bad as i expected but is there any way to reduce them in AP? Also many of the chess pieces were on a shelf with shadows behind each piece. Is there any way to remove the shadows collectively, (not inpainting)? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Walt. I was referring just to following tutorials. For example one said he hardly uses swatches but if i hide that panel, my gradients disappear. Or setting up RGB sliders vs color wheel.
  4. When i do tutorials my interface sometimes looks different than the video. i know much of it is personal preference but is there any post suggesting ways to set it up? Thanks.
  5. I have many overlays in folders & realize they would be more convenient if i import into the assets tab. It will take some work but might be worth it. is this how others organize their overlays? Any other suggestions/ Thanks.
  6. Is there a shortcut or other way to show/hide the assets & studio panels without having to go to the view menu? Thanks.
  7. now i need to click the adjustment + a thumbnail preset to open the sliders. is this how it should be? thanks.
  8. Thanks Dan. This is a rough attempt at a Halloween picture, imposing the pumpkin over my face. I'm trying to trim away the excess where it overlaps before I do any more blending. Affinity_Photo_2021-02-03_10-15-47.mp4
  9. I recently posted about when to rasterize as i thought that might be my problem. Sometimes i don't get any response from the reveal/conceal brush. Or I use black to conceal & it paints black instead. I try it on each layer to make sure I have the right one but no improvement. What am I not doing? Thanks!
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