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  1. WOW! There's no-one able or willing to answer my question. How sad.
  2. Hi to all the Experts. I've attached a file (created in AD for Windows V1.5.0.36 - just purchased!). I would like to know (if it's possible) how to cut the image with the line shown, and then end up with two parts. ...also... I would like to know (if it's possible) how to cut out the area, out of the image, the size of the square. Thanking you in advance. how-to-cut.afdesign
  3. I really like the first one. Looking at your avatar, is that a self portrait? :D As for the background? Search for 'Cartoon Background Scenery' on Google or a similar search engine, and you will find plenty of images that will give you ideas.
  4. Rik


    Hi, tro. What I meant was that the human needs to be more rounded, to fit in with the rest of the drawing. I'm taking a chance here, by posting a change to your original drawing. Some people don't like it. So, if you do mind, please say so and I shall delete it. And if I can't delete it, I will ask a Mod to do it. In any case, here's the small change I was talking about. The reason being, human beings don't really have straight and sharp corners. If you know what I mean?!
  5. Rik


    99/100 The human being just doesn't fit the overall image - which, by the way, is absolutely fantastic.
  6. It would be good if an expert could answer my last post. Thanking you in advance.
  7. Well, Miguel. I've done all that, and Affinity Designer still doesn't open a document I was working on. Here's what I've tried. I start AD I open a new or a recent document. Make some changes to it. Close AD. AD asks if I want to save the changed. I select 'Don't save' When I start AD again, no document that was open, opens up again. So, have I misunderstood something?
  8. OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6 Unlike the OP, this is one feature I would like. That's one of the great things about Xara. You can work on a documemt (or many documents) and close Xara. And upon re-opening, all the files are still there. And Xara makes 10 backups of any file you're working on. Cheers, Miguel.
  9. I have 'Reopen document on startup' selected, but, AD for Mac never opens previous document on startup, for me. So, why is that?
  10. Look in the Layer section and see if you can find this grey line rectangle. Try unchecking each item, one by one, to see if you can find which item has this grey line attached to it.
  11. Can you give us a screenshot of what the problem looks like?
  12. As far as I can see, in Xara, moving the guideline back to the ruler does remove it. Having removed the guideline back to the ruler, and then removing the ruler from view, does not show the guideline there any more. So, it's not hiding below the ruler. So, that would be what Affinity Designer needs to do, is to be able for the user to move the guideline back to the ruler (and not move the document as it currently does) in order to remove it.
  13. That's useful to know, Mike. Is there no keystroke? Not a quicker way to remove the guideline? You could have many. And on the screen you know exactly the one you want to remove.
  14. Hope I've not asked this question, before?! You can drag a useful guideline onto the page, from the rulers. But, when you want to remove a guideline, it seems that the only way, is to take that line and take it off the page. This is quite annoying, as you may be zoomed in on a drawing, and the distance to 'off the page' could be considerable. Is there an easier way to remove a guideline?
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