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  1. I already had overprinting issues before, and unforntunatelly i was told it's supposed to be like that... Which i obviously disagree. As for you issues in another topic, you are rasterizing unsupported properties. If shadows and transparencies are some of those properties, then they are being rasterized and fall under the topic below. I still hope someone at Affinity fixes this, otherwise it's useless for offset printing.
  2. Our digital printing customers are being suggested to try this software to replace other more expensive softwares for their workflow. The overprint issues and the lack of PDF passtrough are dealbreakers when it comes to suggest it for offset printing usage... Hope it gets solved soon.
  3. Sorry to disagree but, the majority of bitmap softwares usually do the opposite. They will turn pure black into composite black (our rich black) when rasterizing. Raster Image Processors (RIPs) will respect the settings applied and, if a color is set to overprint, then it overprints . Affinity Publisher, as a DTP software, should also honour the settings applied. Instead it's doing the opposite, when rasterizing it's knocking out the black, dispite it being set to overprint. That's a tottaly different behaviour of other softwares and the exact opposite of the expected behaviour.
  4. Hello. I found a bug in the export to PDF option. To recreate the bug, just place a random object in a new document (a photo or a box with a color fill) and write something on top of it in black. Export to PDF with the "Rasterize unsupported properties" or "Rasterize nothing". If you go check the PDF, the black text should be overprinting the other object you placed, which is the right behaviour. If you export the same document to PDF wiht the "Rasterize everything" enabled, and check the PDF, you will see that the black text is not overprinting, which is the wrong behaviour. I've reproduced this behaviour everytime, in multiple tests, both with the current release and the current Beta. Thanks
  5. Here is the full folder of the crash reports. Hopefully there will be some helpfull information there that can help to track the problem. CrashReports.zip
  6. Hello. I have a problem with the new beta Preflight option. Each time i change the settings and choose "Create Preset" a pop-up appears to enter the preset name. I write a name, press "OK" and the software always hangs. After i restart the software, there is no preset created. I tried with a open document and without an open document, the result is always the same. Anyone else with this problem?
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