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  1. See the topic. Properly with brushs but i don't see a useable one.
  2. Unlike all the features you listed, text wrapping is commonly found in vector drawing programs (See Serif Draw). Also unlike all the features you have listed, the absence of text wrapping seems to be a issue of a lot of AD users: Link! To quote the page you linked: The bolted words are projects where text wrapping is really useful or even necessary. Also, if I understand your opinion correctly, you think I need a full fledged DTP program to design a single poster with some text on it? Sorry, than I am disagreeing. Btw, I really like AD, I bought it even just because it really cool (and cheap). And with text wrapping included, many people, including me, would be much happier.
  3. Sorry, but the workaround is really just a workaround: when designing something with text and images there is a really big chance that I want to move either the image or the text. Both means i have to redo the workaround, costing a lot of productivity. @Petar_mk, please note that the product is called Affinity Designer and not Affinity Vectordrawing. Adjusting text flow around objects is a basic part of design print or web work. If they really need text wrap as a killer feature for APub i would be quite disappointed. You don't give DTP-programs their credit, the amount of additional functional needed for one in comparison to Ad is quite huge, so APub will have its worth even when text wrap is in AD or not.
  4. I don't find a way to wrap text around an object. This seems to be a really basic functionality which is missing from AD. This is a bummer, especially when Serif Draw was had that feature. Note that Serif Draw also had a "sister" DTP program, so I don't see why AD can't get it due to APub.