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  1. Yes it is but maybe I wasn't scrubbing over the image enough. I'm getting better results doing that. Thanks.
  2. Suddenly the inpainting brush in Photo persona doesn't have any effect and the red mask is fainter than it used to be. Am I doing something wrong? Opacity is 100% Thanks.
  3. thanks I figured out I was testing on an AP file & not a raw file. That solves it.
  4. I'm testing the overlay brush & it responds to 1 adjustment & then not to any others. I'm missing something...
  5. OK thanks. I usually import TIFF files & I forget the develop persona has some different tools.
  6. yes thanks - is there a way to delete a post I make in the future?
  7. sorry I figured it out but don't know to delete my post.
  8. Hi - I'm watching a Lynda.com tut (well done) & they used an overlay brush tool to make a selection & a red mask appears. I can't find it. Was it an older version of AP? It's more like the layer mask I am used to in Capture 1.
  9. Is there a keystroke to control the bitmap wheel? It's hard to be accurate with a mouse. Thanks.
  10. OK. It's a cool macro, I hope there is a way to fix it.
  11. Thank Carl. I did report the bug...it was a cool effect. I''ll post a separate image using the macro.
  12. Hi - The Distortions macro that came with Photo 1.5 or 1.6 doesn't work on 1.7
  13. It says pixel layer. i do notice that I select the layer first, open the macro & the layer automatically gets deselected. Tint or noise will have an effect on the image, but not the main distortion sliders.