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  1. Hi there guys, Do we still have this problem? Because when i am printing 2 page sheet it divides work into to and print right half of 1st artboard and left half of 2nd artboard into a page.
  2. For Designer you can use this as a temporary solution. But 'available as an publisher feature' is not OK for this kind of simple feature. BTW the topic changed or it was like this before? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29757-affinity-designer-tut-text-wrap/&p=145226
  3. Hi jdeal96, I am not familiar with Illustrator so sorry in advance if i misunderstand what is the shape builder tool. As much as i understand with this video it looks like Geometry Tool of AD. Can you play with them to see if it does what you want?
  4. I think you can adjust custom page size right? Not sure if you can save it though.
  5. Thats what i am saying. Instead of shrinking, could i change it's resolution to higher value with slight bluring effect. I can change it's dpi in Corel with anti-aliasing option. That method gives me little blur image without any pixelation. Look at this image: At bottom, it's original image with it's original (72) dpi. On top of that there is 300dpi anti-aliased version. This is what i am asking. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for your reply guys, I am kind of confused to be honest. R C-R, think about this scnerio please: I create 300 dpi CMYK A4 sized document at beginning. Then import an RGB image let's say 72dpi in 5cm x 5 cm size. In that case even document is 300 dpi, my image will still proceed as 72dpi and will be printed 72dpi in 300 / 600 dpi CTP progress. Image above there are mirror of an 72dpi image (bottom one, the original image) and 300 dpi converted version with anti aliasing checked version on top. If send them in pdf below image will look pixelated on printed media how ever 300 cpi converted one will look smoother like example. So usually i convert each rgb image to CMYK 300dpi and then adjust curve values before create a pre-press file. Did this explain what i meant before? MikeW, do you know some video/image explanation about this? I don't think i understand you well.
  7. Your style and colors are inspiring. Like them so much.
  8. Hi Hofnaar, May be i am misunderstanding but you can select all content of a text frame or artistic text with CRTL+A
  9. Hi octal, As i know you can't change the color of ui however you can change gamma rate slightly. For that use: Edit > Preferences > User Interface > (UI Gamma bar)
  10. Hi people, I want to know if we can change image color mode and resolution inside the document. Image below could explain better perhaps. I am not talking about while exporting all images will convert in CMYK if documents color mode is CMYK. It's not good to see at export if your image looks different in CMYK than RGB which occurs most of the time. Also wondering if we can change resolution of an image into 300dpi in document again not export? Sometimes we should use 150 dpi photo for example in a design but it will look pixelated on printed sample. And changing dpi makes it slightly blur but not pixelated anymore so it could be more acceptable than pixelated one.
  11. Also it would be good to be able to use 'Transform' box to edit values like x-y positions like we can do on regular objects.
  12. Hi kimmo, I tried with your settings but opacity remains same. Even use a color pick but only color values changed. I use wheel, box, tint and sliders with changing between 8 bit to 16 bit but still same.
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