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  1. I also apologize I should have put this into a new thread ...newbie mistake. samm
  2. Hi Callum I added an image, with text shapes in Photoshop we can curse over with font and create shaped worded text in a variety of shapes... also second image, on your menu bar in photoshop, we have all the images we opened. if I take one and drag it down, I can place it in the file( image) I am working on... also the tool shaped, the arrow, I flood filled it with a pattern. So far these are things I do often and cannot seem to find them in Affinity. I realize you are all trying to adapt to so many new users needs and wants and I am patient. I will eventually switch but these are functions I use all the time... As far as cleaning an image from a background...3rd and 4th image, using the wand tool I can eliminate the background with one click... Hope that helps. ( images are always better to explain) I don't have the tech talk perfected.. Samm
  3. HI Callum, thanks for the update...I have been togging between photoshop and affinity for the last couple of days... As much as I want to come over to Photo things I will be missing is curved text, cleaning up images, dropping opened images from menu into the screen I am working on, things I take for granted are missing with Affinity or I am just not understanding all the tools? It seems I cannot use the pen tool for a curved text unless I also purchase Designer, so I end up paying as much as I am paying with Photoshop and Illustrator. I have a few more days trial so I will keep viewing the tutorials....I can't see paying for both.... I flood fill many backgrounds with a pattern in photoshop, I don't seem to have that option with Affinity. There is not the variety in shaped tools that I am used to as well. Need more arrows, shaped and curved... ( just a few things I have noted so far) Samm
  4. Hello, I am entertaining leaving Adobe Creative behind and choosing Affinity, photo and designer. The cost is that per year? What about updates? How often, and is there a charge? Thanks so much, after being with Adobe for over a decade it is really nice to see an alternative. Samm
  5. ?, As I downloaded the free trial of the wrong one I wanted to purchase, can I download a free trial of PHOTO? can't seem to locate that ? samm
  6. WElllllll, that certainly explains that...thanks so much..I will download that one now... YOu are kind, thank you for your quick reply. Samm
  7. Note, I cannot locate any inprinting, or bandaid or healing brushes??? can you see my tools on left side?
  8. Hello, I too am on a trial version of photo, I cannot locate any healing brushes or bandaid or inprinting? Even on search and when I opened all tools, it was not to be found? Is it only on the paid version? I just wanted to try all the tools to compare to photoshop, which I have given up on completely. thank you for any assistance you can provide.
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