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  1. How do you add a ICM profile? Found it out: I first thought it is a cmyk profile 🙄 and the profile didn’t show up. But using it with Grey/8 brings really perfect result! Thanks a lot!
  2. Is this icc profile somehow different from the original ISO Coated V2 300% ?
  3. I fiddled too much – so this was set to 0 decimals, I’m afraid. Sorry for this confusion. The internal calculation is correct (see new anim gif). But Gabe makes it really clear.
  4. This one is interesting! I didn’t ever think of only putting in a factor. So – when working with calculated fractions of elements this way seems obviously the best – independent of the displayed decimals.
  5. Hm, look at the animated gif ... I didn’t return the 1pt. AD took 0,4 =1pt.
  6. Danke, jetzt habe ich auch die Stelle gefunden, wo die Stellen einzurichten sind. Das ist ziemlich wichtig wenn man öfters mit gerechneten Größen arbeitet. Die Rechenoperationen verwenden nämlich den angezeigten Wert, sowohl in InD als auch in Affinity. In Affinity offenbar allerdings auch, wenn man 1pt* irgendwas eingibt. Da wird dann die gerundete Zahl für 1pt genommen. In InD wird mit dem vollständigen Wert gerechnet. Tückisch ...
  7. There is a problem with calculation between pt and mm (and others maybe; I didn’t test). Have a look at the two examples where I put in the height of a rectangle vs. calculated the size.The problem: 1pt = 0,4mm (which is wrong because of round-up). When input the height as 500pt the conversion to mm is 176,4. When input the height via calculation 1pt * 500 the result is 200mm.
  8. Gerade lese ich Deinen »Frust« von letztem Jahr, 4Dimage, weil ich auch Probleme mit der Präzision in AD habe. Bei mir geht es um die Rundungsfehler bei der Umrechnung von Punkt in Millimeter. 100 Punkt sind hier 35,3 mm, aber ein Punkt sind 0,4 mm. Das ist nichht nur eine Darstellung. Wenn ich das jetzt mit 100 multiplizierte sind da nun 40mm aus 1 pt geworden. Das geht ja wohl gar nicht! Aufgefallen ist mir das bei der Umwandlung eines IDML aus InD CS6, das Schriftgrößen mit zwei Nachkommastellen in eine Nachkommastelle runden. Dadurch passen nun leider manche Absätz nicht mehr in ihre
  9. I think this is a well-known problem. It has to do with editable and passthrough imports of PDFs. Present in some discussions here.
  10. In context with Affinity photo an editable PDF import makes no much sense imho. When I import a PDF to Affinity Photo I only want to »convert« it to an image format.
  11. On macOS you can open i.e. a PDF-X3 in Apples Preview app and export it to JPG, PNG, TIFF. But it changes the color (in this example from CMYK IsoCoated v2 to sRGB). In a media neutral worklow this might be an workaround though.
  12. This one is a handy workround without leaving the current document. I will try this one.
  13. Simple workaround and somehow better than make it in plain text editor (what I did after writing the post).
  14. How can I find/replace execute only in a selection or a text chain? I’m woking on a book with 280 pages (which works really fine, btw.). But when it comes to change some things by find/replace i.e. only in one chapter – how can I do that? Showing hundrets of results over the complete text isn’t really handy … Is there a way? I would be glad to hear about it!
  15. Yes, this would be great. I have lots of GREP formula that I used in ID before changing to publisher. I always have to copy/paste them in now.
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