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  1. Are these stroke align settings what you're looking for? Here the square is set to stroke inside align and the ellipse to outside align:
  2. @GabeIn v1.9 this issue can be circumvented by using passthrough pdf (export result bottom)
  3. For those who also run into this issue: my current workaround is to convert the .pdf file to .svg with pdf2svg. The resulting .svg file does show correctly. Exporting to .eps from matplotlib is also an option, however not for my use case this as .eps does not support rasterization.
  4. I'm generating a pdf from python with the following code: ``` import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x = np.arange(10) y = np.ones_like(x) yerr = 5*np.ones_like(x) fig, ax = plt.subplots() ax.errorbar(x, y, yerr=yerr, fmt='o') ax.set_ylim(0, 2) plt.savefig('Errorbar_graph.pdf') ``` When I import (drop and drag) or open the file in Affinity Publisher or Designer, the graph is not shown correctly. The errorbars are extending over the graph's axis. Opening in Adobe reader does work correctly. I've attached a screenshot of what it should look like vs the affinity result. It seems that the errorbars aren't 'clipped' correctly on the axis. I'm using publisher/designer v1.8.5.703 Errorbar_graph.pdf
  5. +1 to this, I'm assumed this was possible and its critical to my work flow. I'm generating graphs in python and assembling them in Publisher for scientific publication. A huge advantage of embedding the output pdf/eps files that if i make changes to the color scheme in my code, I just rerun it and all my panels will automatically update in my final figure. However, of course i want the font sizes of all panels to be the same, therefore all embedded files should be embedded at 100% original scale. When I drop them in at first everything is 100% scaled so all font are the same size. But when I make changes to the code and increase the size of one of my panels, it should also make the panel bigger in my publisher document, but instead it is scaled and the font size decreases. As far as I understand this is currently not possible, but only for .png images? Update1: seems that from the way the .eps documents are scaled, sizing down the dimensions does keep the correct dimensions. Update2: If i put the embedded content in a picture frame, the content in the picture frame does resize as I would like it to. By then resizing the size of the picture frame to match its contents I can get the result I'm after. Would be nice to have this automatically done though.
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