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  1. This is so weird. I just restarted my machine and now all the images that were fine are showing the corruption in ACDSee. It must be a problem outside of Affinity or something. I dunno,
  2. One more addendum. I see that, if I add an unsharp mask and leave it white (affecting entire image) then it exports fine. It's only if I invert the unsharp mask live filter layer and then paint white on top of it to sharpen certain areas that the issue arises.
  3. I just wanted to post a link to this thread here so that there was a maximum chance that people see it. Files with a Live Filter Unsharp Mask are exporting to JPG looking like this as long as Enable openCL compute acceleration is checked in Performance preferences. If it is turned off this doesn't happen. Thanks and I hope this can be fixed!
  4. I emailed a link to this thread to them so hopefully they will see here but I'll post it to there too. Thanks!
  5. Must be a Windows only issue, I guess. Or a Me only issue!
  6. Well, like I said, there was no demand from me that anyone download the AP file. That was just an option in case people wanted to download and play with the file to see if they got the same result and I think people can see what was happening without doing so. Again, sorry it annoyed you but I figured only those with sufficient internet would download it and others wouldn't but now we know your situation! Thanks for the advice though.
  7. OK. I got the beta and it hasn't been fixed. If I turn of hardware acceleration it works and I don't think I'm seeing a lot of performance improvement if I have it turned on so I guess I'll just leave it turned off. I wonder if a dev will see this or if I should report it elsewhere. Phil
  8. Sorry if it annoyed you that the file was large. I wasn't trying to insist anyone download it! Your suggestion totally worked though. I turned off hardware acceleration and now it seems to work just fine. Thanks! I'll snag that beta too and see if it's fixed. Thanks again
  9. Addendum 2- Saving as a PSD does the same thing. This is really rather bad!
  10. Addendum. It's worse than I thought. If I have an unsharp mask and I rasterize it in the layers or if I flatten the file it adds the artefact. This makes Unsharp Mask as a live filter unusable.
  11. Hi all, since 1.9 came out, if I save a layered file with an unsharp mask it is coming out all wrong. It looks right in Photo but you can see what happens when I export in the attached files. I turned off curves and saved a JPG and you can see that it is still pixelated but if I turn off the unsharp mask layer it looks right on export. I have added the AFPhoto file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/msu9c8xw788oc4a/Lilly2.afphoto?dl=0 and I hope you can see that. Are others seeing this too? Phil
  12. Hi all, I have been a photographer and designer for 25 years and I still simply don't understand color pretty much at all. I export from Alien Skin Exposure and take a JPG into Publisher and it looks like the first screenshot. I then look at it in XNView and it looks like the second but the images as they came out of Exposure look right as in screenshot 3. What's going on? Are there any color resources for people for whom the topic makes their head hurt? Thanks for any help! Phil
  13. I have worked out why you are getting a different result. If you start in Publisher and go to the Designer persona I get this. The circle does NOT disappear. If I open Designer itself it does. Why would this be, I wonder? And once it's there there is NO way to edit the circle's properties. ScreenHunter_05.mp4
  14. I did not and it didn't delete my circle. I wonder why that would be.
  15. I just used a part of the image for privacy reasons. The white is part of a circle on the lightning bg.
  16. This seems like it must be so simple. I create a filled circle. I add text around it. I now want to change the properties of the filled circle (get rid of the fill) but any way I try it it just changes the settings of the text instead. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? The item in layers is reduced to just a text object after I write on the line. Thanks! Phil
  17. yEAH! sTUPID sERIF. gIvinG us CheAp aNd brIlLiant SoftWarE thAt doesN't haVe EVERYTHING wE WaNt!
  18. It didn't. This is my before and after of clicking Create Compound. It seems to be going to upload backwards! The green box at bottom is the Before.
  19. I am going to watch this topic as I want to do something very similar and would love to have titles for all these photographs I want to lay out in a book, one per page, auto populated to a text field beneath each image. I hope someone can explain if this is possible and if so how (in layman's terms!) Thanks!
  20. Ho dare you? My whelk stand runs like a well oiled machine and that ain't by accident. Long hours and business acumen, sonny.
  21. Oh, absolutely. Serif can do what they like but I think it's worth noting that I still would like it so that that is a +1 for DAM.
  22. Having said that I am now checking out iMatch and DigiKal and iMatch does look really good and I may go with that for now since it seems way more able than XNView so thanks for that.
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