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  1. Those all look to be composites, easily accomplished in Affinity Photo. My suggestion would be to watch the AF video tutorials on Also, check out video tutorials in Simon Foster on Affinity Photo. Best of luck and enjoy! Paul
  2. Sorry, I must have missed it. Great minds think alike. Thanks, Paul
  3. Good morning, Thanks, I like your solution. Simple and clean. Paul
  4. Thanks very much. I couldn't figure it out, now I see there is truly 'more than one way to skin a cat'. -paul-
  5. Thank you all, I'm anxious to try all the suggestions as soon as I get home from holiday. And yes, please the multiple postings for the same question. I'm using a WiFi at sea and it is dead slow. I didn't think the posting published the first two tries. Again, thanks. Paul
  6. Good Morning, I have been looking for a way to create a Gaussian blur gradient. That is to say slightly blurred on one end of an object and progressively becoming more blurred toward the other end of the object. Specifically a shadow of an object (pole) composted into a photo. I have been told that there is a way to accomplish this in PhotoShop using a channel selection and applying a gradient to the selection. Is this possible with Affinity Photo? If so how. Thank you. Paul, Ocala, Florida, USA
  7. Im' in support of this last statement. If you can't add CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, keep your comments to yourself.
  8. The Wacom tablets functions the same with AP as it does with AD. Go to System preferences, locate Wacom tablet and set up preferences specific to short cut keys you use most on AP. Edit and enhance away! :D
  9. Hi, I ran into the same problem working through the tutorials. Contacted the Forum and received the following answer: Hi PaulDean, Welcome to Affinity Forums :) This is due to a bug that prevents the boolean operation Add to work properly (already logged). To "fix" your project do the following: - select the shape on the top (the large one) - change to the Node tool and drag a marquee around all nodes of the shape - click on the Smooth button in the Convert section on the context toolbar You can now perform the add operation as indicated in the tutorial, selecting both shapes and pressing and holding ⌥ (option/alt) while clicking on the add icon. The result should be correct. This 'fixed' the problem and I went on and completed most of the tutorials. Hope it helps. PaulDean, Ocala, FL
  10. Excellent videos! I thought I had found them all, thanks.
  11. Good morning, Thanks for the quick response. Paul, Ocala FL USA
  12. Good Morning folks, Thanks for the group of Affinity Designer tutorials. I've watched all of them. Now, I'm working through them step-by -step. I am working with the tutorial titled 'For Beginners Too'. I've ran into a problem. I've reached the point where two objects are to be combined - the blood on top with the blood dripping down - in order to edit them as a single group. The tutorial instructs me to select both objects, then to hold down the alt/option key then click on the first combine icon with the '+' sign on it. My results differ from the tutorial (see attached screen shot). I don't have the one combined object with separate editable components. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help, Paul Ocala, Florida
  13. I find that I can adapt Photo Shop tuts to AP. See if that will work for you.
  14. Hi, Fabulous information. Keep it up. I've worked with some of your tutorials in the past and was very pleased. Also it was very interesting to put a face with a voice. You don't look anything like I had you pictured in my mind. Again, thanks and I look forward to future tutorials. paul - Oaala, FL
  15. Good Morning, Thank you for the additional videos. Techniques and demonstrations from other users is always welcome. I am looking forward to additional videos from you. Again, Thanks. Paul