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  1. Moving an asset (photo, text box, etc) off the page onto the scratch area has a problem. There is ample space to either side of the page, but no space at all top and bottom. What am I not doing? Affinity Publisher.mp4
  2. Hi Walt, Thanks for your comment - The suggestion of V_Ykr did the trick. Worked perfectly - I had thought to rasterize the text and then adding the effects, but I wanted to retain the text as text. Thanks for taking the time to respond
  3. Hi V_Kyr

    Yes, that worked - I thought about rasterizing the text then adding effects, but I wanted to retain the text attributes.

    Thankfully your suggestion works.


    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  4. Thanks for the help - Yes I did set a colour - tried various colours all to no avail. Tks
  5. Hi, I have created text over a picture. dragged the text layer onto the picture layer so the picture fills the text. I want to add an outline (and shadow) but with only the text layer selected using the "Effects Panel" and selecting "outline" and a colour does not work when I slide the radius above zero. All that happens is that the text grows by the radius amount selected but does not add the coloured outline. I am pretty sure this is something that can be done, so what am I doing wrong - can anybody help?
  6. Thank you Walt- I went through every drop down menu never thought it would be so simple - If I had a brain cell it would be lonely!
  7. Thank you thomaso can you give me the route to this?
  8. Hi, When I export files to .pdf I would like the document to automatically open (in acrobat) once it has exported - are there any settings within Publisher that would facilitate this?
  9. Old Bruce - They say that with age comes wisdom - What they don't say is "so does forgetfulness!
  10. Glad I am not alone; Can I float this: The navigation facility is good - but it is not obvious. Why is it in the "advanced" section? It is very cumbersome to us, requiring the user to open mini menus etc. This facility could be vastly improved. If the zoom bar was moved to the bottom margin. If you select the magnifying tool a zoom bar opens in the top left hand corner, so why, when that is selected could the Navigator panel not show viewpoint "add or delete" buttons? Why not show icons and name of existing viewpoints like in the Layers Panel. The Navigator panel can be undocked and enl
  11. Magic, Am I the only one who didn't know that? Sorry for wasting everybody's time..... What is it Proverbs 9:9 says "Teach a wise man......
  12. Thanks everyone for your responses, "would a rose by any other name......." the name of the zoom slider contained in the navigator tab is immaterial - using the slider causes magnification. If you magnify a page, so only part of the page is visible, you can then 'navigate' by moving the "grey box". I think a better use of the navigator panel would be the ability for the user to be able to add "jump to places" within a document. A bit like word search, the ability to define your own 'jump to places'. which the user could name. Using a + or - icon could add or remove the" jump to" points. These
  13. walt.farrell: Thank you for your clarification. So what do you call the tool I was referring to? I take your point on the PDF - will observe in future TKS.
  14. Old Bruce, Sorry, I bow to your superior knowledge, I must be thick, but I do not understand what you mean.
  15. Old Bruce, I must be missing something - I cannot link the navigator zoom to the shapes tool - how is that done? fde101, On my windows PC using the zoom tool increases or decreases the size of the page I am working on. It does has no effect on the tab sizes.
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