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  1. Thanks so much, Lee. I'll try that. Sorry for delayed recognition of your kind help, got too bogged down in hideous font reflow to come back in here and check! Really appreciate your time and expertise. All the best. E.
  2. Hi folks, I've been given the unenviable job of editing this DL booklet where I don't have the original InDesign (probably) file. Hence I'm trying to make changes to a PDF of the booklet. (See attached screenshot.) The changes contain extra info which will cause it to require more pages. Sooooo, is there a way I'm not seeing of adding new pages or artboards to the document within Designer so I can work on it in one go? Do please say there is!! I've forsaken Creative Suite so have no recourse to InDesign or its ilk. Looking forward to hearing what y'all think. Thanks. All the best, Eoin.
  3. Ah! That did the job! Many thanks, R C-R, your help is much appreciated. E.
  4. Hi folks. I'm very new to Affinity so pardon me if I'm missing something obvious here. I've got a logo that I created in Illustrator and I want to incorporate it into a design I'm making in Affinity. The logo is all grouped vectors and outlined fonts but I've found that when I go to resize/transform that group some of the strokes retain their thickness. (see image for how I want it Vs how it scales) I can work around by rasterising the logo but would like to know a way to retain my vectors. Also, is there a way of transforming by percentage?.. I don't see it. And for a free transform using the corners it seems that holding shift, like in AI, doesn't scale it evenly either. Sorry for the multi-question, hope y'all can straighten me out! Thanks in advance, Eoin.

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